Semen Retention Benefits and Brahmacharya (JOY VS PLEASURE)
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Semen Retention Benefits and Brahmacharya (JOY VS PLEASURE)

February 27, 2020

Uncle C, back in the office. And today I’m going to be explaining to each
and every single one of you the parallels of semen retention and Brahma Sharia. And how this poll right here is going to be
the dictating factor of where you fit in in your life depending on if you’re pursuing
joy or if you’re pursuing pleasure, fellas. Now before we begin registration, for my men’s
attraction masterclass, is going live today. And if you want to jump into this broadcast,
I’m going to be showing you specifically how to have the love life of your dreams and how
to ensure step by step that women never pull back go cold on you and you can maintain attraction
24 seven, you’re going to want to check that out. Now there’s going to be a lot of different
types of information throughout this video. And not only that, as you can see, we’re going
to be touching on some different types of topics that can make it a little bit edgy
for some people Stick with me through this because this is real life stuff. Okay, we live in more of an inverted culture. Now for those of you that don’t necessarily
understand what Brahma Sharia is, is this is the monks, okay? This is the monks who practice celibacy. They practice purity, they practice the path
of the Divine, very, very opposite from traditional Western culture. So what we’re going to be doing is we’re going
to be looking at how semen retention can increase your meter of joy, even though it potentially
lowers your meter of desire. And the thing is, is that depending on what
type of game you’re playing at in life is going to dictate how happy you genuinely are
inside. And I’m going to explain this inverted culture
throughout. Now, the first level which is going to put
you into the lowest level behavior, this is this is down here is this is like the lowest
of the low level behavior is going to be men who watch porn plus jerk off or masturbate. And the reason why this is at the lowest level
this puts you in the lowest vibrational state this puts you in the lowest chakra is due
to the fact that you’re removing all human companionship from this interaction. Now what this is on the scale is this is going
to be nothing more than just desire. Okay, this is this is the man that is desiring
the release and desiring the pleasure as he releases, okay? With every single thing in life with every
action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. We’ve known this forever. You cannot have desire purely without experiencing
some sort of repercussion. So what oftentimes happens with the man who’s
constantly watching porn constantly jerking, even though he’s filled in a desirable pleasurable
state. Oftentimes, this man’s social skills get lower
and lower. This man’s ability to connect with a real
human gets lower and lower this man’s ability to flirt or maintain any sort of sexual chemistry
in real life, and do the things that he’s actually desiring on this screen, but with
a real woman is completely thrown out the window. Why is that? Because this right here is his crutch. It’s his crutch. It’s his. It’s his getaway. It’s the escape, to release and to obtain
that pleasure. Now, is this healthy long term? Is this a way that you can experience joy
in a joyful state throughout your life? Absolutely not. Because the problem is that you’re putting
pleasure before what is right for your body, and what feels good is not necessarily good
for you. So the next step up, which is still still
very bad, but not as bad compared to watching porn would be just masturbating or just jerking
off in general. What this is, this is still the facts. That You’re spilling your seed willingly without
having another human. Now the thing is, is the science behind retaining
semen you get this amazing hormonal benefit throughout your body with it. And not only that it’s insanely taxing to
the nervous system and to the whole body in general to produce and to maintain all of
the semen. It requires, like even an insane amount of
blood, you know, to really make one drop of semen. And the thing is, is the more that you hold,
the more that you retain, the more masculine energy you’re having in your body because
you have more of that masculine essence you have more masculine seed. When you’re releasing. With or without porn, you’re still in a very
low vibration state. Because you have to realize the act of sex
is going to be extremely close or intimate. It’s something that people do When they
share an experience or when they want to celebrate that bondage with one another, if you remove
the female from this, and this is now self pleasure and self reliance, you’re living
in a fantasy. And while fantasies might feel good to dream,
you still are experiencing nothing more than pleasure, nothing more than desire. And what happens is you’re still going to
be battling with a lot of these long term repercussions. A step up that is just a little bit better
than any sort of masturbation wouldn’t be lustful sex, and this is hookup culture. Okay, this is much better than masturbation
because you are connecting with a human, you’re connecting with somebody one to one, but the
