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December 25, 2019

you know this morning I woke up there it
was about six o’clock and I didn’t know what to expect I mean the weather
forecast is quite cloudy today as you can see and I actually thought up to
drive up the hill and to the mountains to see the wonderful sunrise but instead
all of a sudden there was these herd of elk and moose coming out from the forest
I took my camera and ran into the field and I saw them coming towards me in the
Rising Sun sometimes I think if the weather conditions are not perfect why
should I go out taking landscape photography but you know these special
times they are a challenge but delivering wonderful shots at the end what a wonderful situation to see these
thick animals some of them up to two meters with their big horns there it was
still dark you want a fast shutter speed to make sure the movement of them of the
animals you want to capture them and so I used an eyes of about four five and
six thousand ISO and I used a little bit of death and filled with my lens like in
6.3 very close to the animals the cameras normally are set in a white
balance that will be okay for during the day but in the mornings everything
seemed to be still blue and shooting towards a more yellowish color going up
at five six five seven sometimes even in six thousand and you
know how could you demand from the camera to know exactly what situation
you are in I normally shoot manual everything except the autofocus to a
full control on the shop we’re surrounded here with natural forest open
plain and you know a bear could come out any second but normally if there
wouldn’t attack a human being in Africa it’s totally different
there is animals they would attack human beings when their situation sick I
cannot leave the car there are numerous things you can do
either you have a tripod that is thick enough to put it on your seat next to
you roll down the window and get as much out
of soon as you can to have a great range of angle 50 it’s a situation
other people use beanbags which they often do if I get the camera off the
tripod I need to get to a different angle patience is important and sometimes it
takes hours I had numerous situations where I saw
the animals but the light wasn’t perfect I had to come back the next day the next
two or three days but it pays off because after all even though you may
not get the reward in a perfect chance you are there among the animals and
nature that’s the life of the photographer and I don’t want to miss
out on that I want to be right in the middle having a main chair among the
beautiful creation of it the challenges in an early morning photography is of
course first yourself because you’re simply not there it’s still some sleep
in your bone but if you really closely list to the audience nature it’s not
with a small bird surfing humble usage animal and that everything seemed to
increase in noise and then the nature awake and then you woke up yourself
normally you’re not there fully concentrated but with the white line
with the nature you’re getting awake slowly and getting adjusted to the
beautiful creation out there whatever you’re trying to accomplish in
your life in photography think about who created all that beauty out there and
for me I found my solution in God creating these worlds as a gift for me
and I’m so happy having the chance and the talent to go out there to capture
all these beauty of planet Earth

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