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January 9, 2020

watch me turn one three Oh one thousand degrees, dipping on the scene, make sure I come out clean if I aint clean I don’t leave yeah I gotta rep from how I talk to how I step looking good In what I bought feel my swag hear it talk raspberry with no why no single shot so yeah man I got mad love for my new followers I would like to thank all my new subscribers man thank all y’all man I
appreciate y’all coming in checking in with your boy man so different right
now man it’s like on a whole different level right now man I see what’s going
on in the community it is what it is man I’m gonna turn this down a little bit
man i’ma going get on up on the man for real for real I’m just out here chillin
man different scene I ain’t outside I’m inside the house today checking the tree
out got my lotus flower back there boom-boom what y’all know about the
lotus flower man bloom in the moonlight moonlight moonlight rest in peace XXXtentacion rest in peace juice world rest in peace Nipsey Hussle rest in peace all
the fallen soldiers man y’all know what it is man I’m just out here chillin man
I’m going here turn this music down man let y’all know what’s poppin the now man
and this video man I’m gonna be talking about the top 5 benefits of
Semen retention man my top 5 and if yall want to man yall can bite off of this but I am the original goat so if you want to bite off this go ahead bite I don’t
even care I’m a goat when it come to this I’m a goat hen it come to this man
I’ve been doing this for wow this ain’t nothing new to me I’ve been
doing this man all aroun dThis is A1 Nutrition 4 Healing LLC hot get out ain’t one nutrition our top 5 benefits of semen retention man and I’m gonna start from 5
and imma go down to 1 that’s what I’m gonna do man we taking it higher upper
echelon man people say I’m a little serious I’m a Scorpio on straight from
the hill that’s how I do me yeah I’ll give you the hide that how I roll man
yeah I am man you think what you want to think about me I’m part of the
organization I ain’t I ain’t Muslim and Christian I ain’t none of it
don’t just mean I am I am that I am in this existence that’s what I do
I ain’t got time to be conforming to nothing romans 12:2 says do not
conforming me ain’t doing none of it I ain’t conforming to nothing that’s hot
that’s hot that’s how I survive that’s how I get self-preservation within my
meal what’s up i ironed down with no shenanigans on down with none of that
man but i’m going to jump to this top five man I got this energy rolling
straight off a cold shower man I feel like I can take off for real that’s how
I feel take off what all right number five man
I’m going to jump straight into it man number five man improves your sex life
sexual intimacy if you ain’t gonna bust and you know you ain’t gonna bust then
guess what you Shaka Zulu King James up in there man and if you in love man
y’all doing what you do you know I’m sayin the intimacy lasts longest it’s a
different connection number five improved sex life and intimacy man you
ain’t gotta worry about getting nobody pregnant you ain’t gotta worry about
having no baby but you ain’t gotta worry about the only thing you got to worry
about is catching something so realize just because you don’t bust don’t mean
you ain’t gon catch none STDs sexually transmitted demons man that’s that’s bad
energy that they got up on you all these diseases from lack of sexual sexual
discipline that’s what it’s all about STDs sexually transmitted demons
spiritually transmitted demons whatever you want to call it so be careful with
number five that’s my warning to y’all be careful
with number five for real for real just because you can’t bus and don’t bus
don’t mean you still ain’t gotta wear one be safe
do what you got to do man to survive out here self-preservation if you got one
and she’s yours and you know you ain’t bouncing around then boy sex magic is
your friend you’re gonna pull so much up into this reality you’re gonna bring so
much up into this reality sex magic get with her let her know so she can be down
with it so she can be thinking why y’all in
Missy is going to that point where y’all can pull something down through the
funnel from the other side the spiritual world were you making that connection
spiritually as to spiritual beings when y’all get together Oh y’all ain’t ready
man y’all ain’t ready I told y’all what I was coming to do I told y’all what I
was coming to do yeah dad wait for really all right that was number five
improved six lights and it’s intimacy number four number four my favorite
number the number four totem pose up anyone nutrition for healing number four
helps the body keep its vital nutrients what do you think your semen is what do
you think it is or just makes a baby okay what else I’ll wait you don’t know
you just know what you’ve been told you just know what you know through school
and your sexual education class that’s all you know what do you know for
yourself well I’m here to tell you it is your vital life force it ain’t just for
a baby if it makes a baby what else you think it does buddy come on man wake up
get out of the trans get out of the mundane rituals that was talk to you
come to self know thyself let’s go within that’s the only way
you’re gonna find out for yourself um it helps the body keeps its natural
vitamins you ain’t got to go to the store buy a peel some peels in a bottle
what man just trying to bottle everything up man sad and y’all falling
for it man sad sad sad part of this improving your vital are keeping vital
nutrients it also improves muscle gain muscle gain because those nutrients they
do something man they do they do something me 40 days and
40 nights man this is 40 days and 40 nights to semen retention for me since
we talking about the number four take off the zero that’s number four the
title of my video forty days and forty nights of semen retention my top five
benefits that seat me forty days and forty nights I’m 40 days in I’m 40 days
in me I feel like I feel up you just don’t know man I feel like I
