We are BirdLife

October 8, 2019

Birds. We see them all the time. Up close or flying overhead on epic migrations across continents. There are nearly 11,000 different bird species worldwide each requiring a unique approach to conservation. How do we know? We look after them all. Our scientists are the leading authority on bird conservation. So we know that there are a lot of birds in trouble. But many of these birds don’t just live in one place. From a bird’s perspective there are no borders. All they’re looking for is the next safe place to rest, eat, and raise a family. But nowadays that can be hard to find. [chainsaw noises and trees falling] They need our help. This is why, in 1922, we formed what would become the world’s largest nature conservation partnership. BirdLife International now links over 120 independent, national conservation organisations worldwide united under one vision. Every day, from country to country we work to conserve nature along every bird migration “Flyway”. Through birds, we’re taking the pulse of the planet. We’re identifying and protecting over 12,000
unique sites Areas that are not just crucial for birds but key to supporting all life, including our livelihoods. With eyes and ears on the ground around the world, our Partners have the local wisdom and the scientific insight to create action. Action that has a global impact. So whether it’s the scientists braving the high seas to stop seabirds being drowned on fishhooks, the young conservationist campaigning against the destruction of wetlands, or the volunteer villagers standing up for their local forest, BirdLife will be there to help. With over… …we’re showing the world that this is not just a bird this is a movement for all life on Earth. We are BirdLife. Join the flock.

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