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Semen Retention – The Empowered Man

January 8, 2020

Hey guys, I’m Jonathan white I’m here to help you master your sexual energy so that you can magnetize your ideal life So I wanted to talk about becoming an empowered man. So I think we live in a time where a lot of people are very confused about About their identity about their path of life and who they truly want to be and how they can become that so a common pattern that I’ve seen in people is a pattern of neediness, you know, this mindset that we need Approval from others. We need validation from others that we need to We need to impress others and have others approve of us and This is a very limiting belief. This is a very limiting way to live your life and it’s it’s going to keep you from being who you really want to be and being a master of your life and It’s very ironic because I see a lot men a lot my friends I’ve found who are you know, they’re always chasing women. They go from one relationship to the next and they’re they’re just so focused on you know attracting other people and Seeking approval seeking validation and it’s so important that you let go of that You know you stop trying to stop chasing women. Stop chasing the things you think you need and Just work on yourself Just be yourself because as soon as you do that as soon as you’re not trying to get things from other people and all the Interactions that you’re having with them. Well, first of all, you automatically become more attractive Because you’re not trying to get things for people But you also become you become more self sustained. You don’t need other people’s approval You don’t need their energy. You can do this on your own and So it’s very empowering to no longer rely on others you need to learn to be a oh, you need to be okay with Spending time alone being productive by yourself learning new things reading books doing research learn more about What you want to become and who you want to be and study other people who have done these things who have been there done It and made these changes in their lives You need to be okay with spending time alone because that’s really how you become a more Accomplished and intellectual person when you’re always spending time with friends when you’re always hanging out with people, you know Socializing is great obviously and is something necessary, but when you never have time to yourself you’re never going to be in these states of introspection of self query looking at who you are and Who you want to become basically the more time you spend by yourself learning studying Growing the more interesting you become you have more to offer you have more to offer other people and to the world Another large aspect in my opinion of becoming an empowered man is semen retention Most men are controlled by their sexual impulses and They end up looking at porn Masturbating ejaculating constantly just depleting their life force. Our schemas are derived. It’s our male, essence And so you need to learn to control yourself. You need to learn to control your sexual impulses and channel that sexual energy Into the things that you are doing and you’ll have that huge tremendous force because you cannot truly Create the life of your dreams when you are not in control of your sexual energy and your sexual impulses So that is a very important thing for all men I think it’s very important to work out to develop your body to develop yourself physically mentally spiritually So physical exercise is very important. It keeps our body healthy it builds discipline any sort of daily habit that you have, you know something that Is you it’s not easy to to go lift weights or to go running every day, whatever sort of exercising shoes It’s not easy to do but it it challenges you and you grow from it You get stronger you get healthier and there’s just so many benefits to it. If you’re not exercising regularly then Typically, you do not have much discipline. Typically you are weak in other areas of your life So these things are always interconnected our physical health our mental health our spiritual health They’re always connected also learn to train your mind with meditation You have to learn to To bring yourself within to bring your awareness within and to empty your mind and to really see What all of the influences are on your thoughts on your presence? What is affecting you? What conditioning has been put upon? Which beliefs are yours? What plays are truly yours and what beliefs have you just taken on from others? So meditation is such a powerful tool to train your mind to Train your body mind and and to develop that connection between body and mind So I highly recommend that you develop a daily meditation practice I think it’s also very important that you train your energy body. We are energetic beings there is this universal energy flowing through us, but we need to learn how to Consciously work with this energy guided through our bodies I do this with Qigong This will help us to take control of our health to take control of our levels of energy and of course our mental emotional states as well because our health and our met our emotional and physical health are determined by The level of openness of our energy channels the energy flowing through our body When this becomes imbalanced we get sick we get diseased so we can keep our energy flows smooth Open and balanced. We live in the flow. We feel happy. We feel healthy. We feel energized Why are children so excited so so happy so playful so full of life because they haven’t been so conditioned and They’re their channels are wide open they’re just flowing with energy and as we grow we experience traumas we Experience stress can start to constrict this flow. We literally We literally say I can’t handle, you know this life force. I can’t handle such openness I need to come I need to shut myself down a bit to perfect protect myself from