World’s Oceans Losing Oxygen At Alarming Rate Thanks To Climate Change
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World’s Oceans Losing Oxygen At Alarming Rate Thanks To Climate Change

December 31, 2019

A terrifying new study came out recently from
the international union for conservation of nature. It included research from 67 scientists from
17 different countries across the planet, and they found that the world’s oceans are
losing oxygen at an alarming rate. Summary here, it found that the oxygen level
of the ocean has declined by about 2% since the 1950s and the volume of water completely
depleted of oxygen has quadrupled since the 1960s, 60 years ago, only 45 ocean sites suffered
from low oxygen levels. That number skyrocketed to 702,011 according
to the study, about 50% of oxygen loss in the upper part of the ocean is a result of
temperature increase, meaning it is directly related to climate change on this planet. Okay, oceans are losing oxygen. Got it. What does that mean? 2% that’s not a huge number, right? Well, it actually is when you consider how
vital oxygen is, every percentage point counts. You know, millions upon millions of years
ago when the oxygen level was really not all that different than it is today. It was higher but not so much higher that
it would be astonishing. You had insects the size of coffee tables
because there was so much oxygen being just a few percentage points higher than it is
today. Take that away as we have in society now and
insects, stay about that big. Take a couple of points off that in suddenly
life as we know, it becomes a little more complicated and that’s actually what is happening
in the oceans right now from just a few percentage points dropping and they’re predicting according
to this study, by the year 2100, we’re going to see roughly 4% oxygen loss. And we’re already seeing the effects of it
today according to this study, because you have larger ocean animals, you have sharks,
uh, tuna, salmon, you know, the, the big ocean, uh, fish and predators who are having to concentrate
themselves in the upper level of the oceans because that’s where oxygen concentration
is greatest. And by doing that, they open themselves up
for over fishing. So their socioeconomic impacts of this. There’s obviously wildlife effects of this. Another part of the problem, not just climate
change as they point out in this study, is that algae growth in the ocean is becoming
ridiculous and that is likely due to runoff from sewage, from fertilizer, things like
that, creating these massive dead zones where nothing but algae can survive and the algae
eats lots of oxygen and the oxygen is not being replenished. Additionally, the water at the top of the
ocean is warmer than what’s on the bottom, so it holds less oxygen. The less oxygen that holds, as it heats up,
the less oxygen that can go down to the lower part of the ocean and feed all those deep
sea ocean creatures. This is a massive widespread problem, right? This isn’t just, Oh no, we’re losing a little
bit of oxygen in the water. Fish are going to struggle to breathe. No, we’re talking about massive economic problems
across the planet just because a couple point drop in the oxygen level of the ocean, because
we as a species can’t seem to get our emissions under control no matter how much the world’s
smartest people tell us. We really don’t have a choice but to do that,
if we want to continue to survive as a species for the next couple hundred years, we have
to start listening to the scientists. We have to put smarter people in office in
this country because if we don’t, we’re not that far off from seeing some of the worst
effects of climate change. And then from there, it’s only going to get
even worse.

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  1. We as a species have to come to terms with who is responsible. The corrupt rich. The wealthy elites are the biggest polluters by far. We need to do more than simply stop coddling the rich. We need to punish them to such a degree that they understand clearly that they are not gods, and they are not our masters. Rise. Destroy their false empires. Bastille Day for the WORLD.

  2. Considering the amount of forest land around the world is disappearing and the deserts are growing, 2% is a huge amount to be losing and it will continue.

  3. Climate change deniers are now in a quandary bc the sources like google (pentagon), and big oil etc funding this propaganda are the same sources they say are behind depopulation, NWO etc. I’m not defending any big corps or the oil/petrochemical industry or saying their isn’t many agendas the 99% aren’t told about but this is interesting. And when SHTF for real one day and deniers wake up (too late) they’ll play victim and point fingers. We’ll have no choice but to save their sorry a**! Let’s hope the kids put devices down long enough to save us all.

  4. Very informative Farron, TY.
    Could you please do a story on the methane leak (by an Exxon subsidiary),
    that happened in Belmont county Ohio.
    It was back in Feb. 2018 and is just now being exposed. This leak forced 120 metric tons of methane gas into the air per HOUR!!! It took 20 days to cap. So let's do the math 120 metric tons of methane per hour ×24 hours in a day ×20 days means that 57,600 metric tons of methane was released into the atmosphere!!!!!

