Tribute to Stewart Udall in the House of Representatives
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Tribute to Stewart Udall in the House of Representatives

August 28, 2019

Madam speaker it is with great sadness that
I inform the House that former Interior Secretary Stewart
Udall, father of our former House colleague, Senator
Tom Udall and uncle of our other former member Senator
Mark Udall passed away this morning at his home in Santa
Fe, New Mexico, surrounded by his family, he was 90 years
old. Stewart Udall was born in Saint John’s, Arizona
on January 31st, 1920 to the former Supreme Court
justice Levi S. Udall and Louisa Lee Udall. He attended University of Arizona where he
earned undergraduate and law degrees. During World War II Stewart served four years
in the United States Air Force as a gunner. He flew 50 missions over western Europe, for
which he received the air medal with three oak leaf clusters. In 1954, Stewart was elected to serve from
Arizona’s second congressional district to the US House of
Representatives. He was elected to serve four terms in congress,
which he did with great distinction. In 1960, he proved instrumental in helping
persuade Arizona democrats to support then Senator John F.
Kennedy during the democratic national convention. Upon election in 1960 President Kennedy appointed
Stewart Udall the Secretary of Interior. For his accomplishments under secretary, excuse
me under President Kennedy and Johnson, made him an
icon in environmental and conservation communities. Legislative achievements from Secretary Udall’s
cabinet career include: the Wilderness Act of 1964, the Wild
and Scenic Rivers Act, the expansion of the National Park system,
and the creation of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Until his passing Stewart Udall continued
his dedication to public service as an author, historian, scholar,
lecturer, and environmental activist, lawyer, and citizen of the outdoors. He was the last surviving member of President
Kennedy’s original cabinet. Stewart Udall was preceded in death by his
wife of 55 years, Irmalee Udall. He is survived by his six children: Tom, Scott,
Lynn, Lori, Denis and Jay and other family members, including eight
grandchildren. The country is greater served, the country
is greater for Stewart Udall’s service and in behalf of the House I wish
to extend the deepest condolence to the Udall family and I ask that we join
for one minute of remembrance. I thank the House and I thank Madam speaker.

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