The Ackermann Clip Retention System  By  PREAT Corporation
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The Ackermann Clip Retention System By PREAT Corporation

January 6, 2020

In this video we’re going to talk about
Hader bar clips and in particular the Ackermann clip. Let’s start. What are some
of the dental types? So the two main are the Hader clip which is a plastic clip.
The plastic clip aroused rotation around the bar but it’s not allow vertical
movement. Okay. If you want to have vertical movement on a bar you would
choose to use an Akron or metal clip because that provides both vertical and
rotational movement. Okay, this makes sense. So what is the a Ackerman clip
process? Sure, so if you had a bar like this we
have multiple bar segments you’re not going to get that rotational, you’re not
worried about protecting the abutments. But if you had a bar like this straight
across the anterior I wanted to protect the implants provide that hinging
movement this is an ideal application for the
Ackerman clips. So here’s the procedure for picking up the Ackerman clips. The
Ackerman clips are an all metal clip and one of the things you’ll notice about
the Ackerman clip as it comes to the little half-round spacer which is the
most important part of the system. And this is part of the vertical space that
we’re interested in? Absolutely. If you put the Ackerman clip directly onto the
hader bar, right, you’ll find that it’s very loose and does not provide very
much retention at all. Right. However if you take the same clip but seat it on
the bar using the half round space maintainer what you’re doing is
elevating the position of the clip so a narrow part of the clip is in contact
with the bar. Right. And now this increases retention dramatically?
Absolutely. So what we’re doing when we’re using that half round spacer is
we’re creating the free space we need inside the clip placement to allow for
that functional vertical movement. So you can see here, this is much firmer
it doesn’t move. Even hearing it clip in it sounds most firm and solid. Absolutely.
And you can see that this design we call it the mesial distal has two little
circular retentive grooves that you can bend up or you can leave like this that
gets more mechanical retention for the acrylic. Okay. This makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, the second style of the clip has buccal lingual grooves on it that provide more
mechanical retention in the buccal lingual plate. You can actually do
these procedures chair side? Absolutely. There you have it. The hader
bar Ackerman clip and it gives you all the sort of strength and retention that
you might need. Correct. If you’d like to find out more about Hader bars and Hader
bar clips and the Ackermann clip in particular please join us online at where you can find all these products available to order as well as
technical information case presentations and you can reach out to our technical
team or a customer support staff to support you directly.

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