  5. President Trump says oxygen keeps sharks alive. Sharks eat fat swimmers
    No oxygen in oceans means no sharks. So now I can swim after a round of golf.
    You worthless poor people can thank me later.

  6. But, but climate change isn't real.

    We saw this happening in Florida awhile ago. Fish were floating on the water from oxygen deprivation. I was trying to tell people why and everyone was laughing (well, the trump supporters were laughing and parroting their "great" leader's taking point).

  7. I can remember the snow we you use to get when I was a kid. It was not inches deep it was feet deep and the winter was longer and colder also. Now I can sun tan on the deck some days but the weather is not changing lmao yea okay.

  8. Capitalism will kill us all since it does not value anything it can't sell for a profit.
    Garbage Earth will eventually heal, but without us.

  9. Japan is planning to dump the radioactive water in the Fukushima plant into the ocean because they have no idea what to do with all of it.

  10. "Humans used to rule the Earth but they killed themselves off." said the Papa Roach to the Baby Roach.
    "Will we kill ourselves off too?" the Baby Roach fretted.
    "No." said the Papa Roach. "We're too smart for that."

  11. 🤒💥Massive weapons of polluted #Corporate oceans spilled can along with human waste materials on planet earth waters, air, surfaces and solar systems will ultimately destroys their peoples atmospheres, oceans and our landscapes for prohits machines across the world globe.🤔🥀🤦‍♀️


  12. Just wait until all the frozen methane (CH4) clathrate that is in permafrost and the sea floor melts and leaks into the atmosphere. CH4 is much more powerful in warming the atmosphere than CO2 (carbon dioxide). That will be the apocalypse for sure. Humanity is going to cause not only its extinction, but all the animals that were unfortunate enough to be alive during our irresponsible reign on this planet.

  13. Can we really be suprised by this? I mean how much of the planet burned this decade & all we did was say climate change isn't real AOC is right saying we aren't an advanced civilization.

  14. The world has a very strong domino affect. Just watch what would happen if we lost bumble bees 🐝 the number one “species” that must become extinct is don j trump. Perhaps Mother Nature will do us a favor and naturally select him out with a simple “stroke” of a pen 🖊

  15. You can't have water without oxygen. It is a prerequisite for water to exist. There's an H …and then there's 2 Os …O is for …oxygen.

  16. I am thinking we should build Mr Burns's super six pack net to sweep up all the dead marine life that will soon be surfacing all over the ocean.

  17. When the Oceans die everything else dies. The worst mass extinction in Earth's history in the Permian killed off 96 % to 99% of the life on the planet.

  18. Maybe "Global Climate Change Deniers" should have their brains checked for Psychological Damage, as they live in a bubble of "Non-Reality". This would of course include All of The Douchebags That Deny Global Climate Change. Yep, Free Psychological Evaluations on All of The Persons Who Don't Believe Climate Change is Real. Just a helpful suggestion.

  19. Now I'm wondering if the continued oxygen loss could affect pollinator insect populations enough to threaten our food supply.

  20. The explosion of jellyfish tells you the oceans are already lost. You have to view the worlds oceans as a lead acid battery that has been charging for 250 odd years. It is now over charged, the lead plates are bulked, the electrolyte reading is 1350 SG, off the charts and, no one is turning off the charger.

  21. Trump's denial and knowledge about climate change is like explaining how sodas have bubbles. Even that is too much for him to understand.

  22. Maybe the reason rich people are hoarding the wealth is because they've known for decades that the earth is dying and nothing can be done, just a thought.

  23. #ROF, thank you for all the real news you provide. I have to inform you your facts are in error on this one. Please bare with me here… this is a bit long, but any shorter and it's like trying to discuss the facts of a mythical creature… impossible to conclude anything of fact without facts!

    First off… it would be nearly impossible to identify if the oxy loss was over the entire ocean. But let's give it to them, and say it is losing.

    Now, how do they know it is due to temp change and not other factors? Impossible; given all the variables of the environment, to isolate a single cause as a certainty. But let's just say that temp change is the cause, for the sake of argument.

