What Happens When You Enter Witness Protection?
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What Happens When You Enter Witness Protection?

December 31, 2019

Hey guys what’s up it’s Charlie here and
today we’re going to be looking at what happens when you enter witness
protection we all know that if you’re involved in something criminal and
you’re at risk then you’ll go into witness protection but what actually
happens to those who enter the witness protection program obviously the idea is
you get a new identity and a brand new life but what does that process actually
look like and are there some secret perks and downfalls of being in the
witness protection program well before we relocate why not
subscribe and press a notification bell to location if you have to go into
witness protection you may have to make this decision very very quickly usually
the witness protection process begins with a visit from the US Marshals or in
other countries at the National Police they’ll likely give you the option of
going into witness protection and you’ll have a few hours to work it out that’s
right you’ll only have a few hours to decide whether you want a brand new lie
but then where you take it well you’re not taking straight away to your
brand-new house instead you’re actually taken to a safe house in the USA there’s
around 1,800 safe houses all around the country you and your family if you have
one will be taken to this safe house these are often located out in the
country and a very very secure the houses usually have reinforced walls
windows and many locks on the doors and you’ll also likely have at least one
security guard with you at all times then at that location you’ll have to
give a testimony on camera for example if you were the witness to a crime then
you would have to explain that on camera or if you were involved in a crime and
wanted to give everyone else up but then you’d also have to do that on camera
then once that’s completed you’ll put up in a hotel this will be until the
government has bought a house for you to live in the government don’t have houses
on hand that they can just give you that’s because every person in witness
Protection has different requirements for example if you’re a single young guy
you’ll likely just get an apartment but if you have a spouse and kids you’ll
likely be put up in a large house or so to avoid any leaks or pizza locations
the government do not have these houses on hand so they actually have to contact
a real estate agent and buy one but if you enjoy the city life then do not go
into witness protection that is because you’re almost never going to be in a
very highly populated place you’re much more likely to be in a small suburban
town or the country and you likely won’t go to one of the more populous states
for example Texas New York or California but usually the location will be
dependent on who you’re hiding from for example if you’re hiding from Mexican
cartels they’ll put you in the north of the country or if you’ve witnessed a
crime on the east coast then they’ll move you to the west coast education
obviously in witness protection you have a whole new life and because of this
you’ll need to study up you’ll need to rehearse all of the new things about
your life for example your new name you’ll also be given a new birth
certificate and social security numbers but it’s not good enough to you to just
know this stuff remember you’ll have to interact with
people and tell them all about your new life that means you’ll have to have a
good backstory as you can’t disclose the or witness protection to anyone so
everything from where you grew up to where you went to college will need to
change annually to remember all of that information usually this will last for
around two weeks until you 100% know your backstory inside and out who’s in
witness protection the name witness protection may make you
think that people who have witnessed crimes would be in it well while that is
sometimes the case most people in witness protection are criminals unlike
in movies the innocent guy caught up in crime is less than 5% of people in
witness protection most are actually members of criminal organizations they
want to give up their life of crime or they’ve been caught by the police anyway
they then make a deal saying they’ll give up all of their criminal friends in
exchange for a new life some of the world’s most major criminal networks are
brought down thanks to witness protection but don’t think it’s all a
bunch of good guys getting into witness protection
the police know better than anyone sometimes you have to make a deal with
the devil first names obviously one of the main parts of witness protection is
getting a brand new identity and part of that is getting a new name but all of
this new information can be very very overwhelming so a lot of the time to
help people acclimatize to their new identities they’re allowed to keep their
first name for example Mark Smith may turn into Mark Wright or Mary Johnson
may turn into Mary white this also helps people accidentally not get confused for
example if you’ve been introducing yourself as John for twenty years it may
be weird to change to another name and most of the time criminals can’t track
somebody down with just a first name so it’s okay to keep that the same but if
you have a very unique first name then this may be changed also if you’re under
the age of 10 then you likely will also have your name changed children are much
less used to their name so if you’re under 10 years old then your name it
will be changed a new look you may think if you’re in witness
protection what stop somebody from just recognizing you well that’s why many
