Shailene Woodley Shares Her Favorite Meryl Streep Memory from Big Little Lies

December 10, 2019

-I go, “How do they top this?” David E. Kelley.
Well written, well directed. -I’m so happy you —
You genuinely love it. That makes me so happy.
-Oh, dude. Soundtrack. -The soundtrack is ridiculous. -All that soul music is great. -I can’t even tell you how many
yoga classes I’ve been in though, now, since
“Big Little Lies” Season 1. and it’s, like…
[ Hums theme ] …as you’re in shavasana,
and you’re trying to like relax at the end of the class.
-“I’m in the show! Shut it off!”
-You just start laughing. -I’m trying to calm down. And I go, “There’s no way
they can top Season 1.” -Yeah.
-Enter Meryl Streep. Okay. How the hell did you
get Meryl Streep?! And I go, “Oh, my gosh.”
And she crushes it. -Oh, she’s so good.
-Last night, premiered. No spoilers.
I won’t say anything. -The way that she even, like — She changed her face
for the show. -She’s talking like that, and she has these,
like, thick eyeglasses. Something’s up with her. [ Laughter ]
-A little bit. -Something’s up with
Meryl Streep’s character, and I’m frightened
of Meryl Streep. And I go, “Wow.
That was such a good choice.” What is she like on set? Does she just come in,
laser beam, and just blow things up? -You know what’s so amazing
about her? People are always like,
you know, what was it like working
with Meryl Streep? Was it intimidating? And I think because
she’s probably used to people treating her
like “Meryl Streep” instead of just approaching her
as a human — she’s so wonderfully generous and immediately disarms you
with her generosity that you sort of
forget for a moment that you’re working with
a master of her craft. And then the cameras
start rolling, and she does the thing,
and, all of a sudden, you go, “Oh, God. What am I doing?
I gotta get my stuff together.” Because she is so good, and she is like
a little kid on a set in the sense of, I think, no matter how long
she’s been doing this and no matter how many accolades
and awards she’s garnered, she just genuinely
loves acting. -Yeah.
-She loves storytelling. She loves —
And I call it a craft. Like, she’s a master woman
at her craft. -She goes in with
her eyes wide open, and she goes, “Yeah, let’s see
what I can do with this.” -She also —
This is my favorite memory from the entire Season 2 is, we’re filming
episode six or seven. and it’s the very end
of the whole thing, and she comes up,
and it’s me and Nicole, Reese, Laura, Zoe,
sitting there, and she goes, “I wonder what
this line on page three has to do with this line
on page seven, hmm.” And she walks away,
and all of us were like, huh? And we go through our scripts,
and we’re like, “Holy [bleep]. how’d she find —
how’d she do that? How did she connect those dots?” Like, she just reads
scripts differently that anyone I’ve ever,
ever known. -And just connected —
She knew someone was gonna — -She gave us an entire beat that all of us had missed.
-And then magically disappeared? -And then she was like,
“I’m going to go to crafty for a minute.”
-Yeah. -See ya.
See ya on the flip side. -Yeah, see ya on the flip side.
[ Chuckling ] Yeah. It’s just, honestly,
I just love it. Can we say anything about
what this season is about or not really? -I mean, if I was the one
to ruin everything, that would not be good.
-You’d be in trouble. -Yeah, I’m like the totem poll
of “Big Little Lies” — -Well, have you guys seen it?
Have most of you seen it? [ Cheers and applause ] It follows these different moms
at school. And they’re rich and — Some of them are.
Most of them are. It’s Monterey.
It’s gorgeous. And you go, “Wow,
they have the perfect life.” -And then you understand
their psychology, and you go, you know what? No matter how much
money someone has, no matter what they own, no matter what
their family looks like, we’re all broken. We’re all suffering. We’re all, like,
in desperate need of healing. -All trying.
-Yeah. We’re trying to do
the best we can. And we’re messy.
-Yeah, and it gets tricky. It gets real messy.
-Real messy. -It gets — yeah.
So, then — Yeah, but I think
it’s out there that Meryl Streep comes back,
and she wants to know what happened after
the first season. which I don’t want
to don’t spoil. -Good job. That’s why I don’t
usually say anything, because I end up — -She wants to know
what went down, but she’s got the way
she’s talking and her glasses. [ Light laughter ]
And the scream! She did the scream last night. She’s like, “Oh, yeah. It makes
me want to just scream.” ‘Aaah!'”
[ Light laughter ] And I jumped.
And, like, ever– Well, she didn’t sound
like James Brown, but she sounded
like Meryl Streep, when Meryl Streep screams. And it was just —
Ah, I’m just blown away. I love the cast, I love the show,
and I love you. Here’s a clip
of Shailene Woodley in Season 2 of
“Big Little Lies.” Take a look at this. -A little advice — You probably don’t want
to act weird in public. We do a lot of kids’ events
at the aquarium, and parents have a thing
about entrusting their kids to psychos. -[ Chuckles ] Noted. Got it.
thank you. -The way people talk
in this town, I don’t need to tell you. -You don’t need to tell me?
What does that mean? -You’re one of
the Monterey Five, right? -Monterey Five? -You were there
the night the guy fell. -Where did you hear that? -Someone at work. I’ll see you around. -Yeah. -Uh-oh! It’s juicy this season!
Shailene Woodley, everybody.

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