    Next… how do you know temp change is caused by pollution? And how do you know that temps have risen? We already have proof that the ozone layer is healed (which has never been proven a cause of anything, one way or the other), so what is causing an increase of temp? But let's just take for granted that temp change is caused by pollution, and let's pretend that temps have significantly risen over the last 100 years or so (which they haven't, and is proven by scientific records)

    But assuming that any of the aforementioned nonsense is real, How the hell do you know that temp change is due to human activity, and not a natural course that would have happened regardless of whatever we've done? There are so many variables, and you have no baseline for comparison… But let's ludicrously act as though all this hooey is real for just a minute…

    Assuming that human pollution causes increase of greenhouse gases, causing increase in temp change, causing oxygen loss, for a net loss across the entire ocean… where does all the oxygen go???? If it's leaving the ocean, then it has to go somewhere. Barring the idea the oxygen is transforming into another substance and completely lost, or being trapped down at the bottom of the ocean miraculously, we can most reasonably assume the oxygen, when leaving the ocean, goes into the atmosphere, which would (according to the science) do the exact opposite of what you pretend it is doing. Ocean oxygen levels don't affect the atmosphere or weather or temperature, except when that oxygen leaves the ocean and enters the atmosphere. So, if it is leaving the ocean, and entering the atmosphere, then the climate should be better, not worse (oxygen not being a greenhouse gas… in theory, certain gases being classified as "greenhouse" gases are supposed to increase temp by allowing and trapping more sunlight…which has never been proven by actually happening across the environment of the earth in any controlled experiment or act of nature recorded by modern science). Any oxygen leaving the ocean would correct the offset of greenhouse gases and fix itself. The ocean oxy levels would eventually come back. The natural balance is restored. The cycle corrects itself!

    Even if the oxygen lost transformed into something else (the least likely scenario), the atmosphere is still the same. Mostly nitrogen, then largely oxygen. The remaining 1% is primarily argon, which is over 90% of that 1%, and that very minute space left is made of other gases, like those produced from pollution (this being the same ratios of ingredients in air for as long as humans have been studying it and taking readings!). So obviously there isn't an atmospheric issue caused by this ocean oxy loss or human pollution.
    But, if the oxygen is getting trapped at the bottom of the ocean, then those animals you say will die off due to lack of oxygen will be just fine. And if it is sinking, how can you be sure this isn't a natural process, and that it wont correct itself eventually by coming back up? If the oxygen is going into the atmosphere, then it will inevitably return through the natural process into the ocean. Also, heating water causes oxygen to leave into the atmosphere, so any sinking oxygen would eventually rise back up as the earth supposedly heats.
    I think we can rule out these two possibilities. Any fluctuation in ocean oxygen levels will most likely correct themselves, as they always have for the last however millions of years of environmental changes.

    Unless, of course, all the phytoplankton is killed off… Which, by far, studies have shown produce the most oxygen of any sources on earth. But let me tell you, that 0.04% carbon dioxide in the air isn't going to kill off all the phytoplankton! Even if it was possible for 0.04% (that's only 4% of 1%) carbon dioxide to change the heat levels of the earth by allowing a very tiny amount more light through to be "trapped", that slight temperature change wont kill off a species that has existed for over 3 billion years through all kinds of different and changing environmental factors and weather (including ice ages!). Far more likely that all the dumping of trash and toxic waste into the oceans is the fault of any phytoplankton population change; same for all the ocean animals dying off, including coral. Phytoplankton lives off the sun, so if the earth gets a tiny bit warmer due to more sun trapping, then those phytoplankton will only thrive all the more, produce more oxygen at higher population levels, and counter the effect (hence the natural balance).

    But let's just pretend that everything you believe about "climate change" is real, that humans are causing it, it is lowering oxy levels in the ocean, and that ocean life is being affected by it… How do you pretend to believe in evolution, but then deny it by acting as though a very, VERY miniscule change in certain minority gases in the atmosphere will somehow make life go extinct???
    Don't you believe that the earth has gone through billions of years of evolution, change (both small and great) in the environment, temperatures, humidity, atmospheric composition, falling meteors, volcanoes, earthquakes, and every other imaginable variable, and still… life has found a way, thrived, grown, adapted, evolved, and ultimately produced countless millions, if not billions of different species which all sprang from those which came before??? (which means very few species actually went extinct, and/or despite that, many new ones sprang from the few that remained. Meaning that even if a lot of species die off, a host of new ones will evolve to fill the space they left.)