can leave all me into boy what y’all want to go where you want to go let go
that’s how I’m feeling right now beyond this improvement through sexual
discipline semen retention forty days and forty nights man I just feel it
that’s that’s how I feel it will improve your muscle gain athletic abilities
stamina and agility y’all see these yup LeBron James Michael Jordan these Mike
Tyson you think they got that fast you think the ideal letting everything
who’s all out over the place no man it helped him jump higher it helped them
grind the ball in the hoop a little harder it helped them do that little cut
that’s gonna leave somebody ankles broke football and basketball cuz they seconds
minutes ahead of the next man who got his mind on six they read it that’s the
man that’s ahead of you if you are out in the streets running trying to chase a
woman getting rid of all your money they focus man that’s why they get paid like
that that way they paid him that they attracted more now the ones who get lost
like Antonio Brown let the money get to him again
women get to him that’s how yo Kingdom will fail his kingdom fail cuz I what he
did his stupid ass it might might have been some mental with him I’m starting
to think I don’t know I don’t know it was something seeming a little off with
him but his sexual lack of sexual discipline destroyed his kingdom Brooke
that’s what happened with all y’all them drugs women come on man follow follow
man so when it comes down to the number four for for benefit man I’m telling you
man it improves all that all your things
that if you in a sports world and you trying to be that best player man you
know stop stop doing that and stop doing that stop
or if you or if you if you if you can’t stop don’t let it go it’s real you can
do it man hell no I know for real do y’all chill we go up hill yo we wait man
stop being weak man stop being them come on me now now you owned you’re the one
who run around like a look female because you let go and she know she got
you you don’t want puppy dog on the stream
now cuz you let your power go after you all probably let all your money go and
your resources in your time your energy now you’re just gonna lay now she got
you on the sparrow bro come on man we jump we be done with number four man we
done with number four improves agility stamina muscle gain all that stuff that
cuts all of this real man for real we go on in to number three uh you’re more
focused when you’re not focused on Bonin all the time you’re more focused on your
purpose you’re more focused on what it is you have to do the protocols to get
what you have to go to do what it is you need to do in this lifetime your purpose
your contract that you signed before you got here
that contract with the most high that’s the contract that you need to abide by
not the one when you win and got your job not that kind track that cons you
are trapped of what it is you supposed to be doing in this life before you came
down from the other side that spiritual side into existence when you hit this
plane when you your life shot into this net that caught you this
plane that caught you this plane next plan net y’all sleep man for real this
planet cops on this plane earth plane white thing they call it an airplane I
am ain’t no flat earth to iron around but what is a airplane a plane is a
airplane a device that rides the plane the plane airplane playing playing
playing it done wait a minute yo y’all ready man
when you are focused on other things your purpose man sex ain’t nothing man
you ain’t got time for it man cuz you worried about what’s going on
next with you and your life going forward you got people who become monks
who stop just to get clarity Jesus himself went to the mountains 40
days before tonight speaking of man but y’all think all this healing and
touching this stuff come from he wasn’t doing that he was known that he wasn’t
chasing on women he could touch somebody and hit him they could touch him and be
healed that energy the Madam’s the realness coming up are you popping
out you for real if it come out for you it’s gonna come off you if you do right
you put your heart in the right spot the most I don’t have you if you do what
you’re supposed to do your focus gets real
you cannot stop what it is you doing when you got your mind on your purpose
and you ain’t worried about trying to run up behind somebody it’s
been in all your energy bro for real that’s just how it is man
it improves your focus man that’s what it does
all right we going into number two which is improves manifestation powers and the
power and the law of attraction angle I mean I’ve been I’ve been running boy a
lot of things the manifesting with me a lot of things the manifesting with me
I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been boy things that I hold on to my gist I hold on to
my power my bank account run I’m paying off stuff I’m getting money that’s
coming out of nowhere I’m getting offers I’m getting people wanting me to be down
with business deals are people want me to be part of a real estate team want me
to come in and get the money cuz they know I know how to do this I’ve been
doing this man for years man I ain’t no spring chicken goat man been doing this
man manifestation is real everything start coming to you man
you’ve had your heart in the right spot cuz God know where you’ll heart it if
your heart ain’t in the right spot your mind will forget it
if your heart in the right spot nine times out of ten you you semen you semen
leaking everywhere this dis message don’t even protect it
it does pertain to you hopefully if you’re in that position and you
listening right now it helps you get to where you need to go but if you if you
ain’t on that level man just don’t even matter to you man he don’t but what I’m
telling you man your old manifestation powers what you start bringing in him
from the other side will be true and from the most high because he knew your
heart was pure cuz those are the only ones just come singing your heart must
be pure on the pure of heart she’ll see the Most High you better believe that
