The Top Reasons Semen Retention Makes You MORE ALPHA
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The Top Reasons Semen Retention Makes You MORE ALPHA

January 4, 2020

Uncle see back in the office today how semen
retention will make you more alpha. Now, this literally just popped into my head
30 seconds ago as I was making my cup of coffee. So this is a fresh topic for me at 8am how
it will make you more alpha. I like to jump into the content straight up. So how it will make you more alpha is because
you finally probably now have a time in your life where nothing is holding power over you. You see where you’ve been at in your life
for the past? I don’t know, however many years, five years,
10 years, 20 years depending on how old you are watching this content. The thing is, is that there’s a very, very
high chance that females and what is between their legs has had power
over your mind. 20 473 65 Now, let me explain why and how
this is well first off. You have kids in school. Okay, kids in school all want the hot girl. They all look at the hot girl. But 99% of those kids can’t get that hot girl. So we were talking kids that are, let’s say
middle school, high school. This is how young this starts middle school
high school kids, they want that hot girl. They can’t get that hot girl. So what do they do instead of every single
day, because that’s the thing. There’s no fathers nowadays that are talking
about self improvement. There’s no fathers anymore, leading their
boys teaching them how to actually be better, how to raise their SMV and society How to
Be a man of resource no one talks about it. So what are these boys do? Well, these boys are going to turn to the
thing that gives the fastest release of dopamine. And the fastest release of dopamine is not
the self improvement, because that’s long term gratification to improve yourself as
a man high enough to get that hot girl. Well, that might take months that might take
years you might have to improve your status. You might have to improve your fucking biceps. You might have to improve your body
You might have to improve your charisma. There’s so much that’s going to come for you
to be able to get that hot girl for her to finally look at you and be like, Damn, like,
yeah, that that guy does it for me. And this goes beyond semen retention, but
hear me out for a little bit, because I gotta let this topic develop. Okay, so now you have boys turn into instant
gratification, what are they going to turn to? They’re going to turn to the bottle of a vino. Okay, that’s what they’re going to turn to
you already at middle school or high school. Now what is this send in that boy’s head? It’s going to send conflicting signals. Now it’s going to tell that boy that hey,
we don’t need to do any self improvement. And we still get to ejaculate to all these
hot women. Not just one hot girl, not just one cute girl,
not just one pretty girl. Multiple just dimes and night. curvy ones. Huge, voluptuous women. That’s what we get to do. That’s the signal that the boy gets at that
age. What What does that translate into as a young
man? It’s going to turn into things like social
anxiety, the ability to not approach women, the ability to not know how to keep attraction
with a woman, the ability to always feel reliant on porn and masturbation and be hooked into
that digital world. Not only that, if a girl does come into that
man’s life, he’s usually so shell shocked when he gets real flesh and blood in real
life, that now he runs into a huge other slew of issues. Now he’s got things like performance anxiety,
can get hard, comes within two seconds, you know, freaks out, because he’s nervous that
That girl is going to judge him for something. Okay, so what does he do? He feels even worse about himself. And what happens is he will probably go out
and he will watch porn even more, he’ll ejaculate even more. He’s constantly submitting to women. He is at the lower position. He is the beta in the interaction and all
women have the alpha mindset. over him, all women are controlling him. Because fellas, listen to me. Women have known the power of words between
their legs. Since they’re 10 years old, all women use
their sex appeal to try to get one over on a guy. Okay? I have sisters even that are 16 and fucking
17. And I can even see to my parents how they’ll
use their tone of voice and their smirks and all this shit to try to get on raising their
allowance to try to stay out an extra night earlier. It’s like, women know how to use their charm. women know how to use their sex appeal. Men don’t know how to do that. So these men now are constantly in this trap
that the only way they can get these women is by going to the digital world by going
into the cell phone into the websites into the porn hubs. That’s the only way they can get it. So the thing is, is the literally what is
between a woman’s legs has power over that man for his entire life. And he’s constantly submitting to women. Now what happens as he gets older? Well now what happens when he gets older? Let’s say women hit that stage where they’re
looking for a good guy, right? They’re wanting to quote unquote settle down. Like they had their little their little stage
in their younger years where they ran through all the guys and they, they’ve gotten enough
from everybody else right? Now they’re looking for that good guy. Well, what happens is that she already gave
her sexual best to everybody else. Okay, now when she settles down with that
guy, now that guy does not get her sexual best everybody else did. And once again, he’s submitting to the female
because as he settles down with her, like, think about what that means for a second settle
means that you agree down means that you downgrade when he settles down. What that means is that means he’s saying
that Yeah, I’m just willing to take you now. Okay? You can call it sloppy seconds. You can call it whatever you want. But here’s the thing is now since that guy,
his whole life has been scared of women has always felt like he’s at the lower value. You have women? Well, now he’s constantly walking on eggshells
