Willa’s Wild Life: Willa Sets The Stage / Willa in the Wilderness – Ep.4

December 23, 2019

♪ ♪ What would you do ♪ ♪ If you had
your own zoo? ♪ ♪ Would you bounce
on a bear? ♪ ♪ Let a giraffe
brush your hair? ♪ ♪ Have an elephant pick out
your underwear? ♪ (Trumpeting) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s so much fun
playing Willa-style ♪ ♪ (Seals barking) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! Oh, places!
Places everyone! Okay, we’re about to
begin rehearsal. Everyone who is in scene 1,
on the stage. Everyone else,
take a seat. Pixies?
Where are my pixies? Oh, very good.
Sara, Kara, Lara– Ahh! Willa! Oops.
Sorry, Mr. Tremble. Steve and Edie
just love the theater! Well, please have them
love it from off stage. What a thrill!
Your theatrical debut! We wouldn’t miss it
for the world, honey! Thanks, guys. But I just have
a teeny little part. (Gasping) To an actor there is no such
thing as a small part! MR. TREMBLE:
Dancing Daisy to the stage! Oh, Dancing Daisy,
that’s me! Hey, Evelyn, congratulations
on getting the lead. Sure. More lines
to memorize. More chances
to make a mistake. This is so exciting.
You’ll be great! And whatever happens,
we’ll have fun. Fun? Fun? Fun?! Everyone we know is
going to be in the audience: friends, teachers,
family, watching. Just waiting for us
to make a mistake. My cousin’s best friend’s
neighbor’s brother knew a girl who was so bad
in her school play, she had to
leave town. It ruined her life! I don’t think anyone
can mess up that badly. Wait and see. (Gulping) Ernestine’s Adventures
in Glimmerland! Act 1, scene 1. The curtain goes up and…
action! Remember our first time
on stage? Opening for Oliver the Octopus.
Who could forget? My, my, everything in
Glimmerland is so unusual. Even the flowers
are different. GIRLS:
Humph! Dancing Daisy,
that’s your cue! What? Oh! I’m delighted to
greet you, and– Whoa– ohh! Mr. Tremble…! (Crashing) Oh, my goodness!
Is everyone okay? Yes. (Coughing) I told you,
Willa. Nothing good ever comes
from being in the school play. Oh, Willa, I can’t wait
to see you perform! You know, Dad,
maybe you don’t need to go. I mean you’re
a very busy dad. And it’s no big deal,
really. Your first time
on stage? It’s a very big deal!
It’s a milestone! It is? Yes,
indeed-a-roni! And I’m going to have
the ol’ camcorder to record
the whole thing. You don’t have to
do that Dad. Honest. Oh, yes I do! And I’m going to make copies
for all our relatives. Ah, Grandma Birdie,
Auntie Anne, Uncle Joe. Because seeing you on stage
for the very first time is a memory everyone
will want to keep forever! What if Evelyn’s right?
Or even half right? Maybe I should just quit
the whole thing. Quit?
You can’t! You’re in the
theater now! Everyone knows
the show must go on! That’s easy for you to say, you
two are such great performers. And how to do you think we got
to be “such great performers”? You’re talented? True. But we also had friends
who helped us practice. And that’s what we’re going
to do for you. We’ll rehearse the play
right here in the backyard! (Bunnies cheering) But we’d need a stage
and actors and– Kiddo, when you’re in the
theater, you’re with friends. And if you’ve got friends,
you’ve got everything you need! ♪ ♪ The theatre is glamorous
it’s true ♪ ♪ Bright lights,
applause and you ♪ ♪ But the best part
of the show ♪ ♪ Are the folks
you get to know ♪ ♪ They’re the folks
you see every day ♪ ♪ And that friendship
goes both ways ♪ ♪ When you’re with your
cast and crew ♪ ♪ There is fun in
all you do ♪ ♪ Because you’re
dancing it ♪ EDIE:
Take it away, Steve! ♪ Living it,
loving every minute of it ♪ ♪ With friends,
friends, friends ♪ ♪ When you’re in
the theater ♪ ♪ You’re with
friends… ♪ (Giggling) Thanks, everyone,
for helping me out. Hey,
no problem kiddo! We’ve been rehearsing
our pixie dance. (Throat clearing) It’s mind-boggling that I have
been relegated to playing… a snail. My reading of the
misunderstood scarecrow brought entirely new depth
to the part. (Belching) That’s showbiz! Everybody ready?
