Staff retention: supporting staff in their career pathway
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Staff retention: supporting staff in their career pathway

January 6, 2020

When NHS Improvement was asked by the Secretary of State to launch a national retention program. There are many
excellent examples up and down the NHS that we’ve seen the organisation’s are
already implementing, comprehensive and successful strategies – to support
organisations. The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust has already implemented a program
of work to support their early years transition staff, when they’re newly
starting with in clinical practice. We know from our flow of nurses through the
organisation that about 12 months we lose about 40% of our new
registrants previously, which was something we had to take very seriously
and work to improve. But it was really important that we asked the frontline
nurses. We’ve implemented a graduate nurse program, which is gives the new
nurses the theory and the tools and the support, so as when they start out in
practice they can manage that difficult you know transition from being a student
to being a qualified nurse. She came to see us whilst we were on placement, made sure that we were okay, set up workshops every so many weeks just so that we sort of
graduated from being a student into working for this particular trust, and
just getting like sort of a feel for an familiarities within this trusting
people who we can go to. The difference we’ve seen this year is that we’ve
employed 96% of our nurses from our local University, when last year
we only employed 44% of those that we offered posts to, so the graduate nurse
program has really helped us engage nurses and get them I suppose hooked
into the organisation so that they’re coming and they understand our cultural
ethos and values. From a patient’s point of view retention of staff is very
important, that patients are seeing the same staff members and that you’re not
relying on agency bank workers as well. And the navigation programs a key change and staff spend an amount of time on the AAU you move to a different speciality
and then a new nurse comes onto the AAU, and I feel that’s very good transferring
the skills from ward to ward. The investment in the new nurses it’s an
honour to be part of it really. They can reach out at any stage during their
career and will help them with whatever they need. The NHS staff
for its greatest asset and it’s really important that we value their
contribution to delivering outstanding care for our patients, service users and
clients across the country. The national retention program that NHS Improvement is leading is to ensure that their each organisation is developing plans to
support best practice and ensure that their staff are retained. Thank you for
taking the time to watch the video. I appreciate it. Now I’m asking you to do the same. Would you please spend time to do a video as
well? So you can share your stories, share some of your successes and your
challenges and perhaps some of your mistakes too. Please share it if you can
on twitter using #nhsretention or if you want to email, email us your video
please on [email protected] Thank you

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