Wildlife Photography in Prince Albert National Park
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Wildlife Photography in Prince Albert National Park

February 25, 2020

I love coming early in the morning to
photograph wildlife. I am an early bird, so I might as well
just get out and start enjoying the day. I got started into wildlife photography back in 2012. I had went through heart surgery and during time off while I was healing and getting back to my regular self — I started doing lots of hiking. While I was hiking, I had a few cool wildlife experiences. And after that I kind of
figured you know, I got to get myself a good camera and start capturing these moments. Prince Albert National Park is my favourite place to be. I just feel at peace. Everything here is just perfect. There’s no end to the areas you
can hike and explore. It really attracts me to just find certain animals and in certain times of the year. Right now I love — the rut is on so the elk are in full force. Plus just the beauty, Everywhere you look, The colours are just
intense. It’s definitely one of the top spots in
Saskatchewan for these colours. I mean you just can’t miss it. I do love the winters as well. To get out there — to see a fox, how it pops with the snow surrounding
everywhere else. You’re taking pictures in a different
light so it’s kind of neat. Being out here in nature
drives you to come out again because you never know what you’re going to see. You turn your head, there could be
deer, there could be elk, there could be a friendly fox walking down the road. No matter where you go,
where you explore at the National Park it’s a place of beauty.

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