Semen Retention to Gain Her Respect
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Semen Retention to Gain Her Respect

January 6, 2020

What’s up fellas? Uncle see here and today
or I’m gonna be talking about is how semen retention will help you get your girls respect.
Okay because r e s p e c t respect that is a very not talked about topic anymore. It
comes to the standpoint of dating. Now from what I’ve seen from everybody on Instagram
and everybody on YouTube and everybody taking pictures of this fake picture perfect life
for YouTube and Facebook and Instagram and for everybody to look at. The fact of the
matter is that your woman does not respect you. And the reason for that is because you’re
probably not acting like a man. Now. Here’s some red flags if your woman does not respect
you, fellas, me being 23 years old. I’ve seen this shit firsthand with so many of my close
friends. So many people that I know that I come in contact with when I hear them when
I see them when they tell me the stuff that the girls are doing. It blows my mind as to
how they can even put up with that and how they have not set that strong masculine boundaries
for the relationship to follow. Now, the first thing that I noticed is that when it comes
to Snapchat or anything via social media, women often keep their options open. What
I mean by this is a woman will enter into a relationship with a man. However, in all
of her photos, she’s popping her hips and her ass to the side. Basically open invitations
for direct messages, basically open invitations for free validation from thirsty men. And
what she also does is she puts her Snapchat in her bio, she will pipe that in her bio
for an open invitation to add her to talk to her. Now, what does this do to the man?
This sends conflicting signals in that man said he sits there and he goes, Well, I think
this girl likes me. Well, we’ve been sleeping together. She kisses me. Is her we kiss each
other back? Where’s the disconnect? Why is she pulling back? Why do I not feel like she
cares? Why is this? Why do I feel like she’s the one but yet she’s giving me all these
mixed single signals to show it. And she’s
giving me all these mixed signals where I don’t know where I stand with her. See, fellas,
you already made the wrong mistake, you slipped into the feminine mindset, you already have
her at the higher value you already have her on the pedestal by even thinking that
and she can sense that. And because she can sense that that is the
exact reason why her snap username is in that bio, is because at the end of the day, you’re
just not strong enough. She can tell that you’re not strong enough. You constantly wondering
when you’re going to get to see her what she’s doing, where she’s at, who she’s with.
needy, needy, needy, scared, scared, scared, all the attentions
on her all of the time that you’re putting into your own life that you should be is now
being directed into her and when What you did was you made the number one crucial mistake
as a man, you fell off your purpose. You fell off your purpose
or you never had one in the first place. Now fellas, what I want to get across is that
all men need purpose. You see me making these videos me making these videos for you on strength.
First off, you see the retention right you you see the retention, strength and masculinity.
Because you got to realize today it’s hated to be a man who
boy do they not like strong men nowadays, strong men
who are temperamental, or don’t put up with bullshit. Don’t put up with female bullshit.
Oh boy, that’s not like, that’s not like to be hard anymore. It’s not like to have dedication
or determination or not do things how everybody else does it? Oh, no, no, you’re going to
get punished for that. But you see, when you start doing that when you start going against
the grain when you say Not listening to everybody else. Well now she’s going to respect you.
Now she’s going to see that you do not make her your first priority which leads me to
my second point, how semen retention will help you
get respect commanded out of your woman so that way the relationship can flow smoothly
is by doing this you do not make her your first priority you make her your third priority.
Now let me explain your first priority. First and foremost, fellas. 100% of the time is
always you and your health and your mental well being. That’s number one. Because you
come first, if you can’t put yourself first How do you expect to lead a woman? How do
you expect to lead a family? How do you expect to be strong in times of need? You can’t because
you don’t have your shit together first. That’s number one. Get your shit together your first
number two. What is your second priority? Your second priority is your passion and your
purpose. Now your passion and your purpose needs to be making us some Money. I don’t
know where the I don’t know why this isn’t taught anymore. You need to make money. Like
I get consultation calls with guys, they get on the phone with me and they want my coaching
and they can’t afford like a $300 coaching package. They don’t they don’t have disposable
income for even 300 bucks. Like if you can’t afford the next six months of rent, if you
can’t afford the next six months of groceries if you can’t afford the next six months of
car payments, get your shit together. Because the number one thing that women are going
to love is competence and ambition. All of these things go hand in hand that’s your second
priority, make money, exercise your passion. So your first priority members you and your
health your second priority is going to be your passion. Your third priority is now your
woman. Because once you have your
stuff together with you and your family, your immediate family and you’re taking care of
once your passion and purpose is taken care of and monetized and you’re living comfy and
stress free or working towards something to build it to take off? Well, now you can actually
make a realm that’s attractive for a woman to enter. You see women are the weaker link
biologically women are looking for strength. And fellas every single time you exercise
emotional weakness every time you start searching for that woman’s love, you start searching
for that woman’s validation. She views that is emotional weakness. Okay, it would be the
equivalent to a really cute girl acting really masculine and acting really tough. It wouldn’t
be attractive, you guys, so you’re not acting attractive because now she can’t be in that
feminine state. Now she has to be masculine because you’re acting feminine. You’re in
that feminine role, and she doesn’t know what to do. So then you know she’s going to do
she’s going to find some dude like me or some other guy that works out or, you know, likes
to put themselves first likes to get down and dirty and she’s going to go with him because
he’s going to give that rush of excited And he’s going to tell her
how he does things. And it’s going to turn her on, because that’s
the guy that can tell her No. Now, your woman doesn’t respect you because you go along with
all these mind games. You see, you think you need game to run a woman you think you need
all these tactics? You think you need all this shit? No, you gotta get your shit together.
You gotta exercise. You gotta build a body of a warrior. Because strength has
a look, mental strength as a look, physical strength as a look. masculinity has a look.
semen retention will help make you more masculine. Okay, if you build muscle to your body, and
you’re standing there and you’re looking strong, and you you can tell that she likes how you
look, you can tell she’s attracted to you. Do you think she’s going to try to test you?
Do you think she’s going to try to run games on you? Do you think she’s going to try to
push your buttons and figure out which boys she can make you mad with Snapchat. I hope
you’re joking right now. Because all she’s going to be thinking when she finally finds
a type of guy like that is I hope I don’t fuck this up. I hope I don’t screw this up
is what she’s going to be sitting there thinking. That’s what you need her to think.
Because you could command that demeanor and that amount of respect if you would actually
understand what it takes to make a woman attracted. Now, how will semen retention actually help
you command respect to your woman? How will that keep her feminine? How will that keep
her happy? How will that keep her knowing she has found a strong guy finally? Well,
first off, what it’s going to do is it’s going to increase your testosterone.
Because right now every time you’re jerking it,
to animated stuff, like on a screen, every time you’re jerking it to porn, or these women
on Google or on Instagram, all that sends to your body and your mind in your head and
saying, hey, you’re not good enough to manifest that in real life. You’re not good enough
to Get that in real life. So you have to submit to the cell phone. You have to submit to the
computer. You’re so weak. You don’t even know how to talk in real life. You put real flesh
and blood in front of you, this is you. And that’s you.
And what do you think that’s going to do to your confidence as a man it’s going to tank
it. So what happens is that when a guy gets on his retention journey, he cuts out those
distractions he cuts out the pornography he cuts out the Instagram he cuts out the Facebook
messaging he finally gets on his purpose. He realizes that he doesn’t have time throughout
the day to waste with that type of stuff. He doesn’t have time to chase girls on the
cell phone he doesn’t have time to take the bottle of a vino and stroke it because he’s
busy building his fashion. He’s busy being an actual man.
And fathers don’t talk about it. Mother sure as hell don’t talk about it. Moms
nowadays raised their little boys is nice guys and little defective girls. And the problem
with that is that nice guys don’t make attractive men. Nice guys do not make good men. Nice
guys do not make women wet. The type of guy that makes a woman wet is not the guy that’s
kissing her ass fellows. And you being so needy whenever that woman knows where she
stands with you, oh, like I got this guy. She’s on to the next one. She’s on to chase
the next validated person, the next person to give her validation. That’s what she’s
going to be chasing. So retention is going to help you get those testosterone levels
up. retention is going to help you feel like a man retention is going to give you that
mental confidence to realize that hey, the cell phone sure as hell does not deserve my
seed. The computer screen does not deserve my seed. 99% of women out there do not deserve
my seed and you’re going to start to feel better. Your voice will get deeper, you’re
going to be more ambitious, you’re going to have more muscle, you’re going to feel better
perform better talk better, you’re not going to have that anxiety when speaking with women,
you’re going to finally feel like a man in control of his own life. That’s what I want
you to take out of this, like I do in every single video if you want to work with me with
coaching because by now I’ve coached over 300 men in their fitness and their dating
and their masculinity. Go down to the links below. Not only can I transform you to build
one hell of a body, but I can also make sure that you get your life in order so that way
you know what buttons these females are going to press that way when you enter into the
dating game. You can finally make yourself worthy you can finally not get taken advantage
of you can finally start to think rationally and not emotionally and leave all that emotional
drama up to her because that’s that’s what they do best anyways. Okay, you’re playing
the wrong game, fellas. Like the channel, subscribe, share the URL with a family friend
loved one. Hit the links below. I want to work with you You’re a good fit for what I
have to offer. We’ll talk soon