Then let’s put on a show! Hark!
Listen closely and you can hear
the gentle song of the birds. Oh, pardon. (Bunnies cheering) Thank you.
Thank you! I bring
good news from– Whoa– ohh! I give this play 3 out of
a possible 5 fishes. Not technically perfect,
but it has heart. I disagree. The seals’
performance was flawless. 5 fishes here! Wow, you’re a
push over, Blinky. Thank you. Always supporting the artist.
What do you think, Bob? Oh, joy of joys. Here come the pixies
to do their dance for us. Ohh! Can we do that
again? (Laughing) DAD:
Willa, I finished your costume!
Come try it on! Be right there! Thanks so much for the
rehearsal. That was fun! I’m glad
she’s feeling better. I just hope the kid’s ready
for a live audience. (People chattering) Wow! It’s like everyone in the
whole world is out there! (Gulping) Places, everyone!
Curtain going up in 1 minute! (Applause) (Cameras flashing) Uh… (Distant coughing) She forgot her lines!
What do we do? Ooh! (Piano keys clanging) (Inhaling) Here goes nothing. You look lost.
Are you new around here? You’re probably
a long way from home. I bet this place
seems very unusual. But it’s okay, because
everyone here is your friend. Yes. That’s right.
It is unusual. Why, look!
There’s mystical pixies! Good good!
Keep going! ♪ But is there anyone
who can help me get back home? Hear, ye!
Hear, ye! I have a message
from the mayor! (Bunnies squealing) Ahh! (Kissing noises) Bleck! Yuck! I didn’t know
they were in this. (Giggling) Humph. (Cheering and applause) (Elephants trumpeting) Oh! Next year I am coaching
the chess club! Dooley,
you were great! Thanks. And you guys
were fantastic! Not me.
I completely messed up. Evelyn, remember,
I made a mistake too. But Steve and Edie and my
friends helped me rehearse. And you know
what I learned? That you have
more friends than me? No. That everyone makes
mistakes. You just try again. So you should be proud! Because
that’s exactly what you did! I did,
didn’t I? And maybe it wasn’t
completely awful. Maybe it was even
a little… fun? Thanks, Willa. (Giggling) Thanks, Edie!
Thanks, Steve! (Throat clearing) You were wonderful,
Willa! Ohh!
Thanks, Dad. (Laughing) (Throat clearing) (Country music playing) ♪ (Whistling) Whoo! (Crickets chirring) WILLA:
Sara, Kara and Lara,
what’s going on? Well, if you must know,
Winnie– Willa. Whatever.
We’re going camping. Oh! Going to
Camp Wannahoonie? (Snickering) Campgrounds are
so last year! We’re going on an extreme
wilderness adventure! It’s the latest thing! Living off only
what we can carry in our brand new
designer backpacks! We’re going deep into
the untamed wilderness! Blazing our own trail
through unexplored jungle far from
civilization! Ooh! That sounds
so cool! Oh, it’s just a shame
you can’t come with us. Sure we can!
We’ll be right back! Oh, no! (Tires squealing) Uh, no. No? But Dad, didn’t you hear me
say “pretty please”? Willa, you’ve never
been camping before. You have no idea what it’s like
living in the wilderness. Sure I do. I watch the
Wild Learning Channel on TV all the time! I know it sounds like fun,
but it’s harder than you think. No, no, no.
I’m sorry, sweetie. You’re just not ready to go off
into the mountains by yourself. Hmm. I guess I’ll just have to
wait until you know I’m ready. Huh? Ohh! Yep, my parents said pretty much
the same thing: “No way.” Why don’t we have our own
wilderness adventure right here? Willa, this isn’t exactly
the wild frontier. Well,
not really. It can be if we shut ourselves
off from civilization. Live off only
what we bring! We’ll set up camp
and build our own campfire! We’ll spend the
whole night outside! When our parents
see that, they’ll have to let us
do the real thing! That’s brilliant! I know. You tell your mom you’re
going to spend the night here, and I’ll pack
all our supplies. Willa, are you sure
you’re ready to do this? Absolutely! You see,
the big thing about camping is to be prepared
for any situation, which means bringing
everything you’ll need. DOOLEY:
Comic books?
A volley ball? You never know when you’ll
want to play volleyball. So you’ve got
to be prepared. Well, this is it. As of now,
Dooley and I are on our own. Officially cut off
from civilization! (Crying) Goodbye, Willa!