    We currently have an estimated 8 or 9 million species alive today. (only about 1 million identified by science), and you're telling me that they are so fragile, despite billions of years of evolution, biological and environmental changes both great and small, that they, _and we_, will cease to exist because of an undetectable increase to the already miniscule 1/2,500ths atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels?

    Sheeeeeeeeeeesh!!!! Amazing life has gotten this far, to produce its most sophisticated species yet.. and that, in only the last 6 million years of its estimated 3.6 billion years of creating life forms. How the hell did the earth and its children make it through the last ice age? The only explanation must be God reached down and saved all life from extinction caused by that extreme temperature change. Must have been all those mammoth farts that caused that one… maybe that is why God made them go extinct after that ice age: because they caused the event that forced God to save life! Maybe we should be scared! If we cause this next one by daring to breath, God might make us go extinct after he saves the rest.

    But all flippant nonsense aside, there's virtually a zero percent likelihood that any increase humans are capable of causing in atmospheric CO2 levels will make any impact on climate at all. Even if we managed an impossible feat and more than doubled the static level of CO2 to 1/10th of a percent, I highly doubt it would raise the temperature of the environment, let alone make any species go extinct because of ultra-fragility that hasn't been proven, either in the environment or in a lab.

    Please do some research and study before spouting the propaganda of scientists and others who have an agenda which started outside of science and was pushed upon science using peer-pressure, money, and political influence.

  24. I just wish that I could live long enough to see the filthy rich try to eat , drink , and try to breathe their $$$$$ money to survive ! Jeez ,they'll die because all us peons are dead already and can't serve them hand and foot.
    …….as an old margarine commercial said ….." You can't fool Mother Nature "l

  25. Dear RoF staff,
    Thanks for always including the text. I always like to read it along with the dialogue being read. I seem to comprehend & memorize it better…

  26. More fake news. I don't know what scientist they got to pretend it was co2, but the reality is it is due to sewage and over use of fertilizer and the problem has been known about since the 1920's. The problem was found by using lab test instead of correlation.

  27. In nature, free oxygen is produced by the light-driven splitting of water during oxygenic photosynthesis. According to some estimates, green algae and cyanobacteria in marine environments provide about 70% of the free oxygen produced on Earth, and the rest is produced by terrestrial plants.[66] Other estimates of the oceanic contribution to atmospheric oxygen are higher, while some estimates are lower, suggesting oceans produce ~45% of Earth's atmospheric oxygen each year.[67]

    A simplified overall formula for photosynthesis is:[68]

    6 CO
    2 + 6 H
    2O + photons → C
    6 + 6 O
    or simply

    carbon dioxide + water + sunlight → glucose + dioxygen

  28. Idiocracy is already here folks, and amazingly president Camacho is far more reasonable than most all the politicians we have now. We are not likely to have a happy ending like the movie.

  29. I'm still surprised Tantrump with all his "stable ingenuity" and "unmatched wisdom", still didn't come up with the idea to bomb the oceans with oxygen cylinders to oxygenate them, just like how he wanted to nuke hurricanes to deflect them.

  30. We can thank far-right "strongmen" and the oil tycoons who are complicit in this. I'm glad there is increasing awareness on this global crisis, but we have to act – not just by electing more rational, competent politicians, but by advancing green technology.

  31. Some republicans don't need air. Only money, power and a self-satisfied state of mind. Everything else is less important.

  32. People just don't understand that climate change affects the Ocean, air, drought, fire and the drowning of people south of the equator. Don't vote Trump 2020 or you will be responsible for the destruction of this planet.

  33. Some people have a harder time connecting dots as adults when even a second grader understands basic concepts of Global Warming. It’s NOT hard to understand the impact of oil spills and pollution in our drinking water supplies and ecosystems. Selfish, narrow-minded PRICKS will say otherwise- but that’s OKAY- they ALL go to nursing homes someday!

  34. Okay. NOW it's making since to me how water can scientifically lose oxygen. Thank you for that.
    Fyi, WE ARE listening to the scientific community & WE are protesting more & more, the world over. The vast majority of us ARE listening & doing what little we can to go green & shrink our carbon footprint the world over. WE are the avg joes of the world & most of us are to poor to do much at all. It's our politicians & governments that are failing to do anything & ignoring the scientific community. Dont tell US that WE need to listen & take action bc most of us already ARE doing what we can. U are preaching to the quire.

