Why Motor Legal Protection Matters
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Why Motor Legal Protection Matters

December 31, 2019

I’ve been at ARAG since 2013 and
my role is Corporate Account Manager which involves developing new business
and looking after key strategic accounts such as insurers, MGAs and financial institutions. I’m a fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute and, prior to joining ARAG, I had 25 years’
experience in legal expenses insurance. There have been considerable changes in the
motor legal protection market over the last few years, and we’re still in a period of considerable
uncertainty, due to the Civil Liability Act. Indeed, we’ve already seen
various providers exit the market, due to these issues, over the
last few years, and ongoing. Many business models are going to have to change, and, as a result of the increase
in claims costs for motor claims, inevitably there will be an impact on
premiums as well, across the board. Our Motoring Legal Solutions product
provides up to £100,000 worth of cover for the pursuit of personal injury claims, as well as the recovery of uninsured
losses following a motor accident. But we also provide legal advice, and provide customers with
access to our legal services website. We’re very experienced and have great
expertise in tailoring our cover as well, to suit the demands for our
particular business partners. So we’re quite happy to look at other options of
cover, including motor prostitution defence. and we also provide a great motor
breakdown product which sits really well alongside our
Motoring Legal Solutions product. and it covers things like vehicle
breakdown and roadside assistance. So, it’s perfect complement to that cover. Due to the legal reforms, it’s never been more
important to have motor legal protection insurance and it’s vital that customers
have suitable cover with a reputable and experienced
provider, such as ARAG.

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