Watch time Vs audience retention – Which one matters?
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Watch time Vs audience retention – Which one matters?

January 7, 2020

Playstation Vs X box, Mac vs Pc, Average watch
time vs average viewer duration, these are some of the biggest and most fought over things
of all time, and today, we’re going to do our best to answer the most important, but
first. Mac, PlayStation. Now what you really came here for. To start, it’s important to mention just why
these two things are so important but really fast because you probably already know. Watch time and retention rates are one of
the top ranking factors for YouTube. The larger they are, the more they’ll suggest you and
the higher you’ll appear in search. Basically, they are vital stats for channel growth. Now, let’s look at watch time. Watch time Is a huge deal for smaller YouTubers,
we’re all fighting for that 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers so we can put ads on our
channel that nobody wants to see…Couch, excuse me. But once we get past that? Does it really
matter? And what’s it even telling us. Well, yes it does matter, it matters a lot.
You see, watch time would make more sense if it were called “Session time” as it is
measuring the amount of time your content causes people to stay on YouTube. Longer sessions not only boost an individual
videos ability to rank in search and get more suggested views but also increases your entires
channels ability to rank new videos and have youtube promote you. Think about it, if your channel keeps people
on YouTube for longer, there’s a reason for that, your contents probably rocking. So with that in mind, Watch time must trump
average viewer retention rate well yes it….doesnt. Kind of, man they make this confusing. Retention rate is how long people spend watching
a video on average. If the video is well made, relevant to the
title and people like it, they should watch for longer on average than a video that’s
poor. The problem is if you make a video that is
20 minutes long and people only watch 2 mins of it, the % is going to be rubbish at only
10% but if you made one that’s was 2 minutes long and had a percentage that was at 100%
then which one to focus on to benefit your channel more? Hmm, its gone all confusing again Well, there are two solutions here make watch
time and average viewer retention both high. But how Firstly, make shorter videos but make them
into series. Us humans love chapters, they work well in books to give us little breaks. You could cut a 2-minute video into a 10 video
series if you named and put it in a playlist, so it was apparent it was part of a group
of videos, people would know to watch the next. Also, you could use your end screens to point
them towards the next video in the series. This could potentially give individual videos
higher retention rates and keep building your overall channel watch time. You can win on
both sides. We’ve tested this using a different host called
Wistia, and people watched the same videos cut into a series of shorter videos pretty
much all the way, compared to one long video where they on average got 27% of the way through.
Even though it was all the same content. It’s because of the unknown, when we hit play,
there’s some information we want, if it comes slow or we struggle to find it, we skip or
turn off. Chapters and individual videos with titles
that are more focused means the information we want should come quickly and when we want
it. So as long as you do that, this might be the best option. MIGHT… Overall, you’ll need to try different
lengths of videos and see what works best for you. Just remember, no matter what, always
have an end screen strategy to pass people on to the next step even if the content is
long. To learn how to come up with an end screen
strategy, watch this video here. And to find out how long to make your videos, watch this
video here which delves a bit deeper into the whole video length question. Check out this video here and hit that subscribe
button because every time you do….we get a new subsriber.. that its.

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  1. Playstation or Xbox? Mac or PC? Lets us know which one you are, and of course if you have any questions on either of these two features.

  2. yt algorithm is still confusing. they actually don't know the quality of videos. so many low quality videos got viral

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