Stand With Us #FightForTheBight

October 9, 2019

The whole Equinor thing going on in the
Great Australian Bight it just seems unrealistic. There’s so many chances for
it to go wrong. The swells, the weather that you get down there is incredible. The thing that we’re going to ruin is our nature. There’s so many different
species of animals down there and it’s just so untouched. When we took the Steve Irwin out
to the Great Australian Bight in 2016. We were blown away
by the unique wilderness that is there, Blue whales, Humpbacks, Minke’s, Southern Right whale nurseries seals, dolphins, penguins, sharks. The place is truly alive. In the Gulf of Mexico, it’s calm waters.
Like a mill pond compared to the Bight a heavily industrialised area. It was considered to be a low risk when BP drilled for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. yet that blowout, took eighty seven days to cap the well and it took almost 7,000 boats to mobilise to be involved in that clean up operation. These satellite photos from NASA, they show what it looks like from space. Breaking news tonight they they can’t stop that oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico. Start to sink into this ooze right here. It’s a mess and unfortunately it’s getting worse The whole surf community. Everyone that loves to play in the ocean and calls at home I think it’s a call out to all of us to link in with the essence of what
Sea Shepherd are trying to do and raise awareness, stand strong and grow our voice on this issue. Why would we let anyone pump for an outdated
source of fuel. It’s a silly concept anyway. People don’t realise the importance of our oceans. two out of every three breaths that we humans draw comes from our oceans. Yet globally, they are deep trouble. We’re missing 40% of the phytoplankton
that give us the air that we breath. Our Great Barrier Reef, she’s
the largest living thing on earth, she’s half dead. So what we have in the Great Australian Bight is globally unique. 85% of the marine life there is found
nowhere else in the world. It’s such a rare place that we have to protect. These last intact wilderness areas. So putting our Great Australian Bight first, putting our oceans first, that give us most of the air we breath, is actually putting humanity first. This is the most important fight,
we all need to be a part of. This is not just the surfing thing,
this is more, this is an Australian thing. It should be in the hands of the general public what we’re doing and what we decide to do. We’re Aussies, we live and breathe our coastlines and our ocean, so let’s protect them. Stand with us. Say no to big oil. Write to Equinor today.

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