Semen Retention: The Key That Unlocked 6 Figures for Me in 2019
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Semen Retention: The Key That Unlocked 6 Figures for Me in 2019

January 9, 2020

Uncle C, back in the office. And I
wanted to explain how semen retention helped me manifest my first six figure year and I’ve
learned so much about myself this past year. Now, I’m going to be breaking down the exact
step by step process of what I learned through totally transforming how I act and how I carry
myself. Because not only is this an ultimate hack
to living life, but you got to realize, man, there’s levels to this shit. There’s levels to how far you take it. The best way I can explain this to you, is
if we swapped to the whiteboard. Now I’m going to be respectful of your time
as always, but hang in there with me, because I’m about to show you some valuable information. All right, everybody. So what I wanted to do is I wanted to show
you specifically how retention helped me not only make more money, but I wanted to show
you how it was literally a cheat code and an online Lock to getting on the right path
in life in every way, shape and form. And the only way I can do this is to separate
myself into the old
Cz versus the new. Now, what you must realize is that the old
Cz was not about retention. The old Cz was about one thing and one thing
only. And this one thing right here was this. Now, when a man focuses everything in his
life, about sex, whether that be how fast he can get a woman to sleep with him, what
his standards are, what type of women he’s often attracted to, where he deviates, is
time. The problem is that he’s never actually able
to get in touch with his masculine focus his masculine Drive, or is masculine discipline
to succeed? Does that make sense? All these new traits that I have internally
has stemmed from getting on the right type of things in my life number two, the old Cz
not only was super focused on this, but this was a trickle down effect. So you see, when you’re so focused on this,
everything in your life is distracted, everything in life is going the wrong way. So to now it was tender. It was how soon we could party back in the
day was how fast we could drink beer or get intoxicated. how fast we could potentially smoke, how fast
we could do any of these things, which was low level behavior. Now what this was doing in order to get this
is this was leading me down a bad path of three and three is going to be
ego Now the ego
is an insane one. Because what you tell yourself at the ego
level, is you say, need one more girl at all times, need to make more money need to bust
another not need to prove to myself that I’m good enough
need this woman to feel validated. And when you feed the ego,
you get this, you get a void. Now you got to realize this as a man your
most valuable thing in life is going to be time. Now the saying is
if you give a man who is busy, a task the task gets done
If you give a task to a man who has nothing going on, he will never have enough time to
do it. This is me. This is me in every way, shape and form and
this is 99% of men because the old Cz you see was a 99%, or mass majority thinking,
mass majority identity, only identified himself as who he could sleep with how fast he could
Boston, how quickly he could fill this void. Guess what? Myself along with all the other men are realizing
that this void never gets filled. until you start to transmute
or does this have anything to do with business? Because you see, business is what makes the
world go around. Businesses all man can separate himself from
the 99% doing something that people are willing to pay for shows that you have value. And what this did was this retention when
I started to hold the essence that would make me mad This proved to me that everything in
my life that I was doing was leading down a road where I had no time. The reason why I couldn’t get my work done
and why I could not progress is because everything was to satisfy this right here. You get that. So, one, I would retain not only as the value
there and myself, but you see, now I have discipline. And because of that, then I started to have
focus. And because of that, then I started to have
masculine drive. And because of that, all of a sudden, people
started to give me more respect. Which means not only did my personal life
blow up, my business life blew up. I started to actually become the man that
I wanted to be. But I started to find quality
in life, in women in my thoughts, Without constantly releasing,
without constantly feeling like I need to fill the ego. And you see this is the trap right here that
every man gets filled in right here, this downward spiral, whether it’s the red pill
or whether it’s anything as these men never think that they can be fulfilled with just
one woman and because they’re spiteful, or because they’ve been heartbroken in the past,
they never actually allow a good relationship. Why is that? It’s because they’re a weak man. Why are they a weak man? I’ll tell you why they’re weak man because
the whole thought process everything that controls who they are as a man
is controlled by this right here. And when you are stronger than that, right
there, what’s between her legs? Well, you now have unlocked the key to success. Because now your time, your energy, your focus
and your ambition. is only going to one thing and one thing only. And that
is this. This right here
is the key to masculinity. You see, what are you on this earth for as
a man? What is your seed worth? What is your thought worth? How much value can you show the world? What are people going to remember you for
when it comes down to your legacy? And the first step for any man to get to this
right here, in my opinion, is through retention.

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  2. Hey Casey. Shaved Lion King just stated on his channel that you are a transgender. He seems like wise black guy doing semen retention really hard. Is that shit true bro?

  3. Love the videos, Casey. I started retaining 2 months ago. Feels like a lifetime ago. I have never been so busy in my life. Its awesome to see another 23 year old out there on his purpose as a man. Have a great day brother!


  5. I feel like semen retention made more sensitive to caffeine. I think it's because its always with a purpose of going to the gym. I trained my brain with these associations and now it's second nature.

  6. Short question. How much affection are you allowed to show in a relationship towards you woman without coming over as too feminine?

  7. Lost 15 pounds since Christmas, go to the gym everyday, and study atleast 4 hours daily. I can see the finish line.

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