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  1. What was the biggest thing that you took away from this video that you can implement?
    >> Dating and Masculinity Coaching ONE ON ONE WITH CASEY here <<

  2. Respect should be the default. It is trust that should be earned. Being treated decently as a human being by another human being should not be gauged by how "manly" your behavior is. When it comes to relationships, you do not get to tell people how to love you. You get to see how they love and decide if you want to participate.

  3. Good video and as a grown man brother, I can tell you that a real man puts his wife before himself not the other way around. A man that does not put his wife before himself is undeserving of respect and honour

  4. Thanks dude great video.And you mentioned something I was thinking about,”fathers don’t talk about this.”Why is that man? They don’t even teach this at school which I think they should.I’ve been on this earth for a bit now but I had to learn about this from someone I’ve never met.This is kinda frustrating but good to finally have the answers to some of the questions I have.This all make sense wish I’d have this kinda information sooner thanks again dude.

  5. Loving all these guys becoming aware of men holding there sexual energy..its a manifestation energy literally..we have just been conditioned to waste it. Let's get back on it my guys!! Man up save da seed!!

  6. Casey ur videos rattle me up. The truth in them is surreal. For every man : Follow ur purpose like hell –> the money will follow –> and then so will the women.

  7. Raised by my mom. They do not know how to teach boys to be men… Also probably wouldn't have faired better with my dad cause he doesn't know how to be a man. First guy that ever showed me what it meant to be a man was a 61 year old black man from Maryland I worked with. Most real men came from a few generations back, that's what I've discovered. You're the first young guy I've seen that knows how to be a man the right way.

  8. For so long I’ve always wondered why I fucked shit up with girls even when they found me attractive but never wanted to get into a relationship. Every one of your videos resonates with me but this one god damn half way I had to replay the video cause you basically described the last chick I was super into. It’s like you saw my life through my eyes. Crazy. Week 1 of semen retention and she hit me back up today after not talking for 2 months. I was a bitch and she went back with her ex a dude that goes to the gym and I remember once she told me “you have to take control” when I would let her choose where to eat. I never replied I’m going to let her want me even more! #teamnofap💪🏽

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