Shutting Down Poachers in The Gambia
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Shutting Down Poachers in The Gambia

September 19, 2019

We’re currently on patrol off the coast
of The Gambia working together with the Ministry of Fisheries and The Gambia
Navy to address the issue of illegal fishing off the coast of West Africa. The waters here off West Africa have
traditionally been some of the most abundant waters in the world and yet
because of dwindling fish populations in Europe and because of dwindling fish
populations in Asia, because of fishing pressures their foreign fishing vessels
from all over the world have congregated around West Africa and that’s resulted
in these waters now being some of the most over fished in the world with fish
populations falling by as much as 40 percent quite recently. There’s a 9 nautical mile limit off the
coast of The Gambia which is a special protected area reserved for artisanal
fishermen but these fishermen are complaining to the Ministry of Fisheries
every single day about incursions by industrial trawlers coming into those
waters and just extracting tremendous amounts of fish. The presence of the Sam Simon here
allows The Gambia to have eyes on the water to see what these operators are
doing but not only to monitor what they’re doing but to also allow them to
arrest vessels that are violating the law. Viking – please proceed straight to the Thunder. The campaign has kicked off with a big
success. We know through various technological tools but also testimony
from the fishers onboard these ships that these vessels routinely come in to the
coast – so close that they can literally see the buildings and trees along the
coastline. Having two arrests early on into our campaign here in The Gambia shows that one there is a serious problem, and two, the results are easily
generated by a patrolling presence and by partnership between civil
society and government. That’s why Sea Shepherd has to be in
these areas to prevent these fisheries waters from being completely destroyed,
to defend the rights of local people here and to stop these poachers from
pondering our Oceans.

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  1. good to see you back Peter although this is not the Barker it is good to see you tracking down poachers. Keep up the good work.

  2. I've been hoping and praying for this kind of activities in our river
    so many thieves come thrre to steal our fishes… Good job guys

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