Wild Game Cooking: Redfish Fried 3 Ways – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]
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Wild Game Cooking: Redfish Fried 3 Ways – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

December 25, 2019

[music] Hi I’m Jesse Griffiths.
Welcome to Wild Game Cooking. Today we’re going to fry a redfish. I’ve got a really pretty redfish
down here, nice size. I would love to catch
something like this. I like it for its really firm texture. It’s got a really clean flavor. I’ve got some filets already here and we’re going to fry those
3 different ways. The first one I’m going to do is
going to be a mustard batter that we’re going to also
roll in breadcrumbs. We’re also going to do a very
traditional cornmeal batter and a beer batter as well. So the first thing we’re going
to do is take our filet and season it with a little bit of
salt and a little bit of pepper. And then put it in the flour. I’m going to use my left hand to put it in the dry ingredients so my hands don’t get coated
with all these batters. This mustard batter’s got a lot of
good acidic flavor from the mustard. It’s got a little bit of beer in it and then it’s also rolled
in bread crumbs so it’s got a really nice
crispy texture. And just toss to coat like so. Next, I’m going to come in and
season with salt again and pepper. And we go into my cornmeal. I like to use really finely ground
cornmeal for this. It helps it stick a lot better and since we’re doing
two coats on that that’s going to give it
a really nice crust. Into the egg wash, just beaten egg and milk and then back into the cornmeal and coat that really nicely until we’re ready to fry. The last one again,
salt and pepper on each side. and then we’re just going to
dip it in right into a fairly thick beer batter like this. We’re all ready to fry now. I’m going to come over here to my oil which I’ve got at exactly 375 degrees
nice and hot. It’s going to cook that fish
really quick. I’ve got it just about a third full maybe a little bit more. I’m using peanut oil because it can
fry at a really high temperature. And I’m just going to simply
drop my filets in there one at a time very carefully. [sizzle] That’s the cornmeal dredge. And finally, the beer batter. Those will take a couple
of minutes to cook. [music] Gulf redfish were nearly
wiped out in the 70s due to overfishing. Texas passed a redfish bill in 1981
to protect the species. Hatcheries in Texas produce
millions of juvenile redfish each year to stock into the bays. These have been in here for
about 3 or 4 minutes, they’re starting to
look really good. They’re golden brown, crispy. I’m going to carefully pull them out, drain them a little bit on a rack. And at this point I’m going to season
them with a little bit more salt, just a sprinkle. This is from my first batch,
try it out. Mmm! [mom] Nice fish, Ethan, pretty. The greatest thing about redfish is that you don’t have to
have a boat to catch them. [mom] Look a the color on there! You can get them in the bay,
in the surf… [Angler]
I’ve got a redfish I think. [Angler]
He’s taking drag, a nice red. …from piers, from jetties. No matter where you catch them
they’re always delicious. For more information
on places to fish, check out the
Texas Parks and Wildlife website.

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