Semen Retention – Biohacking Male Multiple Orgasms
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Semen Retention – Biohacking Male Multiple Orgasms

January 4, 2020

So when it comes to sexual experience and Orgasmic potential if you compare men and women it might seem that Men sort of got the short end of the deal and what do I mean by this? Well, Women are multi-orgasmic you know women can have an orgasm after orgasm for hours and just Keep going and going they have this incredible sexual power. And of course, they birth children. They just have this immense sexual power. And men, The average man lasts about Six to eight minutes before he ejaculates and he’s done. Typically he’s just done for, you know, maybe the rest of the day and so there’s this huge imbalance in men and women and For me, I always felt This like, you know this gotta be more there’s got to be a more potential than this this really limited orgasm that we have as men and This led me to pursue The Tantra and Taoist sexual practices, you know sort of Experiencing a higher orgasmic potential as a man and eventually I learned to separate ejaculation from orgasm because these are two Actually two separate processes and they just happen to occur at the same time. And why is this? Well, it’s like what is the function of sex really? It’s to procreates to create life and Of course, we’re not going to necessarily want to have sex all the time if if there’s no there what are we getting it from it right other than You know if you don’t want to have a child well it’s like nature kind of created the system to lure us into it, you know well If you do this you at least get this extremely pleasurable orgasm, you know Then you ejaculate you inject your seed and a life is born. So but we can Sort of have our cake and eat it, too So to speak right we can learn to separate the orgasm From the ejaculation because the orgasm is actually happening right before the ejaculation They’re separated by about a second and a half. So there’s a little a little gap there that we can with training take advantage of and Not ejaculate at all if we choose to and why would a man not choose to ejaculate? Well, there is some evidence That showed that it may be draining for a man to be ejaculating. The semen is such a rich source of Vitamins and minerals it really is the essence of the body the body puts all of you all the vital organs They put all of their resources into creating the semen and when you’re just constantly ejaculating it out. You’re really Putting yourself into a state of deficiency because your your body eventually can’t catch up with this It weakens the kidneys it weakens the brain you those semen is almost exactly the same as the spinal fluid and so the body really has to gather all of its resources and just keep Constantly placing it into creating the semen And so when you’re constantly Jacqueline out, you’re you’re going into deficiency, right? You’re in debt, so to speak and This is also apparent by the way A man feels after he ejaculates versus before so let’s say you’re having sex and you’re approaching that orgasm that ejaculation How do you feel you feel? Incredibly alive you feel vibrant and energy just pulsing through your body All of your energy channels are open, you know, you’re just flying and then you ejaculate, you know maybe five ten seconds of intense pleasure and then and then what it’s kind of you short circuit and Men are at their hormonal low point after in Jack ulation because they’ve ejaculated out all of these All these hormones all these minerals all these resources from their body and it’s a very little point for a man to feel after an ejaculation and so When you learn to separate the orgasm the ejaculation, then you don’t have to go through that at least not regularly You can still choose to ejaculate on occasion and still have tremendous gains, but you do not need to ejaculate every time you have sex and once you Get yourself into that pattern once you’re able to undo that habit that pathway of sex equals Ejaculation right orgasm equals ejaculation once you have that thought form out of your mind and you’re no longer addicted to that That intense release of your energy and your lifeforce then yeah You have so much more energy to work with you have so much more resources And this was really a great kept secret of many ancient Civilizations for example the kings and/or the Emperor’s in China would trained in these sexual kung-fu practices as they’re known They would to promote long life and health because they had like all these concubines so they had all these women that they were having sex with them every night and the men who were the ones who were constantly ejaculating they found lived of much shorter lives and so they learned to have all of this sex without ejaculating and Thereby tonifying their health increasing their intelligence and just keeping themselves young into Well into their old age you have these stories of all these Chinese Masters