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  1. Dumb mistake. But it is still a robbery by the criminal. Hope they catch the thug. Best to concealed carry when a thug comes a robbing.

  2. Just because he's black doesn't mean he's a thief. Just maybe he took the gun and called the police, because he didn't feel safe or was uncomfortable, I'd do the same thing, but the guy would be on the ground begging for his life if he chased me. I'm just saying.

  3. They gotta change shit and make people take some kinda training before carrying a firearm.

    Stop crying about 2a cus there are wayyy too many dumbfucks out there

  4. What happened was that the guy was ready to commit an armed robbery and that man had situational awareness and took his opportunity to get the gun as far away as possible

  5. Idiot made himself a target. He's lucky the guy didn't just walk up and put a bullet in the back of his head and take it.

  6. He would of slammed someone down with a secured open carry weapon & people would of been like damn he should of had a lock on it.. Maybe wasnt really safe but that guy looked determined to get a gun

  7. It's to bad he didn't have a secondary on his ankle to blast this dude away in the parking lot, when he pointed the gun at him..

  8. Why do people not realize there are cameras everywhere and they will get eventually caught doing dumb shit like this? We are living in the time of big brother.

  9. In some states it's illegal for you to open carry without having proper retention holster, you can get in trouble even if you're licensed. Only an idiot open carriers without a retention holster. With that said, this is just one reason why I will not open carry on public. If there is anyone in your location whos already looking to commit a crime and may be armed themselves then you always become their first target. I actually know a guy whos friend was shot in the back of the head by a mugger because he was open carrying. When the perp was caught the police asked why he shot and the guy said that it was because he had a gun. If he had been concealed carrying he could've complied with the mugger until the time was right, then drew his weapon and taken him out. Open carry=shoot me please to all violent criminals

  10. Just plain stupid with that so called open carry, he was just asking for it! And there it was, the jacking of the century

  11. The guy that was carrying that gun was definitely not well versed in firearm education. I'm sure he obviously learned his lesson, but it's too bad that he was too late.

  12. You can have the best retention holster, the most training, the best abilities, but for that 1 second you are punching in your debit card pin # or swiping your card you will NEVER see the pipe swinging at the back of your head to daze/knock you out. Situational awareness IS Paramount, but still there's that 1 second where ACTION IS FASTER THAN REACTION! I can't stress that enough if you are going to open carry.

  13. Jackass trying to look cool deserved to be robbed. If you're going to carry then do it right. He's lucky he didn't get shot by his own gun.

  14. Blame the guy at the counter and not the black guy breaking the law oh ya don't forget lets blame the cop that shoots that black man with a stolen gun, racism keeps me safe.

  15. And how about the other folks who certainly must have seen it hanging out of his pocket and stood there to order anyway? I'd been like, "NOPE, I AIN'T THAT HUNGRY!"

  16. the video should also be telling you the dangers of carrying a weapon, open or concealed on private property. if they deem that you are trespassing, you are breaking the law, usually they let you leave the premise, but that wont always be. in meny states commiting a crime while carrying a deadly weapon is a misdeamer, including trespassing.

  17. That ass clown keeping a weapon in his back pocket, gives all legal gun owners a bad name. They should throw him in jail for six months just for being a dip shit.

  18. And here is a perfect example of why NOT everyone should be allowed to carry!!! Lucky he wasn't shot and killed with his own gun "with great power comes great responsibility" not I have a gun and great stupidity! If you dumb you shouldn't have or carry one!!

  19. Yet another open carry idiot! Lol.

    Appendix iwb wirh a proper carry permit. Training and background checks aren't a problem with most people. Open carry people amaze me. The only advantage we have beyond the gun and training is the element of surprise. Letting the wrong people know you are armed is just asking for issues. Grey men walk in quiet security.

    Thanks for the channel! It makes you think!

  20. Not saying OWB/IWB is good, bad or ugly, but this is another example of how criminals get firearms without have to go through a background check. Let alone paying for a gun. Just a bad situation for both parties involved.

  21. I roll mine up in my sleeve like dudes used to do in the 50's with a pack of cigarettes.  But no, seriously….CONCEAL.  Open carry removes the best asset in carrying a firearm for self defense – the element of surprise.

  22. Carry a bait gun in your pocket. Doesn't need to be loaded or work. Or a real gun. Carry that openly.

    Follow him to the parking lot and shoot him with your concealed gun. It would be a good tactic any time someone gets the drop on you

  23. Getting his gun stolen is the best thing for him. If he’s so stupid carrying it I’d hate to see him use it.

  24. That's why you keep a back up also and set his ass on fire time he snatch it, carry a gun and give the person behind you more authority of it than you lol sad shit to have a head that doesn't have a brain, I'd leave it in the car or at home I that's how I had to carry it

  25. I am a preacher of a ministry however today i carry a 45 and i do so in a lock holster

  26. Wow wow wow. Terrible method in carrying. Sticking in your back pocket???? And now has your weapon. SMH.

  27. This guy clearly misunderstood the term "Cover your Asp" looks like he literally tried to use the gun to cover his ass. Now the gun has transferred from one moron to the next.

  28. What an idiot that guy was who owned the gun but even if he had it in a legit holster with some retention, this is exactly why open carry is stupid. Concealed carry is the way to go.

  29. Soldiers get pickpocketed all the time all over the world! Ammo, weapons even soldiers get murdered so their firearms get stolen. Citizens as well.. get a good holster!

  30. So much n texas can you have a drop leg holster as long as it's attached to your belt??…it's an alien gear drop leg holster with retention adjustment…

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