people will drastically change their looks in witness protection they will
pretty much make you look the opposite of how you look now for example if you
have long hairs they’ll cut your hair short if you have tattoos they may pay
for you to get those removed if you have a beard then they’ll shave it off or if
you’re clean-shaven they’ll tell you to get a beard
one woman even got the government to pay for her chest implants and dental work
personally I think that’s kind of abusing the system but it worked for
them another guy was even able to get his private region extended if you know
what I mean this was because a psychologist said he had poor
self-esteem issues so you can actually get some pretty good perks when you go
into witness protection money now talking of the perks of witness
protection one of those is some cold hard cash obviously if you’re moved to a
whole new area you can’t be expected to get a job straight away so that’s why as
well as a brand new house the government also gives you some money
typically the government will pay you a salary based on the size of your family
this will be around $60,000 over six months so that’s around $10,000 per
month this is to help people get back on their feet but within six months they’re
expected to be self-supporting it with a job but in some scenarios the Justice
Department has paid out around 1 million to some people in witness protection
that’s because they were in such danger they couldn’t leave the house to get a
job better grades when you go into witness protection all of your records
are wiped and that includes the records of your families for example your kids
this means that your children’s school records that will be wiped clean but
it’s very unusual that your kids will get the same school records people and
witness protection I actually usually ask their kids grades to be bumped up
this will help them get into better schools and hopefully lead better lives
so kids if you want to turn your FS to a he’s just turning your parents and go
into witness protection divorced parents now this is a big
downside to witness protection if you have divorced parents then one set of
those parents might be able to see their kids again if the kid is with the parent
being relocated the other parent won’t be able to see the kids and if the kid
is with the parents not being relocated then the relocated parent won’t be able
to see their kids again that’s because seeing their families
could compromise their location this is a very sad fact and it means you may not
see your kids again if you go into witness protection but sadly many
criminal groups do do surveillance on the families of people who go into
witness protection for this very reason criminal misuse believe it or not some
criminals who go into witness protection have used it to do more crime some
career criminals who go into witness protection have never earned an honest
living this means they have no job skills to enter the workforce so
sometimes they do even more crime and witness protection knowing their status
will make it harder to face any consequences one thirty two-year-old in
witness protection was able to make 7.3 million dollars off crime eventually
police said they would take him out of witness protection if he didn’t stop
these crimes as that did actually work as he was very afraid of his identity
being made public but it just goes to show some people in witness protection
aren’t always so grateful life of lies this is yet another very
sad fact about going into witness protection and that is that you have to
lead a life of lies if you go on to get married and have kids while in witness
protection you’ll have to lie to them about your old life that’s because you
may break up with that spouse and then they may disclose it out of spite also
kids may think it’s cool and tell their friends about it and then it’s spread
everywhere in 1981 a gangster named Henry Hill married sherry and ins he was
going by the name Martin Lewis and one day did tell sherry about his true life
before he went into witness protection but when they broke up she ended up
telling lots of people and this did not end well for Henry Hill and finally we
have leave any time this may surprise you but you can leave witness protection
any time but this is obviously not recommended as you’re pretty much a
walking target it’s a fact that not one single person has been hurt while under
witness protection however some have left the program and violated the rules
for example one guy named Daniel la polla decided to leave the witness
protection program and return home for a funeral however when he returned home a
device had been planted and his door exploded in his face suffice to say
Daniel did not survive that and should have stayed in the witness protection
program check out the poll on the top right
corner for the most amazing fact about the witness protection program I think
it’s the fact they actually pay for you to get a whole new look like tattoo
removals if you want some more amazing videos then check out my second channel
they’ll be a link to that coming up on screen in a moment but as always thanks
for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave like if you
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  11. Having had five attempts on my life and NO government help- first of all- whether or not you have any debt is irrelevant. It is best to SUE the criminals and get your debt paid off due to their effing crimes against you first. SUE the CRIMINALS. They have already tried to murder you and you have the evidence, so SUE THEM.

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