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  1. LOL Youtube is suggesting that I watch the Google Nose video next (yes that was brilliantly funny at the time), not the sort of association you want with a serious product surely? Google/Youtube if you are using AI for recommendations you really need to drop the use of the "I" part because it isn't intelligent at all!

  2. Thank you for blocking all those strange people from China and other places from attacking me. I love you google! 💙💚💛❤️🧡💜

  3. If I were a member of the initially mentioned group of people, I would never store any such valuable data in a Google account (nor in any other public account of a company that I don't own).

  4. *Meanwhile in call of duty 4 MOM GO TO CAMERA MOMMY MOMMYY! I DO NO SCOPE 360 ××××××××× ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

  5. I already use it for over 3 years since the technology was instated and it is fantastic. Thanks for helping us to secure our accounts <3

  6. So… another two steps verification… it's not the same when I use the verification via SMS? But with the difference that you need to unlock your cellphone Everytime you receive a code?

  7. As far as finger print scanning and associated software is concerned, why not use the scanner available on mobile phones, thus avoiding need to carry one more thing. Even if you have to access G-suite through laptop, you must scan your way in through the phone.
    Just sayin'

  8. There are sooo many problem with this! Idk if they really don't see the ptoblems or they just simply don't care!?

  9. Please tell me what that music is. OMG, I'm always disappointed when youtubers don't include that information in the video description. It would save so much time.

  10. So my question is, how is a physical key someone could steal better than using the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone which has fingerprint security to get past the lock screen?

  11. Damn… sorry for those who trust the Internet better than other communications services.
    For me, I don’t care you can sell or give my data to other instance that’s just superficial

  12. Is that MacBook Pro in a Google ads? that hairstyle with that shirt are not going well with the overall as well, oops

  13. I am glade to see new features be progressive as always I love and like our since beginning I like and love world famous thanks

  14. Every body should praise World famous and progressive contribute with our best affordable means.

  15. Hi, I accidentally clicked on something that enrolled me to advance protection program and unfortunately I signed out from my account and now doesn't allow me to sign back in to my gmail and message me that: "To sign in, you'll need to register security keys". I don't need that and I was wondering how can I disable the advanced protection for my Gmail and sign back in to my account?
    Thank you

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