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  1. How many times do they have to yell.. put the gun down?? Maybe twice.. then it's all Go from there. 2nd guy .. 2 bullets.. would have stopped everything.

  2. Sorry but the first cop was stupid for risking his life. Glad he made it alive, but he would have been perfectly justified in shooting that guy. Especially after the slide was racked. Sorry John, love that you do what you do, but you're wrong. I honestly think this cop was too scared too shoot…not the, "totality".

  3. Even if the cop knew for sure the second man didn't have a gun I would of supported him had he of shot him. An unarmed man charging an officer who has a gun that could of been wrestled away is reason enough. As far as the first man was concerned, he should thank God everyday forward that the police officer was willing to risk his life to give him a few more seconds to think about it.

  4. First video, that's some superb situational awareness to recognize what is going on. He could have fired and been justified but instead to recognize a self-harm situation developing and de-escalate it with verbal skills, that is outstanding work.

    Second video officer fired, the guy sprang back up and my jaw dropped. My first thought was the officer could have continued firing to end the threat and he would have been justified. However It's easy to be an after the fact spectator and say that.

    I have a huge amount of respect for officers who have to make these split second decisions every day. Glad these incidents didn't end up any worse.

  5. I love 95% of cops…
    John, I love all your videos whether I think you are right or wrong, I think you got it wrong on the second video…
    The cop should have seen when the guy threw his shirt at the car that the now shirtless guy was unarmed, he was the only cop there that had his weapon drawn, the guy focused on him because he seen that he had his weapon drawn & maybe smelled the fear… All cops should be made to learn serious hand to hand combat before becoming an actual cop and getting a gun!! I knew this female cop in Hempstead L.I. that would've put that dude to sleep!!!

  6. I just saw this headline posted on Facebook……."""New Bill Would Require Officers to Call Supervisor Before Drawing Weapons"""

  7. On the first video, once I hear that gun rack, out of human instinct I would pulled out my gun so fast and put holes in that guy. Sorry, but that is a scary ass situation, luckily the smart officer handled it.

  8. story would have ended better if he drugged up meth head in 2nd video had a 2 foor hole in his chest…..that way i wouldnt have to pay for his food stamps and welfare…

  9. Slide rack …… bang!! But this officer knew his skill level he knew that he could take this guy at less then a second notice he was confident enough in his skills that he was able to slow down and make a good decision most people can’t do that even me I probably would’ve shot but he had enough confidence to restrain himself and nobody got killed the 2nd I don’t care what anybody says if your a police officer and you don’t want to fight your in the wrong practice it was 4/5 -6? Against 1 crack head or not you should be ready for a fight what ever happened to a billy club, taser, with at least 4 other officers with you the first thing you go to is your gun? No not good old school officers would’ve beat the dope outa him he would’ve been sober when he got to jail and that’s how it should be

  10. Great content and good thoughts. On the Ohio incident it should be be noted that while the officer enters into the totality of that situation, his gun is drawn and rightly so. Doing his job in that moment with a deranged lunatic charging, there is only one decision: shoot. A fight with a cop is a fight for a gun. Simple. Great job by that officer, brilliant instinct. Thanks for your service!!

  11. Also, possibly, due to implicit bias, it might have made a difference that the first guy was white and the second black.

  12. The first officer showed a lot of restraint. No jury would have a problem if he shot a perp with a gun in his hand.

  13. I seen a pussy ass white cop getting out of a car with a gun and seen a big dominate black man charging and shot because he a weak pussy. Need to be charged with attempted murder. Unarmed smh if you can do the job quit some people just have mental issues and don't need to be shot over it

  14. Unarmed pussy white cop smh if you can't do the job quit some people just have mental issues and don't need to be shot over it. Seen big strong master race charging and pussy shoot.

  15. Amazing The white dude cocked the hammer and the cop fell back gave commands with gun drawn never fired a round. 2nd cop hops out with tool in hand points gun shoots cause dude rushes him and throws him around like a rag doll. And you said the officer reacted to the deadly threat when there was no 🔫. BULLSHIT!!

  16. Totality of Circumstances is what the media does not report nor talk about. The only thing they will show and report is "Another unharmed black man got shot" and ask stupid questions like "Why does it take 4-5 officers to take one unharmed man down?" Thank you mainstream media for causing hate and confusion when you're suppose to keep us informed.

  17. in both situations the cops were justified. in the second clip the officer was charged, there wasn't time to see if he had a gun or knife, justified shot.

  18. American coppers are bloody heroes . They have to make split second decisions , dealing with trash , some armed , in an never ending nightmare , called America .

  19. It's really irrelevant that the subject of the shooting was unarmed. The officer was armed and the subject charged the officer and would have been in a struggle for the firearm. Therefore, there was a legitimate fight being fought over the firearm because the officer had a drawn weapon that wouldn't have been his gun in a hand to hand struggle it would have been THEIR gun in a hand to hand struggle and it would have been a contest to see who shot who in the fight. Therefore when the officer drew on an unarmed black male adult he made a decision that was necessarily escalating the confrontation into a deadly force confrontation. Considering that he was responding to a shots fired call it was reasonable for the officer to have the gun in his hand, but once he put that gun in his hand and confronted a subject with that gun it became a fight over that gun and therefore deadly force was justified.

