Top 5 Employee Retention Tips
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Top 5 Employee Retention Tips

February 29, 2020

Companies of all sizes are struggling with hiring but few people are actively looking for employment. At the same time, 9 in 10 employees would be open to new opportunities if approached. So, how do you keep your top talent? Welcome! I’m Kendall Kiyohara and I’m the Learning Specialist at simplicityHR by ALTRES. Today I’m talking about employee retention. These are my top five easy and cost-effective tips to keep your best people happy. For more details on each, visit the Resources page at My first tip is make onboarding a pleasure for new hires. The biggest mistake employers make is not having a plan to help new hires hit the ground running. Paperwork, introductions, goal setting, and check-ins. It’s a lot. But employees who have a positive, well organized start are 69% more likely to remain at your company for at least three years. Next, get to know the people that work for you. Make a point to check in with your employees regularly, even just a few minutes a day. Get to know them as individuals–their motivations and needs. Always keep it casual and positive during these informal check-ins. Focus on employee strengths and build them up. It’s a proven way to support success. On the flip side of that coin, be open to feedback. Large companies use tools like retention interviews or automated poll surveys to gauge employee sentiment. But it doesn’t have to be complicated to solicit feedback. A simple suggestion box or a true open-door policy would do the trick. The important part is to listen and let your people know they are being heard. The next one is a big one: offer growth opportunities. Lack of career growth is one of the top reasons employees leave companies. The tricky part is knowing what type of development employees want and managing expectations. Not all growth equals huge jumps up the corporate ladder and even entry level positions build skills and competencies. Finally, the last employee retention tip any company can do: build a strong team culture. Every company has a culture whether it’s intentional or not. Culture doesn’t change overnight but building a team culture is something you can quickly impact and it starts at the beginning. Make sure each team member gets properly introduced. Create opportunities to get to know people socially and designate a team mentor as a go-to for issues. For more tips on employee retention, visit our website at Thank you for watching.

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