Staff retention: using staff insight to retain staff
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Staff retention: using staff insight to retain staff

December 31, 2019

NHS Improvement was asked by the
Secretary of State to launch a national retention program. There are many great
examples up and down the NHS, where we’ve seen organisations already implementing
comprehensive strategies to support retention. One of those is Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust, who actively engage with their
frontline staff to develop strategies to support careers and other areas critical
related to retention. So as part of the improvement plan that we have developed we’re really focusing on getting the recruitment right first time so that
people understand the job that they’re coming into and they’ve got the support
through that. The second is the early year support so that first two years is
crucial, to support people into the organisation and enable them to feel
developed. The next area was around flexible working so that we could
support people with their work-life balance. We have supervisions with staff
and then we’ll see how we can develop them and if they’re sure any signs to say that but looking at moving or looking at
changing career path we look at that to see what the issues are, so we’ve got
quite a lot of staff within the Salford trust who adapt either part-time or
three long days to accommodate the children and different things that. We have a perceptership program that I developed about two years ago, because
we have such a lot of newly qualified nurses coming to our unit. So it’s
developing them and kind of making sure that there are opportunities for them
within the area, to try and keep them in the inpatient units. Coming from outside
of the trust are not training with them this provided me an opportunity to make
friends with new preceptors, newly qualified nurses. And be able to discuss
anxieties and build confidence together, whilst we were all training for the
first year. So one of the things that we put into place that I’ve introduced is
our weather watch sessions, and the weather watch is an engagement tool
which allows staff to give feedback on their staff experience. What’s hot, what’s
good, what’s working call it temperate to check, what’s not
what are the barriers, what the challenges you might be facing? And what would make your experience at work even better. If you want to move around the trust is a lot more easier now than it was in the past so we were opening up all avenues for them to move around, to build the experience, build their resilience, build
the different journeys so then people don’t want to move to different trust
because we’ve got more or less everything you need within Great Manchester Mental Health (GMMH). The
advice that we would give to other organisations is to really understand
why people are leaving your organisation talk to your staff. Your staff can tell
you what’s important to them and maybe what might influence people leaving, so
they are absolutely crucial to the work that you need to do. Retaining our staff
their experience and expertise is critical to ensure the NHS is able to
continue to deliver for its patients, its clients and its service users. Thank you
for taking the time to watch the video. I appreciate it.
Now I’m asking you to do the same. Would you please spend time to do a video as
well? So you can share your stories, share some of your successes and your
challenges and perhaps some of your mistakes too. Please share it if you can
on Twitter #nhsretention or if you want to email, email us your video
please on [email protected] Thank you

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