These Are Your National Wildlife Refuges
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These Are Your National Wildlife Refuges

December 25, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] There is a river
running through America that isn’t made of water, a
fast-flowing byway of land and wildlife leading
to magical places where angel wings are
made of prairie grass and treetops fan out
like ancient cathedrals. Struggles fade beneath
golden oak rays of hope. [INAUDIBLE] dreams yet possible. It’s a profound
place, a sanctuary, a refuge in the wild. It’s more than DNA. We are the stories passed down
from the ages, the heritage as rich as the soil you stand on. You know that it’s not the catch
at the end of the line that brings you here. It’s what you’re
thinking about as you’re standing knee-deep,
the sun at your back, the earth at your feet. There’s a river running
through America. This river never stops flowing. We are born of the
water, the sky, and are connected forever
on this invisible current. Oh, mighty refuge, your
power and promise of nature so wild it has to be felt,
let me flow with you. My sanctuary, my refuge.

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