What Is Good Audience Retention On YouTube
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What Is Good Audience Retention On YouTube

February 28, 2020

Okay, you’ve got viewers to click on your
YouTube video. How do you keep them watching all the way
through and what is good audience retention on YouTube? In this video, I’ll explain what audience
retention is, what YouTube has to say about it and give you several ways on how you can
increase audience retention on your YouTube videos. Why does audience retention matter? Audience retention is a measurement of how
much your audience watch your video. For example, if you upload a 10 minute video
and two minutes of it was watched, then you’ve got a 20% audience retention rate. If you get a high audience retention on your
YouTube videos, then YouTube will recommend your videos on the right side of the video
watch page, on the videos that play next after a video has ended, and under Up Next below
the video on the YouTube app. What is the official word from YouTube about
audience retention? Here’s a quote from Amy, a product manager
on YouTube that works on recommendations. “There is no magic number that the audience
is looking for when they choose a video. Similarly, there are no magic numbers of minutes
or percentage our systems optimize for. More is better.” “As for the importance of absolute versus
relative watchtime, it varies by surface. For example, Search, Home, Up Next, et cetera,
and changes over time. Our advice would be to find a good balance. Use your audience retention reports in YouTube
analytics. If you see viewers are abandoning at a certain
point, try to figure out what in your video might have led to that. If most viewers are watching the whole way
through your video, you probably have room to experiment with longer-form content.” In a nutshell, it completely depends upon
your audience if they’re going to watch your video all the way through. If they do, you can experiment with creating
longer videos as long as they keep watching. This is what YouTube recommends if you look
in YouTube analytics and studio beta. You can increase the chance of YouTube suggesting
your content by increasing your click-through rate and your video watchtime. If you want to learn more about how to increase
the click-through rate of your video, click the link in the card to watch a replay of
my livestream. Here are seven ways to increase the audience
retention on your YouTube videos. Number one, hook. If you can grab viewers attention in the first
15 seconds of your video, there’s a high probability they’ll watch it all the way through. A few ways to do this is to ask you a question. Another way is to teach them about what’s
coming up later in the video. Another way is to try to do something entertaining
at the beginning of your video. Most importantly, your hook should relate
to the thumbnail and title of your video. Otherwise, they won’t keep watching. Number two, create compelling content. If your content doesn’t deliver what was promised
in the thumbnail and title of your video, then your viewers are going to leave. Ideally, you want to offer solutions to the
problems that they may be asking. Instead of saying that your video is coming
to an end, suggest a related video that dives deeper into the content that they just watched. Use a card or an end screen to redirect them
to that video. Even better, send it to a playlist of related
videos so they can binge watch your content. Number three, delivery. How you deliver your content will make a big
impression on your viewers. Be passionate about your content and make
it easy for them to digest, such as step-by-step instructions like I’m doing here in this video. Number four, add B-roll and transitions. Adding stock video footage, graphics, and
transitions helps reset the attention of viewers so they keep watching your video all the way
through. Click the link in the card to watch my video
on the best stock video footage sites. Number five, remove the fluff. Most people watching YouTube videos have the
attention span of a mosquito. It’s very short. Therefore, make sure you get to the point
very quickly and remove extraneous content. If you waffle on about a particular topic,
you’ll quickly lose your viewers. Number six, tell a story. Another way to create compelling content is
to tell a story. People love stories. For example yesterday, I went skiing with
my friends. When we got up in the morning, it was freezing
cold and there was freezing rain, not ideal conditions for going skiing. When we checked the weather forecast of the
ski field, it said it’d be a mixture of freezing rain and snow. We decided to take the risk and just go for
it. It was really worth it because it ended up
snowing the whole day with perfect temperatures, no lines, and perfect pile of snow. As you can see, I just painted a perfect story
of my snow skiing day. Number seven, create a series of videos and
add them to a playlist. When you create a series of videos that’s
organically connected to each other, it’s easy for people to continue watching video
after video. This increases audience retention and watchtime. Instead of watching one video, a viewer may
watch several videos in a row. You can also link to this playlist in your
cards and end screens. So what is a good audience retention on YouTube? Most of my videos have an audience retention
of around 50%. Therefore, I would recommend shooting for
50% or higher on your own videos. As Amy recommended from YouTube, if you find
that your viewers are watching your video all the way through, experiment with creating
longer-form content. Let me ask you a question I’m very curious
about. What’s the highest audience retention you
ever got on a video from your channel? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it and I’m sure others
would too. “I have a question. Is there an easier way than trying to get
YouTube to recommend my videos?” I’m glad you asked. Just watch my next video on how to rank your
videos in YouTube search and Google search. You’ll discover how to rank one video for
multiple keyword phrases so you can get lots of traffic. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the
next video.

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  1. It's good to know the scale, level of Audience Retention Curve that YouTube may recommend your video to other people's channels, over 50% average. I also heard other people said that it must be at least 25% or better, is that right ? Thanks.

  2. And you know what? You will most likely retain your viewers for THIS video. You certainly got me! Thanks for all the useful tips.

  3. my highest retention was 80 percent most of my videos curently are at 50 percent …for me what i have noticed is its not all about the percentage of watch time but how much watchtime …for instance in january i released a 18 minut video my retention from the start was 32 percent ..not good …3 weeks later youtube started promoting that video and 30 days after release i had over 10000 views …typical for me after 30 days is maybe 200 …so i asked my self whats the diference ??? why was a 32 percent retention video pushed over a 65 or 70 percent retention video ??? my conclussion was because it was 18 minuts long and they were watching 6 minuts of the video rather then a 5 minut video and they were watching 70 percent of the video or 3.5 minuts …my conclussion is that percentage is just a number they look at but ultimat decission is watch time …6 minuts of 32 percent is better then 3.5 minuts at 70 percent …thanks for the video and the very good tips

  4. This is the big elephant in the room these days for sure! This is such a big challenge for so many especially new channels! On my channels I've seen anything over 45% really make a difference in views etc. Great video as always! My highest audience retention at the moment is 93%!

  5. I think the best I have done is 35%. Do you think the subject of your videos makes a difference? In other words, could the average Audience retention be higher in your niche than say in the gaming niche?

  6. Yeah, audien retention is something I have trouble with. Not enough B-roll, and at the end I ramble on too much instead of concluding.

  7. My highest retention as a percentage is 99% on two videos that are just over a minute each. My highest by duration is a bit over 10 minutes that represents 63% of that video. Overall for my channel, I'm at 41%. And all these figures are for this month.

  8. I think it depends on your content and type of audience. For example on educational content people mostly misunderstand what the video is about and they are not going to watch after starting the videono matter how good it is . In my view 30 percent may be more than enough and on some entertaining content even it may be over 100 percent.

  9. Would you please advise what is an optimum video length for beginners to be able to get noticed by YouTube algorithm?? I am a travel vlogger and post weekly videos on my foreign travels.

  10. Good advice. A lot of the editing is looking for exciting points vs snooze points of the video. But it takes time. I'm getting there slowly.

  11. I’m going to check mine . I’m not hitting 50 % hardly at all . Looks like I have work to do . Thanks for your great info 😊

  12. My average is about 7-15%, not good I know. Been experimenting with different techniques and video lengths but keeping the same theme – [Mark & Sandie in motion], just us doing different things, vacations at Disney, things around town. At this point I'm wondering if its a personality problem or the content is just not interesting enough. Your vid is good food for thought. Thanks.

  13. Also-how can your attention rate be 30% at the very beginning of a video? At 0.00 its 30%. At 1:59 its about 17%-14% till the end for a vid 3:00 minutes long.

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