problem is, is that you’re still in a very low level and low vibration chakra. The reason for that is because this is ego
induced sex. Oftentimes the people do this for strict joy
or strict pleasure. Or they’re doing it to fulfill their ego to
tell themselves that there are enough This would potentially be the guy who goes to the
bar that has to get laid, or he feels like he’s a loser. Okay, this is the guy that feels like he has
to pull, or he’s not enough as a man. This is also the guy that probably has, like,
you know, counts exactly how many kills he can get or how many slaves and that’s what
he used the sex as as he views it as some way where he can kind of add fuel to the fire
to feel like he’s a big strong man. The problem with this is once again, you’re
playing the same game for desire. And while you may be slightly higher up on
the totem pole, getting closer to joy, the issue is that when it’s ego induced, it will
never be self fulfilling. You have to understand this ego and induce
things to fill the void is never truly long term self fulfilling, you’re going to be ending
up with the exact same problems that the whole society is already running into. Now the step above that which is getting up
into a much better vibration is going to be sex with a loved one. This is going to sex with somebody you love,
this is going to be moving more towards the path of joy. This is also going to be moving more towards
the path of self fulfillment. But with a companion. Now, when you’re experiencing sex with a loved
one, this puts you on the pole higher to joy because you get to experience bondage with
another human. Okay, you’re in a higher vibration, you’re
in a higher energetic state, you’re in a higher level chakra. And when you have sex with the true companion,
like let’s say your wife, or let’s say somebody who you have deep bond with that this is lasting
and that this is something that is of structure, you’re, you’re in the maximum amount of joy,
because this is where two people truly get to celebrate both of themselves to the utmost. And because they have a truly deep human to
human connection and spiritual connection. What happens is that they now get to enjoy
somewhat of the physical. You see, this is all of the mental when you’re
using lust, when you’re using pleasure when You’re using porn. It’s very mental. This is fantasy. Okay, and what you’re doing is you’re reenacting
that fantasy in the physical world. When you have a true companion when you have
somebody that you’re building bondage with, well, you now have somebody that you connect
with. And you can now take that spiritual connection
and move that into the physical world. Okay, you get to share one another for a brief
second. Now, here’s the issue right now with most
western Western culture is that people, men or women are going to be rewarded for staying
down here in this low vibrational energetic state. That’s why I put in parentheses right here. If you are in one of these three, you’re either
jerking off watching porn or you’re having lustful sex. It’s basically told in culture that you’re
now King dick, okay, that you are like this. This is you’re the king. This is exactly what you’re supposed to be
doing as a man. You’re supposed to be hooking up because if
you’re not hooking up, what else are you doing? What else do you have to look forward to? This is this is how people think. And then as we go up in the positive as we
go up in the higher vibration as we go up into the higher chakras, what happens is that
the ones in this category are now ashamed or they feel non masculine, they feel a shame
that they only have one counterpart. They’re told in society that they’re not enough
if there have one woman, or they’re not enough for their non masculine because they can’t
pull multiple women. So what happens is society will try to lower
these people and put the negativity up on the pedestal. And because of that, we now have inverted
culture. And when you have inverted culture, specifically
what we have is we have men hooked on chasing desire, and never truly finding the joy in
their life. Now, the problem with this is that the joy
is where the truth is going to come about. This is where you start to develop who you
are as a man. This is also going to develop what type of
companion you want and what type of potential you know. Family you may want one day
This is going to mold you into who you should be if you stay in the path of the desire,
what’s going to happen is that what feels good in the moment is typically going to lead
to worse repercussions for you later. So you have to ask yourself, do you want to
be a 99 percenter that does 99% of things, x just like everybody else and carries out
the exact same thing as everybody else does. Or do you want to be a one percenter that
goes against the grain and starts to understand what see what types of positivity that can
actually be brought out through this. Because when you go against the status quo,
when you go against the culture, what’s going to happen is that you will start to seek paths
of your own joy. And you now become a leader and not a follower. fellows. If you liked this video, I want you to give
it a thumbs up. Be sure to comment and like and share this
URL with a family, a friend, a loved one that needs to see it, and we will see you in the
next one. Thank you so much. much for tuning in.

