U-M Health System Energy Conservation

October 10, 2019

(light rock music) – [Narrator] The University
of Michigan Health System has a history of
environmental stewardship, especially when it comes
to energy conservation. Since 2005, the health system has improved its energy efficiency by 20%. In 2011 alone, 15 energy conservation
projects were completed, that are expected to save
UMHS $528,000 annually. While we continue to implement
innovative strategies to save energy at our
hospitals, health centers, and off-site buildings,
there are a number of things that you can do to help reduce
our environmental footprint. Remember to turn lights off
when leaving your office, conference room or restroom. We could save thousands of
dollars in energy costs, and significantly reduce
our overall energy use if everyone followed this simple rule. Control your thermostat. Keeping your office at
a consistent temperature greatly reduces our energy use. Thermostats should be kept
at 68 degrees fahrenheit in the winter, and 76 degrees
fahrenheit in the summer. Dress for comfort. Bring an extra sweater of
jacket to wear in the winter. And try not to overdress in the summer. Dressing in layers that
can easily be removed will allow you to stay comfortable in a 68 to 76 degree office. Remember, fans and space
heaters use lots of energy. Try to avoid using them
by dressing comfortably. Another useful energy saving
tip is using task lighting instead of room lights. Use a small lamp by
your desk, file cabinet, or other areas in your workspace so you don’t have to turn
on larger overhead lights. And use natural light from
windows as much as you can. With everyone working together, we can help our health system to be even more environmentally friendly. To learn more about
what you can do to help, visit this website.

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