manifestation power was improved man manifestation powers improved let’s get
to number two I think that was number two let’s get to
the grand finale number one I kind of already talked about this man healing
powers 40 days 40 nights we can take that back to talking about Jesus 40 days
40 nights reign you know what I’m saying y’all know 40 days and 40 nights linked
back to the great flood the waters pioneer y’all ain’t ready man I’m
telling you y’all ain’t ready man y’all ain’t ready man healing powers improved
personal my knee I jacked my knee up I tweaked that mother man I tweaked it it
was always messin with me it was always messing with me man 40 days 40 nights in
this this thing was messing with me nah 40 days 40 nights here man I’d go 15
days I’d go Twitter days boom I’d go 15 days I’ll go 25 days boom I’d go 12 days
I’d go 17 days boom I’m 40 days in 40 days 40 nights back then 3-4 months ago
before the injury kind of happened and it’s it’s I’m telling you man it was a
little tweak man I can feel it walking upstairs I can feel it oh climbing up a
ladder I can feel it doing I can feel it man I’m telling you it was like I was
like man what what what the world happened man you know i squatted down I
came back up and I kind of heard something ever since then that John was
tweeting but since these 40 days and 40 nights bro boom it’s done put the
hundred forty-four thousand went to my knee and healed me man I could jump
through the roof now tell you healing powers
no more back aches nice to have back aches all the time man when I say back
aches I don’t know where I’ll be missing them
I’ll be doing them back just be hurting probably those you know it was coming
out that was my healing power man for real
Oh everything man no more back aches managed to have back
aches all the time hey y’all man out there who hold it all
back all the time think about your sex life think about if
you be sitting up there beating you up stuff off all the time
a jackal ating all the time every time you run out for a woman you bust up in
the bedroom looking at magazines busting all the time that’s why your back hurt
I’m trying to tell you my back yeah my back ain’t hurt and split it don’t hurt
it’s not I’ll call up right now and I’m worried about my back cuz it’s just
wrong man I’m telling you back heel knee heel had a foot injury
sciatica they try to tell me that was gonna beat me for the rest of my life
line the devil alive bro tell me man no more foot pain no more back pain no more
knee pain 40 days 40 nights heel bro it’s healing powers are real why do you
think Jesus could walk up to somebody and touch him and then he’ll be around
them energy red insole out permeate not so so so hard that people around him
feel the energy they get here with a little things man that’s what you need
to be that’s what you need that’s what you need to focus on man for real
40 days and 40 nights here man that’s my top five and I’m gonna do something a
little different here man oh okay I just looked down at the paper on the keep 100
the skin get right bro I’m inside man I got my jacket on I’m moving around I’m
feeling a little warm you know I’m saying I’m feeling a little warm because
I ain’t gonna go outside I got my tree right here with the Black Angel up top
I’m in here chillin man just wanna let you cuz I want a kid I wanted to get
into it I want to get into a man I’m tell you for real I can’t do this
outside because there’s people out there you know what I’m saying probably still
trying to sleep somebody probably hear me right now kill him
I pay rent here but your skin number one you can tell it’s coming out especially
when you stand up in that Sun like you got a bank upon everybody wear no makeup
around here like a CEO saying man we real this is global it’s clothing shout
out the HC old man and everybody else out there who doing it man for real you
know I all know what’s going on and everybody ain’t I said no about nobody
the message is real man I don’t care whatever the backstories are on y’all
whatever y’all egos lead y’all to pump out and become and get caught up in
whatever is it’s separate parts I’ll take what I need and I and I run with it
semen retention message is real for real it’s part of life man
this goes back to Jesus man I’m telling you 40 days before tonight man
that’s what I’m talking about your skin all yo I’m telling man that it do
something man I’m tell you it’s a whole different feeling your skin kick right
man and I’m go back to what I was saying before i got realized that I had to talk
about the skin I’d be in my top five number five was improved six life number
four was help body keep vital nutrients while improving muscle gains that
improve athletic abilities stamina and agility number three focus when you’re
not focused on sex number two improves manifestation powers
attraction and good vibration number one healing powers healed my knee back stop
hurt and prove the skin and promotes hair growth forgot about that yang beer
you wonder why you ain’t gonna hear your chest
cuz you keep letting it all out you wonder why your beard jacked up cuz you
keep letting it all out same for your count this pull out the money girl out
put two and two together two and two is so number one those
healing powers man those healing powers man I’m telling you man for real for
real now let’s do what I wanted to do before I went back zero 360 degrees
zero one two three four five five four three two one zero and zero is 360
degrees my zero point is your connection to the Most High it’s magnified times 77
that’s the most important one you can’t just do what you want to do out here
yeah you you here you here you in existence and yeah you’re a god what in
the bible is said we made them in our image so you still answer to somebody so
your connection to him is magnified on semen retention 40 days 40 nights
this was my upload I’m too real waiting I’m going with it egg one nutrition for
hearing a man like share comment subscribe man for real
just make sure y’all do that man like shit come subscribe peace peace man stay

