Veterinary Exam of Dolphin Placenta – Dolphin Quest Hawaii
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Veterinary Exam of Dolphin Placenta – Dolphin Quest Hawaii

November 8, 2019

So baby was just born now we’re just
monitoring calf’s breathing. On September 3rd, 2019 our experienced dolphin mom Kona gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Just as the sun was setting and a rainbow was overhead. It couldn’t have been any more beautiful we’ve decided to name the calf Alaula
which means glowing sunset in Hawaiian. Leading up to the birth Kona was receiving amazing prenatal care she was getting voluntary
ultrasounds to monitor that growth and development of her calf as well as
round-the-clock observations to watch for her signs of labour when we were
absolutely certain that that little one was on its way we had all our team
called in to be a part of the moment. There were trainers positioned
throughout the lagoon to offer her food or just the love and comfort of being
held in our arms and just support her however we could I was fortunate enough
to be there for the bird and witness it up close in her ocean fed dolphin
habitat today I’m gonna show you that amazing footage as well as take you
behind the scenes to see some of the things that we focus on directly
following the birth to ensure the health of our mom and calf including a routine
medical examination of Kona’s placenta by our very own veterinarian Dr. Greg
Levine so let’s get the day started Now there’s something else really
important that we monitor for within the first 24 hours of birth and that is the
passing of mom’s placenta just like in humans it’s important that a mother
dolphin expels her placenta as this could otherwise lead to certain health
complications. In just a moment we’re gonna watch our very own Dolphin Quest
veterinarian Dr. Greg Levine do an inspection on Kona’s placenta so if
you’re little squeamish I recommend fast forwarding to the time
right here however if you’re gonna stick around let’s go check it out! Good morning I’m Dr. Greg Levine. As part
of a dolphin labor and a lot of all mammalian labors, after the calf is born
we do what some people call it the afterbirth, the placenta, the fetal
membranes, it’s basically the sack that Kona’s baby, our little calf, lived in for –
how many days? 375 days. We want to ensure Kona’s health to make sure that she’s
passed the entire contents of the placenta and so that will be part of
our exam as well as with the detail of things like the umbilical cord and a
sack and make sure all parts are there. Normally
this sack has about three horns that we look for and there are the beautiful
three horns of Kona’s placenta and the single hole that she popped out of.
These are actual attachments to Kona’s uterus so these were the
attachment points. Now we’re gonna take you into this beautiful sack that
the calf lived in, we’re gonna invert everything. As you can see just this glistening
beautiful tissue and this is the umbilical cord. A team here followed
Kona’s distinction with ultrasound for many many months and one thing that we
saw of note was possibly a cyst in the amniotic sack and so I want to show our
ultrasonographer team in our animal care team who are evaluating Kona’s placenta. I believe you know what we were seeing it was a benign
fluid-filled cyst that was likely this material. Not doing any harm but did
give us, you know, some questions that we had to answer.
Well I’ll take some samples of this as long as other parts of the placenta, but
I feel like it looks real healthy the umbilicus looks good, and there’s no
remaining parts in Kona. That’s great news. Yeah. That’s
great news. If you stuck around for Dr. Levine’s inspection of Kona’s placenta
then we hope you enjoyed that unique learning opportunity we are happy to
report that Dr. Levine says Kona’s placenta looks great from a medical
perspective. Now it’s finally that moment you’ve all been waiting for.
I’m so excited to share with you the amazing footage from Kona’s birth. Enjoy! Wow, we’ve covered so much in this
episode. Everything from a medical inspection of a dolphin placenta to
viewing the amazing birth footage of the newest member of our Dolphin Quest Ohana. If you’re on the Big Island of Hawaii please stop by to say aloha to Kona and
Alaula at Dolphin Quest Hawaii we hope you
enjoyed viewing this video and if you want to see more like it please remember
to like, subscribe, and ring the bell for future notifications. Aloha!

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