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Volunteer Reviews of Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Sanctuary | The Great Projects

January 8, 2020

My name is Ryan and I booked on the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Sanctuary project for two weeks My name is Lucy and I booked onto the project for two weeks My name is Kim and I booked onto this project for four weeks I chose this project because I’ve always loved orangutans and I wanted to find a project working with them, and
then I found The Great Projects and I loved everything they stand for so that’s why I came here I volunteered in the past with The Great Projects and I just wanted to volunteer with orangutans this time, and go to a
country I’ve never been to before. This is the first time for me volunteering,
yeah so I think I didn’t know what to expect but I’m pleasantly surprised because
you do make such an impact and by the end, like even two weeks, I can notice
the impact I made yeah like directly what you
actually give to the orangutans I feel I’ve made a difference by providing
additional man power to enrichment schemes that allows us and them
to do more for the orangutan that they’ve been unable to do in the past
means that every orangutan can get more in enrichment every single day, the
enrichment also helps to teach them the skills they need for release on to
pre-release islands and then hopefully in the future released into the wild. So I
made a difference mainly to the un-releasables,
It meant with the enrichment that we were able to give them and the stimulation
that we were able to give them I think definitely being able to help
them work every day and make that extra enrichment for the orangutans
My favourite moment has been the orangutan observation activities that
they feed and observe the orangutan to see how they’re dealing with life on
the island It’s definitely been the boat trip around the pre-release islands
we got to see them up really close in their natural habitat, it’s incredible seeing them eat all of the food. My best moment was when we were walking near the playground and all the orangutan were coming back from forest school and they were getting around the playground it was amazing to see them there My advice to any new or potential volunteers would be to… bring mosquito spray
bring 2 towels as well Bring some comfortable wellies, make sure you try
them on before you come Prepare to sweat I think it was the most I’ve sweat in my entire life prepared to work hard, it is hard work it’s hot and it’s sweaty in Borneo but you should
feel real sense of fulfillment you know the you are making a difference for
orangutans and it makes the hard work worth it It is hard work but you feel like you’re
making a difference the whole way through so even when you feel like it’s
hot and you’re tired it makes it all worth it when you see them doing the
things you made for them now I’m going to take away from this whole experience
some pretty horrendous tan lines other than that like I have like lunch
so much I’ve definitely learned a lot about animal conservation, and the effect humans are having on the planet, and random little orangutan facts The feeling I had when I saw the orangutan in person
really made me feel like I want to do more for orangutan
conservation Definitely come home with a lot of good memories, met loads of new people the people working here as well as other volunteers All the staff they care so much about what they do
and really strive to make a difference I would describe this experience as inspiring.
It’s just amazing.

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