WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY – THE ART OF BEING PRESENT – behind the scenes, Nikon z6, winter, Scotland

December 26, 2019

The beauty of the Scottish Highlands with
these far-reaching, snow covered mountains is just breathtaking. You can walk for days without seeing
anything, but then suddenly a little furry hare is sticking up its head. When I’m out with my camera, I try not to
have too many expectations because expectations sometimes tend to get in the
way of my creativity. I’d rather just be out there with my
camera, and just be present and then, when something happens – if something
happens then just capture these beautiful moments. I know nothing better than just having a
good time out there because, when I come from home and I have my head full of all kinds of stuff, it can sometimes be very hard to be present. And if I’m
not present it’s hard to make the good photos. Being out there with my camera, without
being aware of being out there with my camera, it’s like time just disappears.
Everything disappears and I forget I’m a photographer, I forget about my lens and my
camera – I forget about everything I wish I could get that feeling every single
time I am out, but I just simply can’t. But this time the right feeling was there. It’s so hard to describe, but it’s
fantastic. These are definitely the moments that drive me. It’s a rare feeling of being present,
of being there and being reconnected with nature. Just me and the mountain hare.

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