Be happy! (Snorting and honking) Oh, settle down, sniffles!
She’s not leaving town! (Crying) She– she’s not? No worries, mate. She’s going to
need our help though. Living in the outback
is no cakewalk. But Willa wants
to do this on her own. So we help her,
but don’t tell her! Am I the only one
who thinks around here? Willa, how are we going
to carry all this? It’s probably not
as heavy as it looks. (Grunting) You’re right!
These aren’t heavy at all! I’m right here
if you need me, honey! Can’t hear you,
Dad! We’re miles away
from civilization! Here. This is the
perfect campsite! Yeah, it’s much better
than by the pool. Let’s set up
the tent. Ah… tent? You mean in all this stuff
you packed, there isn’t a tent? Where are we
supposed to sleep? GUS:
Willa doesn’t have a tent! JENNY:
Willa needs a tent!
Where’s a tent? TINY:
Wait! I saw a tent
in the garage! KOKO:
I’ll get it, and then you mates
can pass it to them from Dooley’s yard. ALL:
Break! KOKO:
Got it. GUS:
Over here. TINY:
Pass it to me. Oh. Here it is.
Guess I forgot I packed it. DOOLEY:
Willa, this isn’t a tent. (Gasping) It’s a hammock! Oh, great! No problem. We can make our own
tent out of the stuff we have. Oh, thanks, Dooley. For what? I know! (Bunnies giggling) Well,
it’s still standing. We can’t let Willa
sleep in that! It’s what she wants
to do. But we can get a very special
surprise ready for her, just in case! (Stomach rumbling) I’m hungry.
You did pack food, didn’t you? Of course! It’s here.
Somewhere. Oh! The food! I’ll see your sardines
and raise you 2 anchovies. Guys! We need lunch
for Willa and Dooley! That’s us, boys! Adam and Eve on a raft,
run them through the garden, burn the backside,
and make them stinky. Ohh! Pick up! (Bell dinging) Gimme a shingle with a shimmy
and a shake and a backalley, a side of whistleberries,
a pair drawers to wash it down, and a fly cake
for dessert! (Throat clearing) All right!
This looks great! Sandwiches and…
ice cream? What? I think I know
where these came from. Thanks, guys! But Dooley and I
want to do this on our own! Waste not,
want not! Mm-mmm! (Belching) I found our food. Oops. I guess I didn’t
pack it very well. Heh-heh-heh. (Insects buzzing) You forgot
bug spray too? We don’t need it. We’ll do what
wilderness adventurers do. Get bit and have bumps
all over our bodies? On the Wild Learning
Channel, I saw that mud can be used
to keep bugs off. See?
No more bugs! Yeah, but,
don’t you feel itchy? Uh, no.
Not, um, really. (Scratching and grunting) Willa, I think I’m done
with camping! But if we quit now,
we’ll miss all the fun! What fun?
Where? We’re going to have
a campfire, and we’re going to sleep under
the stars and we’re going to– (Thunder rumbling) Uh-oh. (Bunnies squealing) No thanks, Jenny.
This is just a little rain. I’m sure it’ll
stop soon. (Thunder rumbling) Ohh! So much for
having a campfire. At least the rain washed the mud
off and the bugs are gone! Yip. E. Boy, oh, boy. When Willa makes up her mind up
to do something… But it’s time
for her to come in. And the rain is going
to make everything clean, and then everything
will be fine. Ahh! Watch out! That’s it! Oh!
I am out of here! Dooley,
we can’t leave! Willa, our campsite
already left! Ahh, bye, Willa! See you tomorrow…! Dad,
I need a hug. Maybe I’m not ready to go
camping on my own. Yet. Maybe not yet. But I know you already learned
a lot from this adventure. Ohh! Wow! You guys did
all this for me? You’re the best! How did— ? It’s not the
camping adventure you thought you were going to have,
but we hope you like it. Try the s’mores.
They’re kanga-licious! Mmm! Let me help you,
Tiny. There. That’s a knot
I kind of figured out. You know, Willa, your “figured out” knot
is a double half hitch. A double half what? Well, it’s a real knot
that real campers use. You know, maybe it’s time
you and I start planning a real camping trip.
Together. Thanks, Dad. Ah, Willa. This is great! And I’ll bet
we’re having just as much fun as Sara, Kara and Lara.
Maybe even more! What do you mean
you forgot the tent? Oh! (Snoring) (Bunny giggling) ♪

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