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Tips for Retention & Retail

January 5, 2020

Hi everybody, it’s Sara Ren and it’s time
for your weekly Summit Salon Minute brought to you by Summit Salon Business Center! Summit Salon Consultant, Michael Nikolas shares
his insights about retention and retail. The secret of both is building TRUST! As a stylist, we know this is true in terms
of retaining guests and having that elevated customer experience with them. In the salon owner world, your main guest
is your TEAM and service providers! Building trust with them will increase your
retention of your team over the long term, ultimately helping build a stronger salon
culture and a better experience for everyone. Read the full article to get all of his insights
on this topic! For your product of the week, we are recommending
Michael Cole’s Over the Top. This book will teach you how to elevate the
customer experience and ultimately help your team make big BOOM BOOM behind the chair! Who wouldn’t want to do that? Thank you so much for spending a minute with
us! This next minute is YOURS!

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