  20. Should have put his gun away and go hands on in 2nd vid? No way. This not "mono a mono" charging guy could be very skilled and better street fighter than cop. Want to find out? Not me.


  22. The only reason the 1st guy didn’t fire only because the cop got the drop on him. Had he been just a little slower he would’ve been shot

  23. 2 shootings, one in Brazil 3/13/19. 8 dead.. one in New Zealand 3/14/19, 40 dead. Both vids are disturbing. Study the new Zealand vid.

  24. Had the perp in the first video been wanting to shoot the officer he could have easily killed him. From racking of slide to the officer's drawing of his gun it took 1,6 – 1,8secs!

    If someone police are investigating is moving their hands behind their backs officers should immediately grab if not draw their firearm.

  25. Are you going to a video on how to better protect oneself after the mosque headcam video from the massacre in New Zealand illustrates how a killer goes after those who are in worship? Have you seen the footage? Prayers to the families in need right now.

  26. Regarding the atrocity in New Zealand for those asking. I will not be discussing it for 72 hours. This is why. Now is the time to grieve and pray while the facts are sorted out. When I do comment it will be on the second YT channel where I discuss things like this, Active Self Protection Extra.

  27. Declaring he was armed did not work out very well for Philando Castile. How do we declare we have a legal firearm without getting smoked by a jumpy cop?

  28. I admire the restraint of the officer in the first clip. He had every right to open fire on the guy, and he didn't. You could argue that it was foolish of him not to, that he put himself at risk, and I somewhat agree, but look at it this way. There's no way the officer could have drawn his own gun quick enough if he decided to fire. He could have ended that officer's life right then and there, but he didn't. The fact that the officer had the time to recognize the sound of a slide racking, draw his gun and start issuing commands, all while the guy still had the gun behind his back, shows he was either extremely hesitant to fire at the officer, or wasn't planning on shooting him in the first place. Could he still have gotten a shot off at the officer at that point? Probably, but the chances of him winning that gunfight are greatly diminished.

    I really don't like this "shoot first, ask questions later" mindset that has made its way into law enforcement and the self-defense community. I mean, sure, if you are a civilian and you are in a similar situation, and you feel like your life is in danger, or you are a cop and the guy is threatening a civilian, then open fire. But police officers need to be held to a higher standard then that. There jobs are to make arrests, not kill people. Opening fire should be a last resort option, when the perp has shown themselves to be a lethal threat with clear intent to do harm. But it's becoming more and more prevalent today that police in America see the gun as just another tool on their tool belt to be used when a situation isn't going their way, and not a deadly weapon only to be used when absolutely necessary. It's sad to see, especially when there are police officers around the world who have to deal with armed criminals (maybe not with guns, but with other equally deadly weapons) on a daily bases, who aren't allowed to carry firearms of any kind, and they still manage to do their jobs just fine.

  29. It's pretty shitty to attempt suicide by cop, but I'm happy the guy in the first video lived. I honestly felt pretty bad for him.

  30. 6:35 I completely disagree with John about “commending” the officer. If fact, he should have been reprimanded, at the very least. What he failed to do actually jeopardized the safety of his arriving backup officers and jeopardized public safety. He definitely needs more training, or maybe he is just not cut out for police work. He clearly should have shot the suspect. No doubt about it.

  31. Awesome. smart angle. The ASP team never seems to amaze me.
    Also, so what yer saying is no gun guy didnt get shot efficiently enough. ;)p

  32. In the Second incident, How much IQ does it take to understand No to charge a Police Officer already with his Gun Drawn and the Consequences ?

  33. Hey Jon, I know you ve talked about it before, can you tell me what 1st aid kit u have and how much it costs, where to get it , thank you

  34. First Officer should have paid more attention to begin with when the guy got out of the car. He is very lucky. In the second video, the second officer should have helped his partner immediately when the other officer engaged in a fight with the suspect. Dafuq!

  35. You see i think thats bullshit. Why do i have to yell so many times to put the gun down. If i told you to put the gun down 2 times than that is enough. If you dont put the gun down i should be able empty my bullets on you without a problem(first vid)

  36. In the first video of that had been an African American I believe he would've taken the "Room Temperature Challenge" very rarely are black males talked down in that situation.. Police shoot and ask questions later. In the second video… You (John) said its justified because of the circumstances. Well the video clearly shows an officer already engaged with the perp and did not have his gun drawn (totality of the situation). I think he made his mind up before arriving he was going to use lethal force (mistake #1) and when the prep ran at him, he shot out of fear and because he didn't assess the totality of the situation and predetermined lethal force.

  37. John I love your videos but is there anything you can do to start to level the audio so you don’t get loud clipping? Great work tho!!