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  1. No homo but the noise he makes when he imitates fappin has me in tears loool fr tho fappin is beta male mounaveres. My man retain the seed for gain… Have sex but don't buss you feel like a real G after

  2. SUBSCRIBE if you feel the VIBRATION ⚡️⚡️⚡️ and please hit that like button it will helps our channel grow 🏋🏾‍♂️ THANK YOU 🙏🏾 …. 1 LOVE ❤️ fam

    Aye Ascension Nutrition fam I appreciate the feedback and GREAT ENERGY in the comment section from all of y’all. There is nothing better than seeing y’all vibe on this level. Everybody won’t get it and maybe they are not ready to Exit their self created hell, but those that receive this are those who are tuning in to another frequency and changing their vibrations – THATS YALL FAM …. SET A TARGET 🎯 AND VIBRATE UP OUT OF THERE bc hell on earth is self created, but yet so is heaven on Earth…. which one would y’all rather have Fam??? I know what I’m taking…. Good Health • Financial stability • Semen Retention • Spiritual awakening – is the way to that land that can only be reached in the mind when you learn thyself bc this world is what it is, but you have total control of what you think…. don’t be jeered and don’t conform – Build your kingdoms and Build your Business…. NOW IS THE TIME 20/20 the year of 2020 vision aka 40 or 4 – the power numbers are manifestation numbers what are you attracting???




    IN ORDER FOR THE ELECTRIC CURRENT TO FLOW – there has to be a strong exchange for a weaker exchange – That’s why there’s an on and off switch – Are you ON or OFF – to manipulate and move the powers- DONT BE THE WEAKER EXCHANGE – If your OFF then turn on and TURN UP or else something or someone will rise off of you.