who lived hundreds of years and is there truth to that who knows, you know, but the evidence is very convincing And then there’s this this Experiment some scientists did and you can look look into this. They took these worms. I think they’re called neo neo toads Yeah, something like that this type of like little worm. So you didn’t experiment with these worms, right? They took three different groups one worms, they chose these worms because they were very they had sex a lot basically Right. So the first group they just observed in their normal life, basically So they were having sex with each other one group The the worms were separated so that they couldn’t have sex with each other and then the third group worms were Essentially Like if you had a vasectomy as a man, so the worms couldn’t ejaculate but they could still have sex, right? so the first group the group that was just having sex normally they lived about The I’m not I don’t have the right figures and from me But I know it was similar to this the first group lived about eight days Right the second group the ones that couldn’t have sex with each other They lived about I think it was 10 or 11 days Maybe 12 days and in the third group the one that was having sex, but couldn’t ejaculate they lived almost 16 days So like twice the length of time from the worms that were having sex and ejaculating. So what does this show? Well, it shows you first of all that The ones that weren’t ejaculate and live longer But the ones that were having sex and not ejaculating lived way longer because what is sexual energy is lifeforce It’s what creates everything’s will create the universe we came from sexual energy from our parents. Right? It’s so powerful and It’s not helping to suppress it. Basically you can harmonize relationship with The sexual energy and you don’t have to suppress it. You can work with it and Welcome it into your body. Move it throughout your body breathe with it dance with it, right and just supercharge every aspect of your being with the sexual energy and you will become a Supercharged version of yourself you will be you will become just amplified in every aspect of your being for better or worse Which is why it’s important to be Practicing some sort of balancing, you know self balancing Practice as you’re cultivating sexual energy. So how do we separate? the ejaculation from the orgasm this is exactly what I teach people and It takes some time. It takes a little bit of training, you know you have some habits one do but it’s very doable and I have really explored so many different methods of doing this and after after many years it’s very Clear to me how to do it and how anyone can learn to do this the most important thing is to Become aware of your body to gain body awareness, right? working with the energy channels of the body the same channels acupuncture to manipulate with their needles when you’re able to Move energy through these channels just breathe their energy through them which is which may sound like this mystical Process that only like a Jedi Knight can do right. It’s actually very simple and Basically you just you know You start meditating or start a Qigong practice and you get familiar with moving grow your regular Unruh energy through these channels and then you do the same thing while you’re aroused during sex and it becomes quite Habitual at this point because it’s easy. It’s as simple as you know taking a deep breath squeezing a few muscles, maybe and just drawing that aroused sexual energy and it feels so good instead of this like tense Explosive orgasm the genitals you defuse that orgasm throughout the entire body and then your energy is not dispersed outward But it’s recycled in words and just grows and grows and you can keep doing that keep having orgasm after orgasm without ever Ejaculating without ever losing your energy and you’re actually you have more energy After that, then you did before that. And so It’s it’s really quite simple it it may seem like this daunting Process but it’s it’s really quite simple guys So, I hope that this has benefited you in some way. I am working on a course right now. I’m just finishing it up I mixed hoping to launch in the next month or two It’s gonna be a full length course on teaching men this exactly how to separate your orgasm from your ejaculation and really move that energy throughout your body experiences much higher orgasms and yeah, I really I structure this course to That anyone can go through it and and learn advanced sexual practices by the end of it With the benefit of greatly increasing your health your intelligence and just everything in your life. So I’m really excited to launch this course guys Stay keep keep an eye out for it. It’s going to be launching soon. So my friends. Thank you so much for watching I hope this has benefited you please subscribe to my channel like this video and a comment below Have you ever had a dog Jack datoria orgasm? Thank you so much my friends. Have a great day

