Semen Retention Increases Willpower
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Semen Retention Increases Willpower

January 8, 2020

So semen retention can be a very powerful way to increase your discipline to increase your willpower and your self-control at least in my experience it has been. So I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people in Life are driven by their sex drive for a lot of men This is a very motivating force and their life and causes them to make a lot of the decisions that they make and it’s it’s it’s very primal this sexual instinct that we have and it controls us it controls so many of us but When you practice seeing our attention in a way you’re going against that that deep primal instinct and you’re sort of hacking your your biology your own nature and Instead of this force being something that controls you and tosses you around you now have control over this force and then you can channel it in any direction that you want and it’s so powerful and It takes it takes a lot of willpower and discipline to do this You know how many guys at the end of the day they say? oh, I haven’t rubbed one off today and I better go do that and There’s just this deep connect this deep connection and attachment to ejaculation and it’s it’s a source of short fulfillment for so many men Well when you release that attachment when you’re no longer attached to that and you don’t need that You don’t have that that lower impulse that’s controlling you to do that then you’ve you’ve won a large part of the game and now your willpower and your discipline is much stronger than most people’s already and that carries over into every other aspect of your life all of a sudden all these other things that May take a lot of willpower and discipline to do are easy You know it’s easy to Work out every day to eat healthy to make good decisions and to really create the life that you want to create Because you’re not afraid to do it so many people in This world are driven by the expectations and the desires of others So our parents society our friends whatever, you know we let those external forces influence of so many people do but when you develop that willpower and that Discipline to not be a part of the herd but to create the life that you want to live that you truly want to live It doesn’t matter what anyone else says it doesn’t matter what negative forces are coming at you because you know in your heart What’s right for you? so I would say a very important start to gain this sort of self-control and discipline is by being able to control your sexuality and not letting it control you and that’s not always an easy thing, but it can be done and With a little bit. Well, maybe more than a little bit of effort and time and practice and patience You can do it. You can master the game and I really believe that if a man can Overcome his lower impulses and is his shallow sex drive, then he can accomplish anything So, I hope that this has inspired you in some way helped you in some way. Thank you for watching this video Please subscribe to my channel Like this video and leave a comment below every day

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  1. Thank you brother. Going strong on my nofap streak. Just had a wet dream but I ain't letting that stop me. And I still got a wealth of energy from my long streak

  2. Im on day 65 of semen retention, and got 2 wet dreams..but lately i cant sleep well at night maybe its just the effect of not ejaculation? But the good thing is i never feel exhausted at work even if i had less sleep.

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