The Number One Semen Retention Benefit FOR MEN
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The Number One Semen Retention Benefit FOR MEN

January 8, 2020

see back in the office today First and foremost,
good morning, fellas. Good morning. And I hope you guys are having a great day
No. These subscribers are taken off. I gained the last night I gained 250 years
I was sleeping. I mean, you guys are craving this content,
you guys are desiring this content. And the thing is is like, what I’ve gotten
in the comments section is people say what’s the top benefit that you’ve noticed? What is the top benefit that you’ve noticed
through your retention journey? And today throughout this whole topic, I’m
going to be telling you exactly what I’ve noticed is my top benefit and how this is
literally applied to every single area in my life. Okay, the top benefit of retention is that
you start to understand the most powerful word and the most powerful word you as a man
is going to be sacrifice. Now sacrifice is so important as a man because
one of the statements one of the phrases I always say Men are made but women are born. What I mean by this is if you’re a hot girl,
if you’re a cute girl, if you’re a pretty girl, you walk down the street, let’s say
you’ve done nothing with your life, you’re going to get hit on, you’re going to get approach,
you’re going to get men that want to be with you. And you don’t have to do a whole hell of a
lot. However, if you’re a man looks, just don’t
cut it. You have to make yourself a man you have to
do the work, you have to do the self improvement you have to do the things that it takes to
become attractive. Now, most men don’t understand this. But the thing is, is you as a man, what you
need to be doing in your life is you need to sacrifice all of your short term for the
possibility and the potential to have a long term benefit. Now what I mean by this is so many people
just get into quick habits, quick pleasures, just like you ejaculating always just like
you constantly stroking it. What you do is you take all the work out of
it, and you go from A to Z, when really you missed bc DE Blah, blah, blah, blah blah elemental
PU missed all of the other letters in between you missed all of the steps. And what masturbation does what
people who ejaculated a lot does what it do is it takes you from A to Z, you go from doing
zero work to all of a sudden full on orgasm full on pleasure. And what that does, fellas is it doesn’t teach
you anything about being a man because being a man is all about sacrifice. And semen retention is that first step in
sacrifice. It’s usually that first step in a young man’s
life or in a man’s life when he realizes that he is pushing away the pleasure to finally
introduce some growth to finally introduce some pain to finally introduce the steps that
it takes to become a better man. So when you push this
stuff aside, you’re going to realize that you have to sacrifice a lot of stuff, you’re
rewiring your brain. Because if your brain is so dependent on the
cell phone for porn, or the cell phone to see these Instagram thoughts are the cell
phone to get these voluptuous girls that you can’t manifest in real life. Well What that’s doing is it’s once again,
removing all of that stuff that you were hooked on. It’s removing all of the stuff that you were
addicted to. And now what you have to do is you have to
buckle down as a man and figure out how to actually be better. Okay, you’re figuring out how to be better,
you’re sacrificing your time. So no more pleasure. Now you’re in the mode, you’re in the mode
of sacrifice, you’re building up those testosterone levels day by day, you’re going to the gym
to become better. Now, let me tell you something. The word sacrifice has applied to every single
aspect in my life, whether that be all throughout my YouTube career, whether that be through
business, whether that be through connecting one on one with coaching with a young man,
it’s like everything is sacrifice. Now what I mean by this is, if you go down
and you look at my, my YouTube history, my YouTube’s login documentation that I’ve done
over the past three years, you guys I’ve put out 400 videos. I’ve basically been a full time youtuber every
single day. My life for three years with zero return with
zero return. None of my stuff popped off, none of my stuff
got traction. But what I did was I sacrifice my time and
I kept pressing forward, it turned me into a
dedicated individual. That’s the thing is like retention will teach
you how to be a dedicated individual. And what happened was, the more I kept documenting,
the more I believed in myself and even though nobody saw my content, the more I believe
deep down that this was really going to go somewhere. Okay, so what semen retention is going to
do for you, it’s going to teach you how to retain and how to sacrifice to give you that
uplifting spirit to give you that uplifting confidence. You know, if you apply this to business, okay,
if you’re a man out there and you want to improve your SMV your sexual market value,
one of the things you’re going to have to do is improve your finances and improve your
status and improve your business life. There is no way around that because men who
have their shit together carry themselves a different way than men who don’t. And you can see this just walk into a bar,
walk into a club walk down the street, you can usually tell the people who have their
shit together versus the people who don’t. Now the thing is, is the people who have their
shit together what they had to go through was they had to go through an incredible amount
of sacrifice. What I’ve done is I’ve literally slaved away
to build my business every day for the past three years since I was 20 years old, every
single day, seven days a week 12 to 15 hours a day, I haven’t had a social life, I’ve literally
laid the content to be a better man. I’ve laid the foundation. I’ve built the programs. You see what semen retention teaches you is
that your life is not necessarily supposed to be happy. Your life is not necessarily supposed to be
all pleasure, that life is a pursuit and life is a journey. And the thing is, is that the only way you’re
ever going to get to actually experience pleasure is through putting in the steps of sacrifice
to be a debt. hated individual. Because dedication is key to everything as
a man if you want to be more attractive to women, well, you have to do the steps to be
a dedicated man. You have to be dedicated everyday to eating
the right type of nutrition. You have to be dedicated every single day
to building a better body. You have to be dedicated everyday to improving
your charisma, improving your speech, improving the ways that you carry yourself. You have to be dedicated every single day