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  1. I got a question. So a few days ago I was edging and I managed to stop my ejaculation for the most part , but a really small portion of seminal fluid came out should I reset my streak ? Or just continue

  2. Hi, I can squeeze my pc muscles and stop my ejaculation at the point of no return, I can do that as many times I want although sometimes a bit of semem comes out. Is this harmful for any organ? (I usually ejaculate ones per week)

  3. Hey man. Thanks again for the promo you offered me a while back.

    Big question. During solo practice, would you recommend fantasizing while practicing to reach multiple orgasm? For me, while it's the fastest way to get aroused, I tend to begin to lose focus on my actual body.

    The only thing is that when I only focus on my body sensations, I barely feel my sexual energy. So then I go back to fantasizing which eventually leads to ejaculating. I guess what I'm asking (apart from the first question is) will this stop being an issue as I go along just focusing on my body sensations without fantasizing? Is this the best option?

    Thanks in advance

  4. If I have sex without ejaculating, I end up having a wet dream that releases all the build up. I hear it’s because your body can’t reuse the semen once it goes to your testacles.

  5. Thanks for this video. I've been actually doing this and noticing myself having light orgasms before I ejaculate. It isn't as intense but practice makes perfect right!

  6. I think everything is balanced, the body is made to produce and eyaculate so every sexologist will agree the best thing is to eyaculate st least once a week, you look loke a very stressed guy, why do you need so much energy anyway? ? We sre young. This may be good for old men after their fifties

  7. I been doing kegels for years.. When i get to that point a that tingle sensation before you start ejaculating i just relax the pelvic floor then that first flex come i squeeze my shit like a mf until the orgasm stops. Only thing is my shit lose its erection but im able to get it back up. Way quicker of a recovery injaculating..

  8. It resonates with my experience. Thank you for sharing🙏 its said, that it can take up to (depending on the individual) 17days to reach full capacity again after 1 big release. Iron Crotch Qigong, Breath Exercise, along with certain Herbs & Cold Exposure accelerates the recovery time. To Master control over the ejaculation plays a big part in Mastering the our Divine Masculine Power, Energy & Role, in the Play of Life🙏

  9. i did my first non ejaculatory orgasm and then i went to pee in a cup and i saw there was no semen in it, am i good. is it possible to pee out your semen

  10. Excellent video. I'm still training to have what could be called actual orgasms without releasing, though I'm good now at not releasing, in itself and am on a long streak. Very true I think about not supressing it but just not releasing, as some movements advocate complete absistence from it all as if it is all something to get away from, yet I feel best and more creative when I cultivate the energy, but don't release it. That's how I reap the benefit plus its fun ha. I honestly feel like I could live hundreds of years if I want to ha ha.

  11. I had a 13-year long relationship with a man 21 years my junior. During our time together, he quickly learned to control his ejaculation. He would come to he point of orgasm and would ejaculate one pump of semen, hold completely still until he had control of it and then continue to have sex. He could do this for an hour and sometimes longer. In fact, he could spend a day in bed and not complete his orgasm until the end of our day together. I had never experienced this before and it was incredibly addictive. So much so that I have not sought out other relationships after not being able to find another partner who could also do this after we broke up. I now realize I will probably never meet someone else who can do this, so I have become celibate.

  12. There was a time that I was on a pretty long no fap streak and I remember learning about microcosmic orbit/being a multiorgasmic man/semen retention. I reached a point where I was honestly the happiest I had been in a great while. I was at peace and joyful. My mood enhanced the mood of people around me and I was having fun just existing. I had sex with my girlfriend at the time and decided to try to circulate the sexual energy throughout my body as opposed to just ejaculate it out.
    She had many orgasms and I was able to circulate the energy. It was like an explosion that radiated from my upper back out to my extremities and into my head. It was like a continual flux of energy that pulsated as opposed to just one area. Quite intense. It was as if I was absorbing and recirculating her energy as well. It was quite the experience. I felt like I could go on like that for a good while, but she eventually got tired lol even after she was finished I still had tons of energy and even felt more energized afterward… I wanted to keep going lol

  13. I’m still wondering where the hell this was in school?? Western Culture seems to repress much of this “energy” discussion which is a shame because it is truly fascinating. Thank you for putting this out man as I am currently on this path of self discovery.

  14. I heard that ejaculating helps with prostate cancer. But if i want to have multiple orgasm should i use lotion? And how should i stop myself from coming

  15. This is just superb, been searching for "increasing female orgasm" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Jamesfan Orgasmify Remedy – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate got cool results with it.

  16. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "multiple female orgasms video" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Jamesfan Orgasmify Remedy – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.

  17. This was great, I been tryin to find out about "teen multiple orgasms" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Jamesfan Orgasmify Remedy – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got excellent results with it.

  18. Was able to get one but didnt stop long enough so when i went back to stroke it i blew it all. Still it was my first try so i'm really impressed by the fact that it actually works and by myself.

  19. I can do it…. All day long….. Builds a huge orgasm lasting longer too. Im just dicovering it. Its really amazing and addictive… Ive get so intense itncan trigger kundalini like symptoms as well and start this whole uncontrollable shaking and yearning …. Thing… Its paralyzing. Im so sensative… The first time it happened i never met the person but was sexting …. Omfg i will never forget. She lived 12000 miles away. Sadly we never met. Ive experienced this at what seemed to be random but now I have a little control in at least starting this process or experience.

    Sometimes i cant stop and cant get up out of bed…. And it takes its toll after, feeling drained and sleepy for sure … Haha

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