Urban Agave Initiative Arizona Jan 2020

February 26, 2020

Hey guys Ivan Carreno from Mezcal Carreno here. We’re at the Phoenix Garden, trying to keep Phoenix beautiful. It’s a partnership we’re doing with
Quin from Qmulative We’ve got these beautiful amazing shirts and for each shirt sold,
we ended up planting an agave, just trying to keep Arizona beautiful in a desert environment and an urban environment. We’re trying to keep these plants alive, grow on this beautiful day with some beautiful people. My name is
Terry Gellenbeck I’m the director of
recycling here at Keep Phoenix
Beautiful and this is our Pierson
Street garden. We took an empty space here, a couple of houses that were being torn down and turned it into a community garden. We want to show people here how to grow their own food where food comes from. Mike Hemken,
I live in Phoenix, I’m with Phoenix
Children’s Hospital 40 Under 40 Met Ivan, one of your cofounders told me about the event. I’m happy to help out. Hey guys, it’s Quinlin
from Qmulative and we’re out here
planting agaves with Mezcal Carreno, Agave Heritage Festival. We’re at the Mission Gardens collaborating with Keep Tucson Beautiful. As far as the shirts go, these keep me pretty busy, the Arizona Pocket Tees. So we had a photo taken of one of the varietals that Mezcal Carreno uses for distilling up in Phoenix and put it on some fabric, and we got some cool shirts going. For every shirt sold, we’re planting an agave out here. Hi my name is
Ethan Sandoval I’m with Bat Conservation
International, our program and our restoration program is seeking to help and preserve and
influence bat habitat. We’ve planted nearly 50 agaves to facilitate more forage for Leptonycteris nivalis, the greater long-nosed bat, and leptonycteris yerbabuenae, the lesser long-nosed bat. As a migratory species and a primary pollinator of agave and also pollen cacti species such as saguaro. These bat species are practically the bees of the night. They’re helping to facilitate a habitat for a number of other species in these desert ecosystems My name is Todd Hanley from
Agave Heritage Festival. Welcome to the first of many
agave plantings in and around the
Tucson community. This is an effort to continue
spreading the knowledge about sustainability within
the agave industry. My name is Virginia. I’m one of the front
of house managers at Elvira’s on
Congress here in in Downtown Tucson. I came out today to help plant
urban agaves and support a really great
business and idea. Hey guys, Abel Arriaga
with Mezcal Carreno. I just want to say thank-you
to all our partners from Mission Gardens to
Keep PHX Beautiful, Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Quin at Qmulative, Todd with Agave Heritage Festival, Ethan at Bat Conservation International, and everybody that came out
and volunteered for this. It was the first two of many. We love putting all these agaves
here in the communities here in Arizona and we’re excited as
this t-shirt program grows. It can go beyond the state but right now all your support
here locally makes a world of difference to us. We’re very thankful for you
and keep the support going, we appreciate it so much. Next time you see an agave, you know it could be something that
some volunteers put up for you.

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