Volunteer in Costa Rica with IVHQ
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Volunteer in Costa Rica with IVHQ

August 17, 2019

At the coffee project is Ego Agriculture so
that means you’re working with all sorts of planting, the farmers up here, have some of
the most diverse farms I’ve ever seen, from fruits, and veggies and then of course, you’re
working with the coffee too, depending on the time of year, picking berries, peeling,
from the berries to the cup, there’s about fifty different step’s so everyday, its something
different. The project is actually in San Luis so its outside the city, about 12km its
really nice, its in a really beautiful spread out open area. Other volunteer’s stay with
host families, and the host families are awesome, they are really great friends with each other
and so most of the have kids, and its a really community based project.
Monteverde is the best for extra circular activities, you can do water fall hikes, zip
lining you name it, just hiking in general, there’s so much to do. Night hikes, butterfly
gardens, there’s so much wildlife and you name it, there’s a tour for it.
The project started to try and protect this population of turtles here, before they became
extinct. So for about forty years, the local people in this community continuously stole
the eggs from the beach, poaching them for about forty years, so they did a good job
for removing every nest from the beach during that time. The volunteers will have a right
kind of hand’s on experiences so they’ll get to handle the eggs, and they’ll get to to
take the eggs out of the nest when the turtle’s there, and to handle the turtle’s as well,
inspect for damage and that king of thing, and to help us record all those scientific
data that we take at the time when she’s nesting. Then we’ll carry the eggs over to the hatchery
and they’ll help us to relocate them in the hatchery where they’re being incubated for
about two months. Then those that are there later on in the season, will be working with
the babies so they’ll be working with the nest when they hatch, and helping to take
them out of the nest and release them on the beach.
The Turtles come out night so if you see a nesting turtle, you have to put a tag in it
if its not already tagged, you can pick the eggs out while the turtles laying them, and
you put them in a bag, you transport them in the hatchery, where you dig out a nest
in there, there’s a hundred and twelve spot’s, you camouflage it, cause theirs poachers on
the beach. During the day you just do work around the camp because its brand new, so
there’s always stuff to build and help with the community.
The lifestyle, just getting up everyday, the sunshine and a little hammock time and then,
just waking out to this. The people here, the community and the experience
of, like staying at home stay and learning Spanish, and obviously the turtles.
Don’t have second thoughts just do it, just come down here, have an open mind, prepare
to immerse yourself as much as you can. I love being immersed in this culture, I just
love soaking up the different customs and I’ll really miss the home feeling of Costa
Rica, I’ve kind of fallen in love with this country. So, I’ve being thinking of switching
into medical but I can’t, I can’t leave, I know I won’t be able to leave because am so
attached to the kids now. Costa Rica is beautiful, so we’ve being trying to take advantage of
seeing as many awesome things’ as we can.

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  1. Love this video! I'm going there for the first time volunteering in March. Where's the footage of the teaching project?

  2. “I’ll really miss the home feeling of Costa Rica, I've fallen in love with this country!” 


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