Unbreakable Application Control: Cb Protection Product Tour

January 6, 2020

Welcome to a quick demo of
Carbon Black’s market leading application control solution, Cb Protection. Cb Protection is designed to
lock down critical systems so only approved software is able to run. This is achieved through the strongest form of security possible: Default Deny. With Cb Protection, you can prevent unwanted change. Blocking unauthorized software, unauthorized devices and unauthorized modification of
configurations and data files. Policy driven automation is key to the product’s low touch prevention capabilities. Cb Protection offers many options for
approving software within your environment, including policies for trusted updaters,
trusted publishers such as Microsoft, and data from the Cb Collective Defense
Cloud. Our cloud-based reputation service
provides threat intelligence and trust scores
that can be used to automatically approve trusted software. Cb Protection also offers the ability to manually, or automatically submit files for detonation and static analysis, and then based on the results of that detonation automatically approve or ban the files across
your entire enterprise. This can be done using third party detonation engines, or Carbon Black’s software: Cb Inspection. Cb Protection also features Rapid
Configs, which enable the highest form of server protection quicker and more effectively than
ever before. With rapid configs, users can
leverage pre-built rule sets from Carbon Black’s
community of global cyber security experts to thoroughly harden their critical
systems without reinventing the wheel. These out-of-the-box, and
cloud delivered protection rules simplify configuration of application
control policies, and optimize protection against
attacks targeting servers. For example, a Rapid Config can
automatically approve all software deployed through Micosoft’s System Center Configuration Manager so administrators can deliver trusted updates safely and efficiently. The level of automation offered
by Cb Protection means that end users enjoy rapid response while the organization reduces
administrative costs, and maximizes its return on investment for all elements of its security stack. While automation and policy driven configuration makes Cb Protection extremely low-touch, when the need to manage an approval does arise,
it’s fast and easy. Administrators can view incoming requests
and quickly approve or ban files based on the threat assessment provided
within the product. Cb Protection helps eliminate the
pre-compliance auditing process, making it easy to support continuous compliance by allowing you to monitor
critical system activity, baseline drift and change audits, and enforce configuration integrity. Cb Protection is accepted
as a control for PCI DSS, and is often
deployed to meet regulatory standards and frameworks in place
due to: NERC, FISMA, HIPAA high-tech,
SOX and others. Cb Protection seamlessly joins the
rest of your security stack through built in integrations and open APIs. Cb Protection integrates with security
information event management systems, log management systems, software
delivery patch management, and IT ticketing systems, utilizing pre-built connectors
to minimize the need for customization. For a more detailed product overview you can request a demo directly from

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