in the relationship. He’s constantly in the scarcity mindset. He’s constantly scared to lose her. Because since he got a sweet taste of the
ass once or twice now he’s hooked like a little puppy dog. And what this is created is this is created
weak men, weak men that are constantly in a scarcity mindset and have no idea how to
control alpha frame. fellows. Let me tell you the most powerful thing that
you can tell a woman the most powerful thing that you can tell a woman is No. Because guys can’t do it. guys can’t look a woman in the face nowadays
and tell her No. No, I won’t pay for the date right now. No, we can’t go out on Friday. I have other stuff going on. No, I will not get in a relationship with
you. girls aren’t used to hear and that girl sure
as hell aren’t used to hearing that. No, I will. date you. Most guys will date any girl that even has
remote interest in them like that, just like that. Because they’re constantly scared to lose
what’s between that woman’s legs. Now men are in a real pickle, because men
have not had this alpha dominant frame in a long time. And men are slowly learning how to get their
balls back, fellas, men are slowly learning that we’re actually at the higher value. And the reason for that is because we’re strong,
we’re a rational driven male, we’re not emotionally driven. It’s like, where did we go in the culture
where it’s like, these Instagram thoughts and all of these girls on the internet, like
that’s what controls these boys has. That’s what used to control my head. That’s what controls everybody’s had. And what you do is you start to compare women
in real life to all these women on the internet. And all of a sudden you get very, very in
touch with what a woman actually is a human being. Do you get what I’m saying? So now here’s where it gets even more twisted. What a guy does in today’s society
is this ultra instead of instead of improving himself
and gaining attraction through self improvement through things like semen retention, through
things like, you know, going to the gym through things like building a business. What he does is he just goes to the quickest
amount of short term pleasure, which is usually the cell phone, which is usually low level
females. But not only that, this is what he does. He puts other blockades in front of it. The only way he can usually muster up enough
courage to attract women to attract females is through things like this. alcohol, drugs, parties raves. So it’s like, here’s what here’s what attraction
and sexual chemistry is you have a man who’s masculine, polar opposite from feminine energy
and you have a woman who’s feminine, polar opposite from masculine energy when those
two worlds collide. That’s it. There’s attraction, sex can happen. relationships can happen. Babies can be made. And nowadays men are too weak men are too
in their feminine to make that happen, and it’s destroying society. Now, fellas,
the most powerful thing that you can tell a woman is no, because let me tell you this
all of you guys who have women on your mind 20 473 65 like, Look, everything a guy does
nowadays is to chase women. Why does the guy go to the gym? It’s to get women. Why does the god build a business? It’s to get women? Why does the guy improve his charm and his
charisma? Oftentimes, it’s to get women Why does a guy
want more money in life? Because he wants more ass? And it’s pathetic, because at what point does
this come down to being a better man? At what time does this At what point in time
does this actually come down to you strengthening yourself just for yourself as a man? Why does the guy do semen retention? Oftentimes, it is because
he just wants that increasingly. testosterone to get more women you cannot
make your whole life about getting more women. Fellas, let me tell you something. I’ve seen men in their 20s men in their 30s
all they do is they think about chasing ass. They’re on Tinder in between lunch breaks
at work. On weekends, all they’re thinking about is
which girls are at which bars which of the hottest girls are at which clubs and when
can they get there and when can their other friends get their their other loser friends
that don’t have anything going on? Like Let me tell you something to build yourself
as a man takes an insane amount of sacrifice. If you watch the video I posted yesterday
I said the number one trait that you will learn with semen retention is the amount of
sacrifice you will build. Because you now are sacrificing your quick
dopamine release quick ejaculation quick, short term pleasure for long term sustainability
long term gratification. You’re making yourself a more dedicated man. Now I cannot tell you how hard it is to make
anything out of yourself in this life. It is so goddamn hard. You have no idea. And what I keep referencing is I keep referencing
my YouTube history below of how hard I’ve been grinding for so long. Because fellas
I have literally and I know other guys that do this two guys that don’t focus on ass guys
that focus on making themselves better men sacrifice all of their time that they could
be having potentially meeting women in their 20s to build a better future. Okay, I’m not bragging. What I’m saying is I’m showing you an example. I have not went out to the bars in six months
plus, and when I do go, I don’t drink. I haven’t been drunk in over two years. I’m only 23 years old, because I know that
to build my body. To build myself in the gym. I need my testosterone. Alcohol kills testosterone. I know that to build my body in the gym. I need my semen. I need my seat. I need the essence that makes me a man that’s
going to increase my testosterone Know that for me to get anything done in the
business world, I need my seed because sexual transmutation and the seed of a man that sexual
drive is one of the things that keeps a man going in the business world. You’re driven, your direct your focus your
powerful your masculine, you get shit done. So how do I keep up this grind seven days
a week? How do I keep up this grind 12 1315 hours
