Semen Retention: When To Exit The Dating Field (How to Fix The Man First)
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Semen Retention: When To Exit The Dating Field (How to Fix The Man First)

January 4, 2020

Uncle C.
Back in the office, and today I wanted to tell everybody specifically why men are using
semen retention as a means to exit the dating field and re enter as a stronger more calibrated
individual fellows. Now before we begin, registration for the
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every week I’m about to pick a winner, a man that is now able to handle all the suffering
in the world. Because you have made yourself a better, stronger
biess now you see men are subscribing to these new patterns because you see the current way
is broken. The current methods of dating are broken. Not only are men and females more separated
than ever before, divorce rates are higher than ever before. There’s a lack of understanding of attraction
now more than ever, and people are relying on social media in order to fulfill a sexual
void now more than ever, which leads me to believe that getting back to traditional masculinity,
traditional masculine roots, it’s going to be an absolute Game Changer when it comes
to mastering the dating field with the ideas and principles that is that it is actually
going to take in order to have the life that you want to have. Now you see, I figured out that there’s only
two reasons why somebody would want to use retention in order to come back as a stronger
individual The first reason is this. The first is when that person realizes that
everything they have tried up until this point has not worked. That’s going to be the first reason. The second
is going to be when you realize that your brain is your own worst enemy. When you realize your brain is the reason
why you’re not actually able to take that next step in the dating game and in the playing
field. Now I’m going to break down each of these
topics very, very thoroughly. Because after coaching hundreds of men through
their fitness journey after coaching over 30 men this month alone, on making sure they
can maintain a dating life that they love and appreciate I realized that there are certain
principles that a person must understand at every single point of entry. Now let’s start with number one. The very first reason why somebody would use
retention as a means to exit the playing field is when everything you’ve tried it has not
worked. So what does this mean? Now you see me as a coach. I see men at 18 19 years old end up making
the exact same mistakes at 2324 25. And those men that end up making the exact
same mistakes in their 30s. And those men end up making the exact same
mistakes in their 40s and 50s. And then are divorced or end up asking themselves
what the hell just happened? Why the hell was I not able to actually get
a grip on this stuff? Why was unable to actually become the man
I wanted to be? Why did the woman that I love lose attraction
for me, you see, what happens is men are making the exact same mistakes, the exact same patterns
over and over and over, without realizing that the current system of what they’re doing
is broken. There is no game there is no tactics, you
need to re enter the playing field. From a mindset that you’ve never been in before. You see, you have to actually play a different
ballgame to get a different result. Because different results are going to require
different actions and different actions is only going to come when you’re with To go
to uncharted territories that you’ve never been before. That is the one thing as a man you have to
realize is that you need to learn from your mistakes. any mistake you’ve made in the past, instead
of keep making those same false patterns or same mistakes you must learn from it and improve. A man can only get into this mindset when
he stopped subscribing to false beliefs, when he stopped subscribing to certain pill colors,
to label his dating into label as masculinity or certain movements, to label his dating
and to label his masculinity. A man can only do this when he’s willing to
break false patterns, as well as false beliefs. You see, because what the current dating game
has made for every single man out there is they’ve made a hookup crazed sex focus culture
that has put so much anxiety on men to perform when it comes to having sex having multiple
partners. That it is not only robbing them of their
seed, but it’s robbing them of the energy that can help propel their life forward. When you chase ass, you’re not chasing your
purpose. When you’re making time for all these women,
they’re sucking you of your time that you could be using to better yourself as a man
to better your knowledge to better yourself skill set to better your business to better
your body. You get this all these pill callers are just
making men segregated. You have these people that are red, and all
of a sudden they say that, now that they’ve adopted this new culture now they’re just
their whole life is on autopilot of just sleeping with women, and they’re just fulfilled just
from sleeping with a bunch of women and they’re not gonna have any emotional investment in
a woman and all that and if you’re the opposite, if you’re a blue collar, all of a sudden you’re
just soft and you’re weak. You understand that when you divide that segregated
line between men all it does is it creates conflict and confusion. When you have A movement of men who permanently
remove women out of their life. Isn’t that a bit naive to say that, hey,
I can’t learn the skill set needed. That this is the only way for me to be happy
is to completely remove myself fellas as a man, you’re going to have to adapt. If you’re building your body, you’re going
to have to adapt over time to keep progression going. If you’re building your business, you’re going
to have to adapt over time to how the current market is positioning you. If you want to adapt with women, you have
to realize that different points in your life these women are going to be doing different
things you’re going to have to be adapting to make sure you can still create the right
type of outcome as a man, it’s all on you. You’re in control. Nobody on this camera. Nobody behind a computer screen you are in
control of your own life, you are in control of the outcome. You see men have tried most of these things
that aren’t working. But at the end of the day, what you must remember
is that the woman and men are slowly figuring this Is that a woman still as a specific type
of man that she is interested in? Now me I call this the Louie Vuitton effect. I don’t know if this is a good analogy, but
