Transformational Power of Semen Retention
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Transformational Power of Semen Retention

January 8, 2020

So if you want to transform your life If you want to really take everything to the next level you need to work consciously with your sexual energy And learn to channel that to all aspects of your life Sexual energy is so powerful. It’s the most powerful force we have available to us and we can tap into it anytime 24/7 we always have this force that we can work with and for most people it’s it’s Very unconscious and it’s mostly dormant within them. But once you strengthen your relationship with this sexual energy and You start to channel it into every aspect of your life You become a superhuman and you’ll see amazing changes take place in your life And this is something that many masters of the past have talked about a lot of ancient Yogi’s tantrikas the Taoist masters they talk about the enormous power and potential of sexual energy and how you can use it to evolve yourself to step into higher consciousness states of higher awareness and Really? empower yourself and balance your life improve your relationships with yourself and with others and really step into your highest flow on earth sexual energy is so powerful and even more modern people you’ll find Talking about this concepts as well people like Nikola Tesla Napoleon Hill, they understood the power of sexual energy and they used this to To help them with their amazing contributions. They made to the world even a lot of athletes Will will not ejaculate before Performances people like Muhammad Ali where they would go weeks without sex and ejaculate So that they would not disperse themselves of this powerful energy so that they could perform at their highest levels. So most men do not have a conscious relationship with their sexual energy and They have never experienced what it’s like to have an Abundance of the center have it really builds up within them because most men cannot go, you know even if a day or a few days without ejaculating and That’s how powerful this energy is it’s like as soon as it starts to build up you you feel it and is its rising and it wants to move but But most men unconsciously, you know, they can’t handle that tension They can’t handle that that enormous expanse of energy and they just find an outlet for it. They find a way to disperse it just as soon as it builds up, but once you train yourself and you’re able to To move this energy within you to disperse it internally without without losing that energy so you recycle it within your body you move it through your energy channels and you can consciously exchange it with with your partner’s during sex and this energy just builds and it builds up and then you have this incredible energy you have this radiant sexual energy and You can you can do so much with it You can accomplish so much, you know sexual energy is just it’s like nuclear power it just amplifies Everything by so much So anything you’re doing in your life when you start cultivating sexual energy and putting it into that you will just see it amplified Tremendously I made incredible changes in my life when I started working with sexual energy I used to be I used to be like most men. I just I looked at porn all the time I used to drink alcohol and take substances. I just was not going anywhere with my life You know, I was really broke all the time. I had no money. I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do and then I Learned how to work at my sexual energy. I stopped ejaculating all the time. I started to build My energy up and I got clear about what I wanted in my life I started working towards that and at the same time I was building up my sexual energy and doing all these powerful energetic Practices and then pretty soon. I started to benefit the things that I wanted all these things started coming into my life And now I’m I’m traveling the world. I’m at this incredible villa in Bali right now. I Am so sustained. I am self-employed. I do. I don’t have to do anything. I don’t want to do I’m living I’m very grateful for this life that I’ve created for myself. And anyone can do this. Anyone can do this. You just need to step into your power take control of your life when you can take control of your Sexual energy and your sexual impulses you can do it. Absolutely anything and you can manifest anything because that is really I think the biggest challenge that most humans face is this This issue of our sexual impulses and so many people make their life decision based on this You know Maybe they they marry someone who they’re not necessarily really that harmonious in that harmonious relationship with but they’re there satisfying their sexual needs and so they you know, they suffer so much in all other areas of the life just so they can get laid and things like this so so many people They they do not have a conscious relationship their sexual energy. They do know how no how to fulfill themselves first of all because nothing external can can fulfill you you must fulfill yourself from within so when you learn to balance yourself, you have to balance your sexual energy and Really fill yourself up with the endless life force that we’re surrounded by within Your way that of the game and life flows very smoothly and becomes an amazing adventure so if you’re new to this and you’re trying to Start building your sexual energy Trying to practice seeing their tension at least regulating your ejaculation you obviously have to make some changes in your life to be able to handle this immense energy and what I found was that keeping myself very busy with creative projects is very helpful because you Want to do things that are challenging you, you know, if you’re just living comfortably just sitting around watching TV Hanging out with friends and just you know Not really Not really stimulating your mind not really stimulating your creativity. You’re just going to fall back in your old habits, but when you when you start to Change yourself start growing and start challenging yourself Learn something new get better at the things that you’re already doing you know find things that excite you and motivate you it makes it so much easier to To not fall back into old patterns to not be controlled by lower impulses Because you’re you’re living a purposeful life. You’re growing you’re learning you’re putting your energy into creative work and It’s it’s just it’s so powerful and so fulfilling and some other things that are very helpful of course are Learning methods to move the sexual energy throughout your body and work with it very directly No methods like Qi Gong sort of meditative methods and yoga and Tantra practices to help you Breathe with the sexual energy and keep it flowing throughout your body You want to keep your energy in a fluid state? Because when it starts to get blocked you when it becomes stagnant, that’s when you have problems That’s when you feel stuck in your life or you feel angry you feel negative emotions. So you need to keep things moving So any sort of energetic movement practice is very helpful for this So, I hope that this has helped you in some way thank you so much for watching this video Please subscribe to my channel like this video and leave a comment below. Have a great day my friends

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  1. can you make a video talking about tantra exercises ?? I want to start holding this energy with me while I'm making love but it's so hard. Thanks bro, love your content

  2. I started this especially for its mental aspects. Another sign that you have so much extra energy built up in you body is increased reading comprehension. It helped with my English as well. (English is my second language)

  3. I got an important question I edged today trying to practice orgasm without ejaculation, and it almost worked but I lost only a little bit of semen but not a full blown ejaculation. And I also don't feel the negative affects should I continue, or reset and stop edging ? Thanks👍

  4. Sexual energy magnified my destructive inner dialogue, negative thought patterns and blockages. It’s a great opportunity to work in those areas, but it takes a lot of courage and focus.

  5. Is it necessary the thumbnail picture? All we can see there is that you had long hair and now you cut it.
    Thanks for the knowledge you share with us.

  6. Namaste .
    Question – Is it okay to try to stop ejaculation during a dream , while I have an urge to release , but I some how try not to by contracting my PC muscle . I tried doing that recently , but it feels different . Sometimes I don't remember and sometimes i im

  7. Are you really sure that semen retention helps attracts money , a good partner , a good career….
    18 months nofap hardmode and still not having woman hitting me and still not having a job that give me good money ….
    What is wrong with me ?

  8. Do what we eat affects our semen quality or is there no such a thing and if we just eat junk we'll produce it slower?

  9. I have a g.f
    We will marry in 2022.
    How I retain semen???
    Should I avoid sex or do in less time ???
    Please guide me how to practice semen retaintion

  10. for all these things one must watch and read the practice of brahmacharya {celibacy} by swami sivananda and watch sadhguru jaggi vasudev

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