What It Takes to Maintain the Biggest Hedges in the U.K.
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What It Takes to Maintain the Biggest Hedges in the U.K.

December 31, 2019

(“Blue Danube Waltz” by Johann Strauss II) (snip, snip) (snip, snip) (trimmer starts and revs) (click, click) – [Narrator] Welcome to
Powis Castle and Garden. Once home to a Welsh prince,
(upbeat orchestral music) now home to the biggest hedges in the UK. They’re around 400 years old, and it’s this guys job to cut them. – My name’s Dan Bull ,and
I’m the gardener here at Powis Castle and Garden. The larch hedges were
planted in the 18th century, and the fashion changed
in the Victorian era, and that’s the unique shape we have today. (upbeat music) We have 14 larch stumps on the terraces, and the big hedge, that’s approximately 8,000
square meters of hedging. The box hedges and the formal hedging is about 7,000 square meters. So in total, we have 15,000
square meters of hedges to cut. And one being 55 feet tall. – [Narrator] For anyone
who doesn’t like heights, might be best you look away now. – [Dan] One of the highlights for me is when we get the cherry pickers in, and spending the time
floating around the sky looking at the wildlife
and cutting the hedges. Fortunately, I quite like heights so it’s lovely being up there. – [Narrator] Back in
the day it took 10 men four months to trim all the hedges, tying ladders together
and using hand shears. Nowadays, Dan’s able to
complete the mammoth task in just eight weeks. – With mechanization,
we’ve been able to use electric and petrol hedge
cutters, long-reach hedge cutters. It’s a lot better than trying
to do it with a scythe. (gentle music) – [Narrator] Along with the hedges, Dan is among the seven gardeners who work throughout the
year, come rain or shine, to manage the ever evolving grounds. – [Dan] I do a bit of everything. Rather than being just stuck
in one part of the garden. I’ve been here for 12 years. I love coming to work. I’m quite lucky in my role. I get here early most mornings and take my dog round the garden, so it’s lovely. I’ll be here at seven
o’clock in the morning, the mists rising, and
you’re just looking over at the castle and the garden, and feel quite privileged
to be working here.

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  1. After hours of searching through classical, the intro music I think is from

    Strauss – the blue Danube, if not mistaken

  2. Hedging is one of my favorite things to do. But damn I’d be game for this one. Awesome job guys. Really looks top shape. Beautiful work.

  3. These Hedges should never be cut by gas Shears they should be cut by hand shears to get a precise cut on the node so it can grow back properly when you trim them with gas shears it doesn't cut them properly and will have dead ends tell be fine just the wrong way to do it. .

  4. Here in the US that would be a team of illegals, none of which speak English, and if anyone has a problem with that, they are racist.

  5. Wow. I'm jealous of this guy. He has quite possibly thee best job in the world… I'd honestly do prolly 80% of his job for free. Just shaping those hedges looks to be quite pleasing..!

  6. The amount of petrol and all the other stuff these people waste and emit to maintain a fucking couple of bushes.

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