You Will Lose Male Friends & Attract Men On Semen Retention
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You Will Lose Male Friends & Attract Men On Semen Retention

January 5, 2020

it’s your boiii Gee Jordan aka Chief Akecheta
welcome to the motherfucking enlightenment how you doing but look real quick I want
to talk about semen retention and I want to talk about how when you’re on this
journey of semen retention you might lose a lot of male friends but at the
same time you might gain a lot of men’s respect and for a man being on semen retention
you’re gonna now become more connected with your manhood you’re now gonna
become more connected with your higher-self with your third eye you are now
gonna have a different kind of spirit about you and that spark that’s inside
you when you’re born whether you’re a man or woman doesn’t matter we all have
this spark that spark inside you is gonna shine even brighter now and it’s
gonna grow even bigger now and what’s gonna happen is a lot of men they
might be jealous of that spark a lot of men they might be intimidated by that spark
and they just don’t understand it they just don’t understand why you have
different kind of walk about you they don’t understand why your tone is a
little bit different and you have more of a calmness in your voice about you
they don’t understand why you now all of a sudden you think more critically and
you understand stuff better and you are not fast to react to certain things and
those are the benefits of semen retention and they’re gonna be
intimidated by that and for some people we all know when they don’t understand
something or they feel intimidated by it sometimes they might stray away from
it and that means they might stray away from you and another reason you’re gonna
lose friends is when you’re on semen retention attention you have now created a gap so
you’re right here and your friends are right here old or new and what’s going
to happen is because you’re on semen retention you don’t want to invite
yourself to the old ways you used to love you don’t want to do the thing you
use to love with your friends you don’t want to be
at a low vibration anymore when your own semen retention because you know that’s
hurting your personal growth as a man and because of that the activities y’all
once did you no longer want to be a part of that and your friends are not gonna
understand that either they’re not gonna understand why all of a sudden it feels
like to them that you have switched up on them it feels like it feels like to
them it’s saying that you’re better than them now and it’s like who the fuck are
you now to be on semen retention who the fuck are you to think you are at a
higher level than me as a man and that’s not the case but they just won’t
understand that and sometimes no matter how much you explain that to your
friends or to people they just won’t understand what you’re talking about no
matter how good of an explainer you are just because they are not on the same
level you are own they are not at the same energy you are on and you can’t
help that and at the same time you cannot be mad at them for being mad at
you you cannot be mad at them for being intimidated or for not understanding your
journey of semen retention and of growth as a man because you have to understand
that everybody is on their own separate journey everybody is on their own
separate path and I used to be mad at people that weren’t at the level I
thought they should be on but then I soon realized I cannot be mad at them
because they are not where I want them to be yet you feels me so let them
people grow let them friends grow and it’s okay you know to lose friends
it’s it’s okay to lose people you thought we’re once gonna be in your
life forever but life is tricky and in life not everybody that started with you
will finish with you. Why men will accept you and learn to respect you on semen
retention is because you have now mastered something
or you are in the first step of mastering something you are now in a
process of mastering man’s biggest downfall and man’s biggest downfall is a
sexual drive and a lot of men they cannot control their sexual drive so
because you have mastered this sexual drive men are gonna now look up to you
as a leader because you have mastered one thing that 9 out of 10 men will
never master you have now mastered something that most men thought were
impossible to master you have not mastered something that no longer
governs you anymore and for a lot of men I see sex, women, the
vagina, it governs their life it controls their life instead of them controlling
sex you understand me? So now you can show them why you are
different now you can show them why you vibe so high now and why no matter what
happens you are always a positive person you are always connected with yourself
no matter what happens in your life no matter if you lose your job no matter if
your girlfriend breaks up with you no matter if someone dies you always carry
yourself like a man you always carry yourself in a good lighting in a
positive lighting and men are gonna want that that’s what men are longing for
they they they wanna know how you carry yourself they want to know how you
can think and not react fast to stuff how you can lay back and sit back and
just be calm in every situation and not snap fast they want that men
actually want that men eternally we we we want that discipline of not letting
sex control us and mastering our biggest downfall which is the sexual
drive we internally as men we really want that so that’s basically all I have for
y’all about losing your friends on semen retention and how
men will accept you and respect you more because you have now just boosted
yourself to a higher level and some people they just aren’t gonna catch up
man some people they’re just gonna be left behind but you just gotta hope and
pray that in the future they will catch up and in the future they will be to the point of their lives where they have now learned to understand what you did
hey it’s your boiii Gee Jordan aka Chief Akecheta in the motherfucking building or
in the motherfucking car welcome to the motherfucking enlightenment
hey y’all keep doing y’all thing out here keep being great keep being
different keep being free and keep being you alright hey I’m out peace!!! Higher Thinking!!!

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  1. 💯 on everything you said brother, I wish I knew this when I was young.

    I'm 51 days no PMO SR and it straight up changed my life. I smoked weed for 18 years and since starting SR I'm now on my 31st day clean of cannabis.

    This commitment is real, I'm grateful to have found SR and this community.

    I researched this shit for 3 days straight before I was convinced to at least give it a go and so I did and apart from having a wet dream on December 23 I have never watched porn again in well over 60 days.

    From the beginning of December I had to take a social media purge cos ur right you lose friends on this so I just turned it all social media off, changed my number and committed 1000% to No PMO SR HARD MODE 2020 and bruh my life changed.

    From December 4 onwards I took cold showers daily and never had a hot shower since then. My voice got deeper, Beard hair is now coming right thru.

    I cut every fake, weak and simp ass mf I know and these were friendships of 10 some even 20 years bro and I dgaf at all I'm on the path and came into 2020 sober and $1000 richer.


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