SEMEN RETENTION | The Army within ⚔️ | How to call them | The 144,000
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SEMEN RETENTION | The Army within ⚔️ | How to call them | The 144,000

January 4, 2020

what’s up as over zone told y’all is getting cool around here getting cool
around here it’s getting cool right now yeah what’s going on man what’s up how
y’all doing appreciate y’all interacting with me
because if it wasn’t for y’all I wouldn’t continue to do this
I wouldn’t continue to do this charlie everybody asking me questions I’m hittin
y’all up with links man the channel wrong man y’all make sure y’all showing
this on your own Facebook on your own Instagram lately folks know what’s going
on with the Ascension one family you part of it you got laying here for a
reason man I could tell you a few things a lot of things that I came in to
contact with as far as why I’m telling y’all now in my videos and stuff like
that man dealing with semen retention man like I said there’s some real stuff man
I got a couple videos I was talking about you know me getting sick catching
the flu and I wanna go into that a little bit deeper because
something-something click man some Clinton with me I was like man wow it’s
like our semen is more beneficial than we think
our seed is our doctor
our scene is on dentist I’ve seen is any no stroke and eye doctor that you ever
need man real – real eye on everything man
I just truly feel that your seat is the army marching inside of you the battles
that take place within every time you got something going on inside you it’s
your cells that go and handle that why you sleep it’s the inside that works and
moves so consciously while you while you sleep you sitting up here eating all
this stuff and going to sleep on what’s wrong with you
you yeah you sleep with your body working that’s why you wake up time
that’s why wake up oh because you sleep on a steak and potatoes and a big piece
of pumpkin pie in a 2-liter cold then you 10 minutes later you ate some center
Center bones being you ate your midnight snack popcorn and color see you woke up
at 3 o’clock and the Paris ice is moving inside and said hey go get it go get go
get some tater chips and some candy 3 a car man don’t let don’t let that
negative force of gluttony I’m gonna take you you’re seeing your semen is
your doctor when you let it go there is no regulation and regulation is gone
although the fight is gone the army has left 144,000 has left your seed is your
army of doctors and lawyers mental mental clarity you know let go me
thank you it gets tough some of this stuff is part of your brain cerebral
fluid or ever coming out this product pizza it’s for love you you get done
when you let go man you become docile when you
easier to control easy to control easy you’re nothing we leaked all over the
place man got no energy like I said the 300 300 kick a fool in a whole election
you gotta you gotta maintain and see see me retention I feel like our seniors on army with in
Lodi all misuse dad no misusing that man so when hi I wasn’t misusing it but when
I was and I went I felt myself kid weak that was my power that was my army and
my army just went and winning a no man’s land they went in the Trojan where they
went I don’t know but it left me it was dark yeah I’m tired the last time when I was tired no
motivation sit there for at least another two three hours before I gotta
but I said you know what you did it you weren’t supposed to get your ass up boy
get up you get to get your feeling get to
pulling that power back in you you you know your injector you let it go right
now the sun’s starting to set man it’s getting a little dark as I speak but I
want all that this room last too long your semen is your army of doctors and
lawyers when you get sick and they give you all
this stuff it’s your internal that get to move in
yeah some of that stuff whatever some half of the world more fuzzy most of us
placebo sugar water pills or whatever sugar pills man because they know if you
think it it will come you heal me yourself stop falling for that placebo
man it’s eventually you you sit there you lay down and can’t go nor they’ve
got to say lay down and visit your energy don’t eat none so nothing won’t
take away your energy and drink plenty of water that has the hydrogen in it
that’s gonna heal help heal you come on man they tell you what every diet
there’s exercise you gotta exercise here you gotta exercise to keep it put it
look the diet is number one it’s 80% diet 20% exercise I’m trying to tell you
man exercising got nothing to do with it
it’s what you eat and when you eat jacked up and releasing all over the
place bro you done you can’t even he’ll get seat miss round watch what happen
you fuller Oh posters cakes and Little Debbie snacks and chicken and fried
chicken and all that ice cream the parasites and germs whatever inside you
virus inside that big clump of chicken and steak we can go hide and then we can
fester them me he just bust once so his army gone they they gone man he just he
just marched them into no-man’s land and not he ain’t got nothing to fight with
let’s take this fool but dance some inside saying you know what
this dizziness I’m feeling whatever I’m feeling man okay I got it I got to get
off because whatever it is is it trying to do me they’re trying to do me but you
don’t let it do it brother I won’t let it happen you gotta get a
look you’re better get up cuz if you don’t you’re gonna be down I’m trying to
tell you man stop busting your seat over there show it’s your army of doctors and
lawyers and dentists when I say lawyers you make the right
decisions we have foot when you fully get see you full of your confidence when
you’re full of what it is you know you’re supposed to be doing I’m knocking
I’m gonna give it to you y’all keep on giving me that that that
feedback there push push I’m gonna keep on doing it because that’s what I do
this hi ladies how are you my kid at night is tell you I know I
ain’t one-dimensional man I’m mixing in health and every time with this man your
food how you eat what you do Plus on top of the semen retention stuff man semen
retention is a doctor semen retention is a lawyer semen retention is your dentist
is your eye doctor your throat doctor you hold on to your army you 144,000 yo
semen Yossi Joe power gonna take care you brother
it’s gonna hold you down brother life on flat tires night I’m out here people
walking by looking at me okay it’s for the fan my section one and we doing it
taking y’all hi I’m taking you on there ain’t gone and if you want to stand out
here in down there hell man down man down man we in the open ocean that’s it we’re in the upper echelon the
Sun said I feel good I’m always feeling good I just had to cave in come in here
and howl at y’all for sick I’m gonna keep the content coming some I like keep
the content coming it’s coming brother we here thank you for serving y’all so
subscribe hit the like button do what y’all got to do man
keep it coming cuz I know y’all go elsewhere I know it’s putting people
talking about this but I’m mixing in health man eat right stop sending your army into no-man’s
land a night we go one what’s that down there
it’s my flight oh there goes a light we can go there oh man was this plastic is
this latex oh it’s just a towel is this a sheep shit we’re the wrong place we
need to go back and we go back no he can’t go back once they’re gone they’re
gone it’s not your army like that real spiritual spiritual powers like
that stop sending them into no man’s land keep it within that’s your power
let it be let it come of this I don’t call I’m not here on the chill that’s
how I do me high school high school squadron fire
the Phoenix just called me up to six what are they told y’all what the two
seats me Yahweh Hebrew I just man I believe there’s high until I get I’m
feeling I’m feeling the energy coming down for them till I see spirit
I’m experiencing nine but right now here’s just me I got me beat so that’s
it says you one family because as you often see the light
spectrum is changing just a little bit just a little just a little bit I ain’t
got my watch on I left it in the crib nice time for me to deal y’all stay on
the man’s semen retention you’ll see him in ears 144 thousand years old I’m this
your lawyer thank you
peace peace of love that’s it man coming from God you

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  2. It’s funny because I ate everything you talked about in this video yesterday. What kind of diet do you promote man?

  3. Hey man, I love your content. Very informative and refreshing. I also love that background music. It helps your message penetrate deep in our minds. BTW, Klimeks has some pretty sick instrumentals if you were looking for other music. Peace, Stay Blessed!

  4. Brilliant Brother 👍 Just when I needed it! I'm just realising this last while I've never wanted for anything in my life! The Most High has always been with me. As much as I thought things were always going against me, it was all apart of the Master plan! Blessings Brother…

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