a day hoping my shit takes off while I do it because I have self belief. Because I’m not wasting my time, energy, money
and resources on women and low level behavior. What I’m doing is I’m making myself a better
man, I want you to make yourself a better man, how semen retention makes you more alpha
is because now women don’t have the power over you. Because what else are you going to do during
your time let’s say now it’s a weekend and during your time when you wouldn’t be out
chasing us now you’re just at the bars kicking it with your friends. Now you’re hanging out. Now you’re in that chill masculine state with
your home is and now that’s power. Because maybe you can strengthen the connection
between man to man, you can become a better man that way. Or maybe that doesn’t even interest you. Now, maybe the only reason you were going
out to the bars was to find women. Well, guess what, now you have a lot of focus
and energy to start to build your brand and to build your business. Maybe you had no energy or drive to go to
the gym. And now that you’re retaining your seed, you
feel like a man again. And finally, you can just put your nose to
the iron and go at it and you can build yourself up. You see, fellas,
when the computer screens have power over you at night, as you’re stroking it, you’re
submitting to the females. When any girl can just have you like that,
you’re submitting to the females when you’re willing and ready to screw and sleep with
any woman at will just like that you’re submitting to the females. You’re not strong, you’re not alpha, you’re
weak, and men are becoming pathetic. It’s absolutely pathetic. Like, dude, whatever happened to having
high value of yourself. Like, I’m not going to go sleep with any girl. Are you insane? You So you’re telling me I’ve been building
my brand. I’ve been building my body. I’ve been building my business all these years,
so that way I can just sleep with any girl, a girl who’s done nothing for me, a girl who
probably has nothing going on in her life. A girl who probably only chugs up blue down
her throat and is just naturally skinny because she has a high metabolism like just because
she’s hot. She thinks that I’m going to automatically
sleep with her. This is what all men do. It’s fucking pathetic. So do you want to be better than everybody
else? Do you want to be worse? That’s you gotta ask yourself, do you want
to be alpha? Do you want to be beta because if you want
to be alpha, if you want to be strong, you gotta realize they’re a sacrifice to get to
that step, their sacrifice to get yourself to that level, you’re essentially going to
sacrifice if you want to be strong and dominant and dedicated and alpha, you’re going to be
sacrificing all of your short term pleasure. For a long term benefit of being respected,
because that’s what it is, it’s respect. It’s that you’ve proved yourself you’ve done
the things as a man to improve yourself. And now you finally feel like you’re good
enough inside these women realize you’re good enough inside you feel good enough inside
and now all of a sudden you can manifest the life in front of you that you’ve wanted. But guess what, when you can get to that point,
you do not just want it with anybody. You want it to be who you want it to be with. Okay, semen retention will make you more alpha
because now you need to find other things to do with your time then chase ass. You need to put in the groundwork to make
yourself a better man. So at the end of my videos like I do, always
I plug my shit. I think my shits good enough to plug and after
coaching 300 men I’ve realized a I can build one hell of a body and I can help these men
build a really good body because I’ve been a fitness coach for multiple years and not
only that, with no more never left on right. I teach men
Female dynamic I teach men how to stay in a strong alpha masculine frame. And with that course I put over 30 hours of
material on it. Now, a lot of men think that you can’t learn
female nature if you’re on retention, that you should only be studying male nature. And I think that that’s bullshit, because
if you study male nature, look at Jeff Bezos look at Stephen Curry mother to two strong
driven masculine men built great businesses amazing star athletes have high status. Both of their women play games with him. Bezos, his wife left him and Stephen Curry’s
wife goes on the view and runs her mouth and says that she’s mad. She doesn’t get attention from other men. Fellas, I’m telling you if you don’t know
how to remain masculine in a relationship related, remain masculine. It doesn’t matter what semen retention you
do. It doesn’t matter how strong you are in the
gym. It doesn’t matter how you build your body. You’re not going to know how to maintain frame. You’re not going to know why she pushes your
buttons. You’re not going to know why she tests you. And I’m a big believer that you can you can’t
you need it all. You need to learn female nature you need to
learn male nature. You need to build your body you need to build
your business you need to build your brand you need to build your charisma you need to
be a person people can depend on point blank period, fellas. So if you want some of my one on one time,
what you can do is you can go down and you can hit the case study button. Okay, the case study button. This is where I’ll actually get on a console
call with you. And yeah, this is my more premium stuff. But I’m going to take you through step by
step what we have to do to get you to where you want to go because for a lot of people,
they need coaching and a lot of areas in life to really make themselves high value. So like it subscribe. We’ll talk soon

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  1. What was the biggest thing that you took away from this video that you can implement?
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  2. Even if semen retention didn't make sense physiologically, it is such an efficient way to train your will and gain control. Control over my base self is my number one "benefit".

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