Tim Schmoyer: How to Increase Video Retention Rates with Storytelling
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Tim Schmoyer: How to Increase Video Retention Rates with Storytelling

January 7, 2020

There’s not really a lot of value to
your business if someone clicks to watch a video and then they leave right away
so in this video we’re going to talk about some techniques that you can use
to flip viewers right away and keep them watching longer hello and welcome to the
make it awesome show your roadmap to video marketing success
I’m your host Renee Teeley and today I’m joined by Tim Schmoyer the founder of
video creators Tim thanks for joining us yeah thanks for having me it’s come fun
to be here so what is your advice to marketers looking to increase their
retention rates yeah so the retention is like how well could your does your video
hold someone’s attention right so it’s like they start they click play and then
like and then they’re out they abandon your video how can we get people to like
watch the whole thing and there’s a few things that that my team and I found
that really make a big difference one is it actually doesn’t start with your
video it actually starts with the title and the thumbnail because that sets the
expectation for them to click anyway in the first place so this isn’t like
television where someone is used to just turning on the TV and the video is
already playing for them they have to intentionally choose your video to see
the title of thumbnail and click and so then the first 15 seconds of the video
need to connect with whatever they clicked on because they have an
expectation and now they’re in the news had to affirm for the person that yes
what you expect to get this coming in this video which is what you did right
no you opened up this video the first thing she did she wasn’t like hey my
name is Renee I mean she did that but the first thing she told you was the
title and the thumbnail gave you an expectation you clicked here you are and
she affirmed for you in the very opening seconds that that value is coming in
this video yeah that’s a great piece of advice at first the hook has to be your
title and thumbnail so they can click to begin with but then you have a verbal
hook in the beginning so that they stick around they know the value that they’re
gonna get out of it and then you can start talking about who you are and the
rest of the content of the video yeah then you can welcome your audience
introduce yourself and get really quick and then get into the content itself now
a few things that actually help the content itself perform better one is
that you need that like if there’s a sense of
intrigue or a question mark like the people want to keep while
you’re still watching because you want to know exactly the all the content
that’s coming and so if you can keep them like not on the edge of their seat
necessary but by thinking like oh there’s more coming oh there’s more
coming I have another question another question until they get to the end to
that like the brain it needs to it wants to stick around and want some resolution
to the question that was stated and so you’ll if you do a good job kind of like
keeping people keeping the question mark you know like what is it what else do I
have to do right now to keep people watching in so there’s a lot more things
coming but like the same things that can just kind of keep people level of
interest and intrigue going and there’s one really good way to do that and that
is will tell you later yeah in the next video it’s to tell a
story a good story is one that creates like some empathy of the character and
then conflict and that conflict is like what the whole story revolves around
because you have a question in your mind you’re like is it gonna be resolved is
it not how will it be resolved will this happen and that’s what you’re both
narrative basic content and educational content like we’re doing here you know
we set it up about a character who want something overcomes conflict to get it
and it’s transformed by the process and so how can you tell better stories with
your content to keep people paying attention to be like what happens how
does the hero overcome this especially if you the viewer are the hear of the
story and that can make a big difference – yeah that’s that’s brilliant I think
that there’s a lot of things that marketers can take from learning lessons
from the media industry and TV and movies and that suspense is something
works super well for movies and especially movie trailers but something
that can work really well for marketing videos yeah and it’s not just like
suspends like but it’s also I mean could be that but it’s also like oh I just
need to have like the answer to this question resolved the final thing is
that a lot of these platforms that you can publish your videos to now have
audience retention graphs I know YouTube has it Facebook has it and you can see
exactly how people are responding to your video what keeps them watching we
were one guy and whenever he would say the
word module he would just see an exotic attention grafted it would just go down
people just leave and so we just simply stop saying the word module and as his
retention went up you got more watch time his videos start performing better
overall because of that so I mean he’s not always as cut and dry as that but
just looking for the patterns of what causes what causes people to leave my
videos and then just stopping doing that and that’s evaluating every single video
you publish so that you can like really learn what your audience responds to
which is different than anyone elses audience and your content is different
than anyone elses content so just paying attention to that and learning what do I
do that causes people to leave and and what is my audience is finally ability
to and then just reducing as much of that as possible yeah that’s great I
think most of the video platforms out there whether it’s YouTube or a social
site or you’re hosting it on your own online video marketing platform they
have retention rights and it’s good to look at those retention rates to see
also what’s working well so a lot of times you’ll see or maybe this doesn’t
mean that it’s working well but often you’ll see if there’s actually
increasing your retention rates which means that someone has rewound the video
to watch it again and so maybe it’s something a super interesting or maybe
it’s something that wasn’t exactly clear and so you can figure out how to change
that for the for the next video so looking at those graphs is definitely
you know critical to figuring out how to make your content even better for the
next time around so one last question for you that’s a super important one if
you were to play any superhero character in the movie what character would you
play and why I probably got Batman he’s got so many cool gadgets just few guys
we’ve got a cool car and you can kind of store a little bit so yeah I love that
answer I’m a big Batman fan I think one of the coolest things about Batman not
maybe not the coolest thing but one of the most unique things about Batman is
that he doesn’t really have any superhero power exactly he just has a
lot of really smart and has figured out how to turn his smartness and resources
and cooller resources yes that’s a good
business thing right there that is a good business he started off with a lot
of money though yeah yeah but he did something good with it so great answer
okay great well thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing insights
with us and thank you for watching this episode of the make it awesome show if
you haven’t done so already I recommend that you subscribe to our YouTube
channel to receive our latest episodes packed full of information to help you
with video marketing for your business thanks again and until then remember to
make it awesome

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  1. So much fun interviewing Tim Schmoyer from Video Creators! He always provides such great insights for creating value with video 🎬🚀

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