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  1. I’ve always felt that western culture was just backwards and now you’ve opened my eyes, made notes that will stay with me for a long time💪🏻

  2. Well I am certainly glad that the last girl I was with is with another guy. I had to put up with her bs for five months, and by Thanksgiving Day that is when she left me. Her age made her not mature enough for me. I am succeeding in my dating life

  3. Appreciating your explanation and spiritual approach. Now, I wonder how your POV is to tantric self cultivation, meaning masturbat//on WITHOUT ejac and with a higher task in mind: cultivating and circulating the sexual energy inside throughout the body, so you can use them in life (semen retention still on-going). This is especially useful for those who are having blue balls as the sexual energy is litereally stuck in the nuts, haha. So you have to draw it out of the pelvic area with a certain technique while at it. I am sure you are not familiar with it, Casey, but after you have a read about it I would like to know your thoughts.

  4. Im on day 32 ish on semen retention. I get his vibe from every female where they seem like they try to flirt with me even though im not looking anyone at the moment.

  5. a 99%er learns to love by seeing how our family and society loves which is with conditions so teach your guys how to love differently, on a higher level, or the outcome is destined for major disappointment.

  6. Great practical way of describing the path to joy using sex, NoFap, and semen retention Casey, keep it up brother🙏🏻💪🏻

  7. Hey Casey, What are your thoughts on the brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate who lead hot women to be web cam girls and take other men's women ?

  8. This helped me see the path with more clarity. It's not easy but videos like this one give me the motivation to stay on the path. Thanks for your wisdom and simple way of teaching, brother.

  9. glad to know bro that you are on the to path of brahmacharya(an ancient Indian way of living). According to some great indian monks do semen retention for 12 years and you will generate a special nerve in your brain from which you can achieve the ability to learn everything and know everything like great spiritual leader Swami Vivekanand.

  10. Casey do you think smiling alot is feminine? Because is it better to smile a little bit and be more on your unreactive side or to become reactive and smile alot… In my opinion smiling less is better because it just seems more masculine to me… Correct me if I am wrong

  11. Good to see you putting spirituality into no nonsense terms. Its so easy to fall into monkey see and monkey do and also feel shamed for not sleeping with multiple women and watching porn.

  12. Casey I just want to tell you, that your work is great. Semen Retention helped me talking to women, motivated me to the gym and helped me with getting rid of drugs…
    Semen Retention is the thing I needed in my Life.

  13. Awesome stuff Uncle C! Love the whiteboard class is in session! turn simps into alphas keep up the great work and keep dropping the gnosis.

  14. Id put hook up culture at the bottom. The negative consequences of whoring are huge. Being with a person means ur gonna have energetic connection, and this is actually the problem with sleeping around. You get energy cords to everyone u sleep with and this weakens the cord you would want to share with someone you love. Sure there might be some things better about it that fapping, but the negatives outweigh the positives.

  15. Not sure if you've covered this, but do you have any content on non-ejaculatory masturbation, such as that found in The Multi-Orgasm Man?

  16. The religion of Islam talks about this immensely. Islam promotes semen retention by forbidding sex outside of marriage, jerking off and watching porn, leading to pure semen retention for those who truly follow. Growing up on semen retention you become motivated to become a high value man due to the underlying desire to spread your seed by getting married and finding a companion who believes you are worthy. True fulfillment and happiness is not achieved from these meaningless hook ups.

  17. Uncle C –
    I love your videos! You are a great teacher! You explain the concept of Brahmacharya better than I can to my yoga students & yoga teacher trainees. Mad respect, bro 👊🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    I believe ladies can benefit from your insights because they are rooted in universal Truths.
    Thank you so much again for your dedication & hard work, as well as showing what it means to live with purpose, intention, & intelligence 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Casey thanks for this video. Big time motivation to just continue on this retention journey to eventually be in that top shakra.
    Delayed gratification is tough but worth it!

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