  35. What happens when we follow the republican plan of letting the corporations do whatever they want and don't allow government to reign them in.

  36. and then republicans: the water that I use and drink is fine, and the scientists i hired says it's ok, so I don't understand what you are all crying about, you are just trying to push your agenda to help democrats.

    we CAN'T put smarter people in office because there is a wave of stupidity and sellouts already rooted in office. We can't put smarter people in office until we have people who knows how things work in office, and not hire people based on the money that they receive.

  37. Mr.Democrat, point your nose to the sky and look at those planes spraying the blue sky grey!!! Geoengineering is the master killer of the planet

  38. Maybe be we should have mile wide "bubblers" strategically placed all over the world.Also seriously restrict and regulate factory runoff.

  39. It indicates two important things: plankton that produces oxygen is dying. Second the carbon levels are increasing due to oil drilling and burning, oil spills, cutting down the trees, also wild fires and other explosions. It's a sad situation because oceans need oxygen for the living beings in the ocean to grow.

  40. I am not democrat or republican. I just do not like Trump because he is a communist. I do not buy into the global warming hoopla. Our oceans may be losing oxygen but the oxygen is not disappearing. The Earth is not going to experience a great oxygenation period. The hoopla is the misinformation that our oxygen is disappearing. Our oxygen is not disappearing. Earth during the paleozoic period sustained an oxygen level of about 35 percent vice the current circa 20.7. Man and animals grew smaller because of the limited oxygen supply. During the periods of no polar ice caps there was more oxygen. Now that the oceans and polar ice is releasing some of the pent up oxygen man and animals will become larger. Out!

  41. The change in the climate doesn't have a damn thing to do with it. This is the direct result of industrial dumping. There's a chemical change going on in the ocean which is sucking up the oxygen.

  42. The people who are in crontrol do not care. They are mostly old rich white ass holes and being old they will die before this happens. And really like Trump they do not care about

  43. Lots of upset due to "politicians ".
    Not many people cutting driving and plane travel.
    WE are the problem, not politicians.

  44. Our Heavenly Father bounded the devil pet dragon with 7 heads breathe of fire bounded underneath the bottomless pit of sand under the Sea for Judgement Day, so doesn't it make sense to ask the Judge for forgiveness. Was it not Christ who told us of Our Heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit and when we pray.

  45. If Christ had a inbintary what would it say about his his life of 37 years
    It would say that everyone has a purpose in life and death eventually comes to all living things given life but with this Covenant you might find peace and have everlasting life.'A Wise Prophet said' Bind the commandments upon a tablet of your heart , it'll show up there of Christ Covenant.

  46. no man/woman can escape the laws of nature, as our food chain crumble faster than we can imagine, both in the ocean and on land, we would finally realize that we cannot eat money to survive. end.

  47. Scientific reports have been pointing to climate change being something we should be very concerned about. But still some don't believe it.

  48. This is directly at the white male senate government "leaders" & Big Oil
    This is so scary can you even imagine how the world as we know it will look in 20 years ?

    McConnell has to GO TO SAVE OUR LIVES

  49. For clarification because I'm sure people will try to act stupid.
    Yes algae does produce oxygen but it also consumes it. When it overpopulates it causes a net loss in oxygen due to multiple mechanisms that come into play.

    Fearmongers like this should get a job and be more productive than they are.
    But it beats working.

  51. brainless politicians 2050 CO2 neutral, what a crap
    again, till this time this old fucks will be dead already and wash their hands
    in innocence. If no radical changes will come, in 2050 you can make the movie
    Mad Max reality , VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB (PERMAFROST) , every day coming
    200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used
    more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit
    cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can
    burn it with the rest of this planet

    to mention: rising water levels, more CO2 makes quality of food production
    less, climate refugees, war, extreme weather events, extinction of plants and
    animals (humans), oceans will change in chemical way, burning of our woods,
    drought, diseases, plagues, earth quakes, pressure in Earth's crust, maybe
    rotation of planet, human conflicts about food and water and so on ………….

  52. NOTE: Big error in video. This is an important report but it has a key error in it.
    At 2:05 you say that larger ocean animals have to concentrate at the upper levels of the ocean where the oxygen is greatest.
    Then, at 3:05 you say that the warmer water at the top of the ocean holds less oxygen than the colder water at the bottom.
    It is impossible for both of those statements to be true – and you need to fix that error.

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