  38. I have to admit that I am becoming more and more disenfranchised with the police! It's a sad case for sure, and that's not repairing remotely my position growing up. I actually have a rewards from the local police for assisting them and stepping into protect civilians and officers in so many cases as Just a Good Samaritan, actually I'm a Christian! 🙂 that all being said I will still step in and put my life on the line protecting officer in such cases as these as well as others!

  39. Video #1 Sounds you should have burned into your subconscious mind, that distinctive tink (1:07) (almost sounds like a Ruger)

  40. That Cleveland officer just stood around while the woman was wailing and his colleagues were fighting to subdue that druggy. Precious time wasted. He needs a lot more training.

  41. The second guy was large and likely 5150 given that he charged an ARMED COP then got up after being shot and charged a SECOND armed cop…. given that the was a gunshot earlier its fairly reasonable to think he may have had a gun tucked in the back of his waistband….a leveraging arm and a snub nose .38 aand this fight is over….. unfortunate all the way around….

  42. Going to have to disagree on this one for the second video, if you want to talk about totality let's look at them roll up and clearly see he has empty hands, we don't see it but they drove right up to him…so he didn't have to come out with his gun out, he didn't have to jump out 2 feet from him ether, you always talk about using the car, well don't park right beside the guy…

    Unfortunately this is another case of a coward officer or mentally unbalanced officer, got bullied so bullies now type thing

  43. Sorry John but on both accounts, and I can't believe I'm saying this.

    I disagree with you.
    The cop on the first one is lucky to be alive.
    If he had been carrying chambered he at the very best would have been shot, at the very worst dead.
    But he wasn't, and I would hope that no one would attempt to kill an officer, but when he chambered a round behind his back I would have lit him up like a Christmas tree. To me that would have been a race to shoot and I would have been praying not to be last to pull the trigger and on target.
    He may have wanted to suicide by cop and I unfortunately would have assisted him.

    The second one, I would have shot him at least 3-4 times twice when coming and at least twice more when he popped up to attack my fellow officers, if I had a clear backstop.
    Reasons being: 1. Responding to a call and I heard shots fired, and blood curdling screams upon arrival. In my mind I'm thinking that this perpetrator has a weapon and has shot someone already. He is a deadly threat.
    2. "If" I saw he has no weapon and that's a mighty big IF. Just as the first guy had a gun behind his back, I have ZERO PROOF THAT HE IS TRULY UNARMED. Given the totality of the circumstances, I have to conclude that he is armed, engaging officers on the scene and doesn't want to be taken alive.

    Shoot until the threat has ended.

  44. First case – was a good call, in hindsight only; darned !!dangerous!!, ill-advised gamble overall and luck smiled on that LEO. Second case – if you have someone at gunpoint and they !!still!! charge at you? You !!MUST!! presume their intent is to take your gun and use it against you. Whether sane, psycho or intoxicated, deadly force is absolutely justified.

  45. I believe the word you were looking for is: DEMEANOR..
    In any conflict we must asses the demenor of an assailant. The black man was clearly not in his right mind. The one round in that split second should have been 5 or 6 rounds. But that's just me. An armchair lawyer. Great video as usual. Big TKS to you and all the LEOs out there.

  46. To that metallic clinking noise thats heard, could it possibly also just have been him un-cocking his gun? It could have been possible that the guy was just soo stoned and out of it that he believed what he was doing in that moment was a good idea. Though that's only up until he puts the gun to his head.

  47. Sadly the cop almost got killed by a idiot because he didn’t want to be on the news for shooting a idiot who deserves to be pushing up daisies 🤣

  48. This is what makes me nervous about deadly force with officers. Some cops react differently to threats regardless of circumstances.
    First cop was more than justified to smoke the idiot who decided to reach for his gun, furthermore RACK IT! This officer put himself in danger imo. Second one had no business firing upon an unarmed man. Yes, he was aggressive and could have used a whipping but he wasn’t a deadly threat. That said, best to comply with cops and not try to assault old ladies by the sidewalk. That’ll keep you out of the ground

  49. Why did u not John show at full live speed first before breaking it down. Highly questionable wot perhaps there might of been of alteriors. In principle let's get this clear the guy was clearly unarmed

  50. Not quite sure what so-called 'Mellow Dude' was thinking, very compliant during search of vehicle, then pulls gun with lefthand surrender posture. Very odd,… perhaps just high?!

  51. With the first video I think everyone is misinterpreting this completely. It appears to me that the perp first hid the weapon and racked the slide because he knows legally it’s much worse to be caught with a chambered weapon. Judging by his actions, I think he is showing he has it but won’t use it. It’s the old throw the bag of drugs while nobody is looking trick. Watch the clip again and with that in mind does this make sense?

  52. John, I have learned so much from these videos. I used to be very critical of police officers. Now I realize how lightning fast these things happen. In the end, we want to see the officer go home to his/her family. As for the offender: let the chips fall where they may.

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