the traumas that are happening and so this we start to shut down as we become teenagers and Most people will never open back up through the rest of their adult life. They never Get back to that state of being a child and having that openness that open flow of energy So working with your energy body I do this through Qigong practice is in my opinion One of the most important things a human can do and it will harmonize very well with physical exercise and with mental training Develop your skills. We are all good at something. There’s something that interests all of us maybe you haven’t found what this is yet for yourself, but learn to Improve yourself in different ways. What excites you what drives you in life? What have you always dreamed about doing? Learn more about get better at it practice every day. Whatever that is may be playing a musical instrument or graphic design creating art whatever something that interests you and really excites you and and is a channel for your Creativity because we need that as human beings. We are very creative beings, but when we’re just living our lives away Just working a nine-to-five job not doing anything that challenges us not using our creativity We we become mindless slaves and we become depressed become sick and we age and die so You need to have something that you’re passionate about because your life is going to be so much more enriched and you’ll have that excitement Every morning waking up knowing that you’re doing something to improve yourself and they are working towards something and that’s what an empowerment does He is he has skills. He has expertise. He’s a master of something and he’s sharing this with the world He’s he’s he is contributing to the world and Expanding himself one of the most fulfilling things is knowing that you’re contributing something of value to the world so when you’re doing your work when you’re doing whatever it is that you’re good at whatever it is that excites you when you’re Getting better at it and you’re doing it. You’re putting it out in the world You are making the world a better place and that is what life is all about when we’re each following our passion and sharing it Exchanging our gifts with the world. That’s what really that’s where the beauty of life comes from and you can really learn to Sustain yourself by doing this becoming an entrepreneur There’s no reason anymore for anyone to be stuck in a nine-to-five job doing something that they hate There’s so many tools available to us to the internet YouTube in itself is you can give yourself a college education through YouTube Basically, and this is what many people are doing now so there’s no excuses not to become a master and to To basically work for yourself and be self employed Living an entrepreneur bike. I stopped working Full-time 9 to 5 jobs years ago, and I’m never going back I learned how to use my skills and my expertise to Contribute to other people and add something of value and now I’m able to travel the world as I please I’m able to basically Do the things I love and get paid for them and it’s incredible and anyone can do this and life just becomes an incredible Adventure because you’re not you’re not a slave anymore. You’re not stuck somewhere Like so many people are and it takes a vision to get there You have to know what you want and you have to plan you have to work towards things every day but that in itself is exciting and it’s empowering and it will lift you out of Being stuck in a situation that you don’t want to be in Traveling has been a very great method of growth for me You need to get out of your mom’s basement If you’re living with your parents, you know, you need to get out you need to get out of your hometown You need to see the world traveling has been one of the One of the ways that I’ve really grown it the most I always experienced a lot of growth when I’m traveling right now I’m in Bali and I’ve been traveling since Since December, I’ve been you know, I was in Hawaii I was in Australia here in Bali now and I’m gonna be traveling for a couple more months and it’s just It gets you out of your routines It gets you out of these, you know, these these fixed patterns that we have and you see things from a different perspective You know when you’re in different cultures just being around different people it’s just I love traveling and I think that it’s a great way to Get you out of your comfort zone and to learn what is truly important in your life another very? important aspect of becoming an empowered man is noticing who you spend the most time in who you’re hanging around because you Your friends usually reflect who you are So if you’re hanging out, you know If you’re always hanging out the bar your friends getting drunk not really doing anything really meaningful then your that’s that’s where you’re going to be stuck at if you are interacting with intelligent people people who are going somewhere in their life people who share similar passions people who are improving themselves Then that is what you are going to become it’s very important to to Meet people who are doing what you are doing or what you want to be doing so if if you feel that most of your relationships and friendships are very Superficial if they don’t have depth to them then I think it’s very important that you Let go of these relationships and and make room for new ones because you have to let go of the old To bring in the new so to me being an empowered man. It’s about being self-sufficient. It’s about knowing what you want in life and Getting it doing the work that it takes to get it it’s about training your body training your mind training your energy body and Just really becoming a multi-faceted being and embracing the full spectrum of being a human So, I hope that this has helped you in some way. Thank you for watching this video Please subscribe to my channel like this video and leave a comment below. Have a great day my friends

