Water conservation still a key focus in Las Vegas
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Water conservation still a key focus in Las Vegas

September 22, 2019

A reliable water supply is critical to our economy and quality of life and Southern Nevada’s conservation efforts make a difference. The community’s commitment to water efficiency and the Water Authority’s long-term water resource planning helped Southern Nevada weather the drought and prepare for possible Colorado River shortage conditions. As the potential for shortage conditions on the Colorado River increase, it’s imperative that all Southern Nevadans to do their part to reduce water use. Our community is a world leader when it comes to urban water conservation. In the last 16 years we’ve reduced our overall consumptive use by 26 percent during the same time period our population increased for 43 percent. So we do really well in conservation and that’s made it so that we have extra water in the case of a shortage condition. What we’re asking the community for right now is to continue these efforts. With the drought conditions on the Colorado River, this is no time for our community to be resting on its laurels.

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