to retain your semen. So that way, you don’t have those performance
anxiety issues that every single guy has. You don’t have those porn addiction issues. You can maybe even be a person of resource
one day that can actually have a family and not be fucked up in the head like every single
other guy out there. Relying on porn, relying on alcohol relying
on low level behavior. It’s like when is enough enough when you get
on your retention journey, what you’re going to realize is that all of the people who you
thought deserve your time in the past no longer do because you’re building up
this season. That will separate you from the pack. You’re becoming
a better man, you’re becoming a man of sacrifice. Now what is most males do most males are in
this pitfall trap. They’re in this stuck trap every single day. And what they do is they will, for example,
use bars and clubs and alcohol, to mask
everything that they are going through. Okay, what they think is they think, Hey,
I can’t get a girl. I’m not enough as is. What I have to do is I have to get shit faced. And then I have to put another blockade in
front of it of club music, and party grows and ecstasy and raves. And it’s like deep down, they have this void
where they want to connect with a woman but now in between getting to that spot. Now they have to put alcohol in front of it
drugs in front of it parties in front of it raves in front of it, and they can’t actually
get to the result because their heads so fucked up their heads trying to deal with all of
these things in between, when in reality if they would have just done the work to make
themselves a better man. Well, now they could get to that result. Now they could actually get to Xyz spot that
they want to be in. You see, sacrifice is going to teach you everything
about yourself as a male, because your time is not supposed to be spent. Just enjoying yourself every day, your time
is supposed to be spent working. Okay, you want to know how to be more attractive
to girls, it helps if you have shit going on all day. Because I want your guys’s calendar booked,
like 12 hours a day six to seven days a week. So that way that girl if she comes into your
life and she gets a small sliver of your time, she understands your high value. She understands that she isn’t your first
priority. She understands that you have other shit going
on. And what that’s going to do is that’s going
to send that alarm in her head. She’s like, Oh my gosh, this guy actually
has stuff going on that nobody else does. Because you see fellas, females are searching
for this masculinity. Females are searching for this strength. And the thing is, is that they can’t find
it. They can’t find it because they’re going to
the same spot. all their other girlfriends are going to they’re
going to the clubs, they’re going to the bars, they’re going to house parties they’re hooking
up. The thing is, is all these females are fucked
up to. And they’re all searching for strength through
they’re all searching for real people to real recognizes real strong recognize a strong
like you have to be a strong man to deserve a soft, sweet, feminine woman. The problem is, is that most of you guys here
today are sacrificing for the wrong reasons. Straight up the wrong reasons. All you guys do is you sacrifice for the vagina. You sacrifice for the girl. Why are you building the business? Because you want to get the girl? Why are you doing semen retention? Because you want to improve your retention
so that way you can have better or less performance anxiety when you get the girl Why do you practice? Why do you watch these YouTubers that talk
about red pill content and dating because you want to get the girl? Why is it that you go to the gym because you
want to get the girl like, dude, at what point do you just want to be a better man? Like At what point do you want to be better
for you. At what point do you want to sacrifice because
you don’t want to feel like shit? Like At what point are the women on the backburner
and your first like I get as a man you want to be attractive I get as a man you want to
get the girls, but bro, the girls will come when you make the steps that you want to be
better. When you make the steps that you want to when
you decide to make the steps that you want to be a person of resource, a person of productivity,
a person of success, a person of charisma a person who can literally walk into the room
and people can feel that masculine energy, that masculine strength. That is when you will have successes when
you put yourself for sacrifice you guys is the key to everything in life. It’s so hard for me to demonstrate what I’ve
went through in one video like this, it’s so hard for me to show you, the hundreds of
men that I’ve coached that have all had success with this when they start implementing the
steps. But it’s like when you zone this into the
step by step process of what it takes, you’re going to have really really really great success. So like I At the end of every video, I plug
my stuff, why do I plug my stuff because I think that my stuff is good enough to plug
and after coaching 300 men total. I’m very, very well aware of how powerful
my content and how powerful my programs are. So like I do every time I show you guys my
transformations, I show you guys that I can build one hell of a body I show you guys that
I can build other people’s body and teach them step by step how to do it, how to radiate
a more masculine Look how to radiate more masculine energy. Okay, so if you’re interested in any of that,
go down below, get the programs, check out the programs. If you guys need any of my dating and self
improvement type coaching, what I want you to do is I want you to go down and check out
the end Laura project and Laura stands for never left on red, and never left on red as
a 12 week course with over 30 hours of material or I teach you everything that it takes to
be an attractive man, the frame that you need to stay in when you’re interacting with a
woman how to attract a woman and how to make sure that you keep attraction one set woman
enters into your presence. These are things that no men know how to do
these days. And I’m making men stronger day by day for
it. And if you want any of my premium content
if you want any of my premium stuff, if you want some of my one on one time,
what you’re going to have to do is you’re gonna have to go down to the case study button,
you’re gonna have to book a call with me all of that coaching is application base. And based on
if you’re a good fit for what I have to offer in your dating life with your retention journey
with everything like that, I will tell you exactly what we have to do
to sort of make that happen. So like the video, comment, subscribe. We’ll see you in the next one.

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