Tim Schmoyer’s 50% YouTube AUDIENCE RETENTION Strategy
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Tim Schmoyer’s 50% YouTube AUDIENCE RETENTION Strategy

March 7, 2020

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  1. Total nonsense by Tim. Sure it would be awesome if you were rich and beautiful too. In fact, people there is a trade off between watch time and % audience retention. My study shows % audience retention is totally not associated with more views. Higher CTR is positively associated with more views. Instead of getting people to spend all their time making short videos that get 50% retention at the end you need to get them to spend more time on titles and thumbnails. High % retention is also associated with very niche videos that only get core audience impressions.

  2. I've been pretty focused on improving audience retention, but hadn't thought about it at the end of the video, just an average. This makes so much sense. 😁

  3. I have increased my audience retention from a 30% average each video to 50% or more average each video. I did this by starting with a hook, then 6 second branded intro, 10 second self intro, video content. I break halfway through my content with a shoutout from my comments section, call to action, ask a question or an make an announcement. Then continue content delivery & a short closer without trigger words to leave. Hope this helps someone 🙂👍🏻🐰❤️🎬

  4. I started using some of these tips from Tim and have slowly increased my audience retention on my animations at the end from 14% to 30%. I hope I can continue tweaking to get to the 50% soon. Thanks for the tips.

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