Si vous souffrez de FOIE GRAS, de diabète, de problèmes de vision ou de tension artérielle, regardez
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Si vous souffrez de FOIE GRAS, de diabète, de problèmes de vision ou de tension artérielle, regardez

March 7, 2020

Hello my loves I hope you are well and and if it does not go, it will go welcome to your 100% natural health and wellness channel tamarind is used for anemia, diabetes, hypertension arterial and much more on this youtube channel at the heart of well-being we take care to investigate the best natural recipes for wellness your health that’s why if you like to take care of your health with the best remedies natural to 100% natural I invite you to like this video well known if you are not yet subscribed my darlings subscribe to this beautiful community at the heart of well-being and do not forget to activate all notifications to be among the first to receive all our new videos my darlings and above all don’t forget to just go to the bar information and click on the link watch all our videos here at the heart of well-being you will see everything we already have shared right here so my darlings without further ado let’s go There are several people who make the face bitter when it hears this tamarind fruit although this fruit is very common in different regions many people prefer to use secret and not reveal its properties but tell me in the comments if you know it and what it’s called in your country I know because tamarind is widely used with us you treat several health problems because it has medicinal properties anti inflammatory it fights infections i invite you to watch the full video I assure you that it will be worth it in terms of the properties of the volume I ve tamarins it contains in its composition a good dose of type c vitamins is also group b vitamins calcium iron potassium phosphorus magnesium and many live properties anti-inflammatory drugs from tamarind come from these organic compounds which make it an anti acid between occident and an excellent useful for reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood a way to consume and take advantage of its properties is in fact an infusion for this purpose you will need a liter of boiling water and 200 g of tamarind mix everything together let stand about three to five days and consume a large v each morning in genoa it allows to ease stomach pains decrease the pride it allows to fall asleep it would be good to share this information with your contacts so that they too can know and enjoy the benefits of the tam like all fruits 1.1 tamarind has many health benefits but be careful size also present it is a danger I advise you to stay until the end of the video not to miss it we will talk about it in a moment the tamarind of laxatives and diuretics tamarind helps regulate not only the digestive tract but also the urinary system it is excellent for people suffering from water retention or conti passion or blood pressure problems and cholesterol it is good for the heart a year fighter put tamarind also has minerals in its composition among which we have the calcium which prevents tooth and bone problems in addition the tamarind had to do which in turn is better absorbed by the body due to the action of vitamin c tamarind is rich in protein and fiber so it can be one of the ingredients used by vegetarians to replace meat because it is very rich in vegetable proteins tamarind fights parasites and bacteria that can cause pneumonia is the infection tamarind helps fight various inflammation it also helps in the treatment of eye irritation this fruit is very powerful in preventing problems such as gout, infections rheumatic rosemary gül to function wants tamarind as much for me helps control diabetes tamarind helps treat hemorrhoids it is an important source of folic acid for pregnant women or women who wish to be able there is léran to eliminate toxic substances stimulates collagen production which makes your skin and hair more beautiful and thanks to their proteins helps repair and develop muscles now we need to know what are the dangers of tamarind since it lowers blood pressure so those who suffer from low blood pressure problems it is good not to consume it a good option to enjoy even more of its benefits and its to prepare a fresh tamarind juice the preparation method is very simple the only the only wish you should take really worth removing the seeds before mixing the game which requires 150 g tamarind per liter of cold water or room temperature water how to do first you need to remove the cooked tamarind seeds add the mixture with water and mix until it is smooth once ready if you prefer you can add ice because you noticed that topic preparation is quite easy so if you plan to leave I would like to know what you thought of the recipe I will wait for news from you if you have not yet shared the video so far please do so that others will also benefit from this fabulous recipe if you came this far i give you this is huge or your support think about subscribing to china if you haven’t already and especially don’t forget that we share videos every day we meet in the next video god bless you but a lease

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  1. Merci beaucoup je suis de l Algérie malheureusement on n a pas ce fruit chez nous j'ai jamais entendu parler

  2. Depuis Haïti, ce fruit est bcp efficace pour la santé, je l'adopte moi. On l'appelle tamarin aussi chez moi. Merci d'avoir partagé

  3. Depuis Haïti, ce fruit est bcp efficace pour la santé, je l'adopte moi. On l'appelle tamarin aussi chez moi. Merci d'avoir partagé

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