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University of Arizona Student Success and Retention Innovation SSRI

January 6, 2020

Dedicated to enriching the lives of the people
of Arizona – and the world – through education, research, and creative expression, the University
of Arizona is committed to helping all students fulfill their college aspirations. The department of Student Success and Retention
Innovation provides programs and supports for students on their path to degree completion. From first-generation college students to Arizona Assurance Scholars to student leaders
and mentors, we invest in the potential of all students. We are comprised of multiple dynamic teams;
providing a positive environment to develop lifelong learners, helping students with learning
challenges succeed and engaging students to navigate, excel and graduate from the UofA. We are constantly learning better ways
to help the students at THINK TANK. It’s a little less intimidating than walking into
a room full of professors, we understand how they think, because we are students as well. We give them space to be that independent
thinker, independent learner, they can come for tutoring, for supplemental instruction,
academic skills tutoring, exam preparation. I am definitely graduating with a more confident personality. I started with Thrive Arizona when I was a freshmen, it’s just nice to know
that’s there’s other First Generation students and First Generation Professionals who are
willing to help you out. You learn so much about yourself, budgeting student loans, financing, time and stress management, healthy relationships. This program helped me become an RA, it helped
me become a PA and then eventually a student coordinator. We also have a key strategy team working with
the entire campus community, staying apprised of best practices and serving as an incubator for new ideas and innovations for student support. Our teams facilitate transformative programming
including First Cats. Designed to build a community for first-generation college students,
First Cats is a point of pride for our institution. We are kind of just doing something that no
one in our families have done before. The UofA has definitely supported me through this
life’s journey, the UofA , First Cats, it’s a good thing. 39% of all enrolled students at the UofA are
the first person in their family to attend college. First Cats supports these students
on their college journey and celebrates their accomplishments. The Arizona Assurance Scholars is a program
to increase the number of low-income, Arizona residents attending and graduating from the University
of Arizona. We provide critical mentoring and programming to help AZA scholars succeed. One of our other premier programs is called
Schedule for Success. Schedule for Success is a results-driven program providing a specifically
tailored schedule, academic coaching, instructional support and tutoring in Math for qualified, first-year students. Throughout all that we do – we promote a
growth mindset – meaning that we believe intelligence is not fixed and we can all improve
our abilities through dedication and hard work. We embrace challenges and persevere
in the face of setbacks. Our goal every day is to promote an inclusive
climate where all students are welcome and feel a sense of belonging. As a team of scholarly practitioners, the
department of Student Success and Retention Innovation is a leader in public higher education
for student success and degree completion. We are helping more and more students succeed
everyday – and we will persist until all admitted students have the resources they
need to graduate from the University of Arizona.

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