    You will attract the positive side of this electric grid in your sexual discipline bc your holding your electric charge that ATTRACTS which is your SEMEN MEN! If you want to always receive the positive side of the electric grid then we must do something different in our lives !!! WHAT CAN WE DO❓ WE MUST KEEP our electric current within charged up!!!! and #SemenRetention is one way to keep that electric vital life force bottled within so you can WIN WIN WIN 🥇- MANIFEST AND BE THE MOST POWERFUL YOU !!!!

    I SEE YALL FAM 💯 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. I hear you loud and clear bro. I see the glow. Im on Day 60 going strong. Keep spreading the knowledge. Stay up 💯#RetainGang

  4. I been on it since 2013 so you already know what it is with the ANCESTRAL KNOWLEDGE. Jesus ain't nothing but HERU from Kemet (Egypt). In KEMET, you fasted for 40 Days and 40 nights before the Winter Solstice and the alignment of the Three Kings which is the Orion's belt constellation which the pyramids of Giza are aligned with. During the initiation into the mystery schools of KEMET, once you made it the 40 Days and 40 nights of fasting, you became a Djedi, which is where the term JEDI comes from. "Know thyself and ye shall know GOD", comes from the black Egyptians of Kemet and is where all of the biblical stories come from. Kemet mastered sexual Energy which is how they built dynasties! That is that Self Knowledge, Self Mastery! Godbody! ✊🏾🌹🖤🦉

  5. one must understand that the body is a battery..learn how to have and orgasm without loosing sperm..this is important because the body needs to discharge…if not …the emotional content stagnates and causes problems…i am 56..learned at 16…mastered it at 18 …look 25….and remember most of my important incarnations because of it…check out mantak chia..i learned from him…

  6. Before I started nofap when I was fapping I still grew a full beard and had hair on my chest. Now I’m on 6 months I feel stronger now and my workouts.

  7. I just subscribed because I can feel that this man is real and sincere with what he is saying. I am on day 223 of my semen retention journey, for the past 223 days I have retained my semen and I feel awesome. This is the only "semen retention" channel that I am currently subscribed to.

  8. Bro my skin looking Like got it got makeup on off the sun when it’s on the sun it looking like make up came from me

  9. GOOD TALK MAN REAL KNOWLEDGE FROM A REAL EDUCATED AND SPIRITUAL BEING. I been on this shit too but sometimes it’s good to hear it again and get back on the grind. Self-awareness one of the most powerful tools. Subbed. Keep the positive energy bro 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  10. One the craziest thangs that tripped me out since starting this journey. Was that I could NEVER grow facial hair on the side aka a beard always just a funky ass mustache and goatee but man since getting to day 37 a beard is actually coming thru. Still tripping on it

  11. Let me say this right quick….if you get to an advance stage in Semen Retention, you're going to attract everyone, yes…Men, Women, Your Mom, you're Dad, Friends, it does not matter it's going to happen, Blood or not. When you take it to the next level, and you start treating your body with liquid Herb Tinctures, along with the Semen Retention, and Supercharge yourself with Sexual Energy, you're going to have to remove all your friends, and Family, except for a love interest you may have. They will not be able to control their sexual desire for you, and it will turn you off, trust me, you have to detach from everyone, as a matter of fact, i'm already there. The Magnetism is real!!!

  12. Very good stuff brother. I like what you're doing very much because you include the most high into it. He is the centre of it all and without Him you only rise so high to find no shelter and therefore you come right back down. Speaking about the most high I will recommend you to check out Krishna The Supreme Personality Of Godhead. Now many might say He was an Hindu God but the fact is God is All and if He must come into this world then He must chose a certain race and people as He wishes. He is the Lord of Spirits, the seed giving Father, He is the supremely effulgent Lord and the one Christ referred to as "Father". Also Check out Michael Jackson, brother. A lot of fools think that mans looks changed through plastic surgery but the truth is he was brilliantly radiating due to years of retaining, He is glorious in this NoFap thing and that's how he affected the world the way he did. 

    Peace and Love brother
    From your most insignificant friend

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