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  1. If you have wet dreams for example 3,4 times a week, can you still say that you are on semen retention and can you still have benefits of it?

  2. Have you heard about the Shangqing Taoist sect? The specific Celestial Qigong(Nei Kung) practices that I'm doing is a part of this ancient Taoist tradition and the teacher I'm learning from here on yt tells how this sect was the most powerful one and all others were afraid of them because of the power they were capable of. Here is the celestial Nei Kung that I'm practicing. Are you doing something similar or do you have an opinion of those ones? Link – It contains 7-10 exercises and then at the end its the pyramid meditation exercise with the Hakini mudra. Is it just me or you feel the same? The background music just connects with my heart so much. I feel that I've had a past life in these ancient times in China. I would just be freaking happy if I find a person in my country that I can practice qigong with 😀

  3. I purchased the testicle breathing exercise yesterday from your website
    I'm a bit confused about the breathing pattern and the contraction and expansion of testicles and root bandha.
    Can you help me with this?

  4. You look so happy and healthy. At sixty-two, I'm waiting patiently and keenly aware that I have something else to do. Qi gong is centering me very well and helping me move around in the world open to whatever possibilities I see or hear.

  5. Good content very inspiring I wish to be an entrepreneur I need creative ideas to sustain myself and family thanks for the videos.

  6. Bro, this video was amazing. The best of the last videos. You've talked about how we are very conditioned to be needy and the powerful practices that can make yourself at peace with yourself.

    I have two things to say. You could have named the video better, maybe focusing on the power of being alone. This could bring you a lot more leads and you could still express your message. The second this is that you could expand more on one more specific topic, like being alone and neediness and at the end the power of have introspection (meditation/qiqong/sexual practices) to heal it. This may make the subscribers to focus on this specific topic and take this specific habit into their lives and get value from it and return to learn more.

    I noticed that the growth of your channel stopped at 10k and I believe you can escalate it even more. This is my view bro, thanks!

  7. I like how you've styled your hair, despite having a curved shape head on the sides like me, you managed to make it look good. It gives me encouragement as well that I can do the same! 😀
    I know this is off topic, but great video nonetheless!

  8. Nice ideas, really agree travel is so important to learn. Very nice video!! Do you also practice kungfu as an external martial art? I’ve seen you practice Qigong and taiji that are really good martial arts too!! Maybe you can post one video about martial arts!! All the best

  9. Is there any way by clenching the PC muscles and drawing the energy before you ejaculate can hurt you? I'm doing this since a year and I can go forever in bed and have so much energy. Can it be harmful to my body

  10. Hey I’ve been watching your vids for a while now and have been doing chi gong for a while now and noticed a bit of improvement but I struggle greatly with motivation. I would really love to purchase your program but is there any way to get rid of this lack of motivation? My mind set is motivated but I feel there is a blockage of energy in my body.

  11. Hello Jonathan. I've been enjoying your videos for a while now. How often do you purposely ejacualte? Im not sure whether its 2 weeks, 1 month or longer. Or maybe you just see how you feel. And when you self-cultivate do you fantasize and or lust?

  12. At day 70 and I can finally see the difference. My life force was seriously depleted. The healing is spiritual as much as it is physical in my experience.

  13. Travelling is overrated. Other than talking about semen retention, you really don't have much insight or anything else to say.

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