Sloth Released Into The Wild After Surviving Dog Attack

December 25, 2019

COMM: After extensive rehabilitation, this sloth is finally being released back into
the wild. But just five months ago, she almost died after being mauled by dogs. She was taken
to the Toucan Rescue Ranch for treatment where they named her Tina. The attack left her with
a broken arm and she suffered bite wounds all over her body. WOMAN: She came in with a fractured arm and had orthopaedic surgery with pins. The pins are now out and she is doing really, really well. COMM: After the surgery, she underwent five months of physical rehab. COMM: Toucan Rescue then fitted Tina with a tracking collar. WOMAN: What’s really great is that we have released sloths before and we think we have seen them. But, you know, we are not a 100% sure.
But with this tracking system, now we will be 100% sure. It’s great because we have a volunteer that’s going to be here, you know, watching and tracking her. Because she has been in, you know, recuperation for many months, and so it’s just all getting back into the wild and smelling everything
again and figuring it out. And having the volunteer here as a backup will be great. COMM: Now the team can track her progress as she learns to live in the wild again.

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