I think it’s pretty kick ass. The Louie Bhutan effect is this every woman
wants a Louis Vuitton purse. And she has this idea of what Louis will do
to her how it will make her feel what type of you
know idolization it may give her to other females
what type of status it’s going to bring her that she can afford this purse, okay, she
has an idea of Louis. So let’s say this female saves up a couple
grand. She wants to go to the mall to finally get
herself a nice Louie Vuitton purse. But on the way to the mall on the way to Louis
Bhutan. What’s going to happen is she’s going to have
a bunch of other men trying to sell her off brand. You understand that? She’s going to have some men trying to sell
her michael kors. She’s going to have some men trying to sell
her Kate Spade. She’s going to have some men, some men at
a kiosk trying to sell her. whatever other purse brand there is out there. Steve Madden, let’s say. And in her head. She wants Louis Vuitton. And these men can try to do anything to sell
her this offer and they’re going to try to use words, they’re going to try to seduce
her with how this person is actually designed and handcrafted and how it’s far better than
Louis Vuitton. They’re going to try to Panesar aka, a guy
who’s very focused on pickup, aka a guy who’s very first focused on how he can use his words
as manipulation to hopefully get XYZ out of that woman. But in her head, she still wants to leave
Aton fellas, you know, it’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to sell yourself to a bunch
of women. It’s a lot easier if you just go and make
yourself Louis Vuitton. If you bring yourself up if you come across
with the right type of masculine energy and the right type of tone in your voice that
proclaims not only confidence is there but that you’ve done the work. Because everybody’s focused on what to say
in the interaction. What about after the interaction? What about date? Number Six? What about when you’re kicking it at her house
or she’s at your house and you have to actually speak with her for the next six hours. And you guys chill for a day like nobody actually
talks about what’s actually going on, and why women lose attraction. It’s because men no longer act the correct
way to keep women interested to keep women engaged. That is the whole first reason. You will go on retention, when everything
else that you’ve tried, up until this point has not worked. And what’s funny is it’s going to take it’s
going to take a standpoint of frustration, confusion, anger, these emotions are going
to come You have to be a man who’s rational and logical enough to fight through them and
still put in the work. The second big bullet point when you realize
that your brain is your own worst enemy. Now if you look at current hookup culture,
you’re going To see a number of wild things, day to day like wild wild things, you’re going
to see men who are very sexually timid, very scared, very nervous. But yet they’re addicted to porn. They’re addicted to smoking it to all these
different types of women, and in their head, their own fantasies. They think that they’re getting it with these
women just because they can stroke it on the screen. What it’s leading to is short term pleasure,
a short term high spike of dopamine, followed by a long term crash of depression. When you realize in the real world you are
not what you’re describing. This is terrible to a man’s ego. Another thing is going to be approaching xiety
now not approaches and let me approach this to cold approach and then all of a sudden
seducer, and then all of a sudden, we’re just going to go screw in 10 minutes, because very
rarely does that happen. I’m talking approach anxiety, just walking
up and having a conversation or being able to speak to anybody or being able to convey
a message that shows that you’re not intimidated by the current situation. You see all of this is needed. But yet this is exactly what all men are lacking. Another one would be sexy anxiety. You see men, they put in all this work to
come from a frame of high value. They can’t put in all this work to try to
be confident they put in all this work to try to give the illusion that they’re right
there and strong and stable and secure. It gets time for the sheets. And now they have to watch 20 other YouTube
videos and put in five hours of work through video footage to get over
performance issues. Do you realize the disconnect between that
head to that head that’s going on right now. attraction has been normal and natural for
thousands of years. And yet nowadays we have to have dating coaches
to explain this to men, masculinity coaches to really help men internalize the energy
that they need to have success. It’s crazy. And not only that it’s just female anxiety
in general. Men are nervous and uptight when females are
present men are not confident in how well they can carry themselves to make sure that
they feel comfortable in the situation. So what is retention? And why would anybody use retention? A couple of these things what you see fellas,
a person is going to use retention when he starts to understand that false patterns of
the current situation are broken, that the way he’s currently living life is not actually
helping him in his current situation. retention is when you hold in the essence
as a man. retention is when you take a second and you
go, Hey, my note is worth more than what I’m giving it. My note is worth more than the woman on the
computer screen my note is worth more than all these women at a bar who I think should
automatically just drop drawers for me my note is worth it and guess what I’m going
to do? I’m going to make myself a man first, before
I enter this dating field, because all of these compulsions, whether that be sex compulsion,
whether that be compulsion to you know eat bad food or play video games, all of it is
compulsive. behavior and the problem with retention is
you must use it as a tool, not a compulsive behavior. You see people will go on 100 day retention
street but then all of a sudden, they don’t know what to do after that, because they didn’t
fix the man from the inside out. Fix the man first, before you go back into
the dating game fellas, these tips are going to save you. The steps are going to save you headache heartbreak
and trouble to get your life on the right path so that way you can actually manifest
the things that make a man feel happy, healthy and successful. Fellas If you liked this video, be sure to
hit the like button, comment and subscribe and share this URL with a friend or loved
one that also needs to see this info and we will see you soon.

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